Mar 162015

Only on 4Kids TV!

 4Kids logo

If you were a pre-teen in the late 90s and early 2000s 4Kids Entertainment is probably a household name. If you had any contact with the anime boom during those decades you’ve probably been exposed to one of their dubs and the resulting “reputation” they earned. Tonight, the Inveseman takes a different retrospective on the infamous long-defunct company.

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Mar 052015

The 2015 Winter anime season is flying by, and of course, there’s plenty of harem shows to go around. Usually, one episode of a harem show will feature one or more of the girls trying on clothes. This happens in Absolute Duo episode 4 and Shinmai Maou no Testament episode 6. In this post, I will rate each of the outfits the characters try on (based on my personal tastes of course). As a disclaimer, I’m no expert on female fashion. I generally know what “looks good”, but just be aware that this is meant to be a fun post. Don’t take it too seriously. Male fashion is another story (I like to dress nice), but nonetheless, let’s start the fashion show!

In Absolute Duo episode 4, Julie Sigtuna is the subject of the clothes fitting. Let’s see her first outfit.

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Mar 012015

Hail to the chief

4th birthday cake

What’s up, Moar Powah readers? Tonight marks the four year anniversary of the blog! So tonight the Inverseman reminisces on some of his favorite hits from each year since the site’s beginning of SOS.

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Feb 232015

Subs wher?!1?1!! 

Code Geass Suzaku fish

Ah subs, you take them for granted these days, but they are, in fact, a very hard-fought labor of love. Over the past couple decades we’ve seen a scene be born and take off exponentially. Tonight, the Inverseman traces the evolution of this scene.

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Jan 102015


Note: If you want to skip to our picks, just scroll to the bottom.

Nick: Hey readers, today we’re bringing you a special article. Kuroko no Basuke (Kuroko’s Basketball) has undoubtedly been a smash hit among anime fans, even those who aren’t basketball or sports fans. With the premiere of season 3, and as a longtime basketball fan, I thought it would be cool to compare the Generation of Miracles to current and past NBA players for those interested in learning a little more about basketball thanks to this show. And to help me with this is my longtime friend Dyer. To kick things off, let’s talk about the titular character, Kuroko. Which players does he remind you of? Continue reading »

Jan 042015

Or how Nintendo missed Christmas

Smash Bros bundle box

With the advent of the newest Smash Brothers and Nintendo’s Amiibo initiative, we have must-have accessories arriving tempting us as we buy our must-have games this winter. That is, if they were on the store shelf to begin with. The Inverseman investigates.

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