Nov 052015


Fiction does not produce itself in a bubble. Some of our most favorite stories are cliches, riffs on old ideas and beloved plot points–the true magic lies in how these old ideas are re-imagined in new ways.  Following in this tradition, Rainbow Rowell’s Carry On is a blatant meta love-letter to this fine art of remixing and rehashing well-known plots with fresh insight.

And she does it all with an unrepentant riff of the Hogwarts-style magical boarding school, complete with a predestined “chosen” hero, a magical arch-nemesis who really-shouldn’t-be-named and so many other cliches all-too familiar for the Harry Potter generation–in short: this is a self-aware fanfic of epic proportions, and it is brilliant.

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Jun 142015


While I don’t write about sports as frequently as I did in the past, they are still an important part of my life, so you’ll still see them now and then. Especially when a cool statistical feat has been accomplished, which is the case here.

Earlier today, Washington Nationals pitcher Max Scherzer pitched a hell of a game against the Milwaukee Brewers: a complete game shutout while striking out 16 and giving up one hit and one walk. The game score? 100. That puts him in rare company.  Continue reading »

Apr 062015

Fire Mario out of fireballs? Buy a reload flower today!

Nintendo plus DeNA

After much heckling and nagging from investors, Nintendo has finally entered the mobile phone game market with popular mobile developer DeNA. With usual reactionaries and doomsayers about, what does the Inverseman think of the situation? Find out!

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Mar 162015

Only on 4Kids TV!

 4Kids logo

If you were a pre-teen in the late 90s and early 2000s 4Kids Entertainment is probably a household name. If you had any contact with the anime boom during those decades you’ve probably been exposed to one of their dubs and the resulting “reputation” they earned. Tonight, the Inveseman takes a different retrospective on the infamous long-defunct company.

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Mar 052015

The 2015 Winter anime season is flying by, and of course, there’s plenty of harem shows to go around. Usually, one episode of a harem show will feature one or more of the girls trying on clothes. This happens in Absolute Duo episode 4 and Shinmai Maou no Testament episode 6. In this post, I will rate each of the outfits the characters try on (based on my personal tastes of course). As a disclaimer, I’m no expert on female fashion. I generally know what “looks good”, but just be aware that this is meant to be a fun post. Don’t take it too seriously. Male fashion is another story (I like to dress nice), but nonetheless, let’s start the fashion show!

In Absolute Duo episode 4, Julie Sigtuna is the subject of the clothes fitting. Let’s see her first outfit.

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Mar 012015

Hail to the chief

4th birthday cake

What’s up, Moar Powah readers? Tonight marks the four year anniversary of the blog! So tonight the Inverseman reminisces on some of his favorite hits from each year since the site’s beginning of SOS.

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