Apr 142014

Now if only we could have a week-long 24/7 Dragonball marathon

Shingeki no Kyojin cover promo

With so much hype among, well, everyone, Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) is slated to premiere on US airways on May 3rd at 11:30PM EST. It’s been a while since Toonami returned and now there’s a more recent killer hit. What are the prospects of the show and the block as a whole? The Inverseman investigates.

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Mar 232014

Only 9998 more levels to go!

Log Horizon Akatsuki stats screen

If you’ve played a lot of RPGs or MMOs you know the term well. What makes the idea of grinding so well-known? Why do we loathe (or perhaps even love) it? Tonight the Inverseman investigates.

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Mar 172014
Yeah, sound tactics there guys

Yeah, sound tactics there guys

(Be sure to check out the first part to hear about the mechs of the Imperium while you’re at it!)

Hey all, it’s Elessar here, to bring the long awaited second half of the Mechs of Warhammer 40k…what do you mean no one was waiting for it?

Part of what makes 40k so much fun to me is that different armies always have distinct visual and thematic feel to them. I mentioned that Sisters of Battle have a religious feel to them but that becomes even more evident when we move outside the Imperial armies and start to examine the aliens. The Dark Eldar (who, lacking any mechs, will not be appearing in this article) have a sleek, predatory feel to their army. The Orks, by contrast, have a ramshackle look that makes their vehicles looked like a bunch of garbage someone stapled together. Which is good, because that’s usually what they are. So today we examine some of the Xeno mechs of Warhammer 40k.

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Mar 022014

All hail Helix

twitch plays pokemon ms paint

So for the past week or so, the internet has been abuzz with the completion of a very bold social experiment: what would happen if thousands of people tried playing a single playthrough Pokemon generation 1 all at once. Tonight, I the Inverseman will be giving my thoughts on this breaking phenomenon in gaming.

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Feb 042014

Hello all, Elessar here. And in the first of what I hope will be a recurring segment here at Moar Powah: a director’s retrospective. Basically I watch over the entire career of a director and over the course of several entries, give mini-reviews of each of their works. And for my first one for this site, I’m tackling one of the big ones, a full on geek legend: Kevin Smith.

Kevin Smith

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Feb 022014

Hello everyone~ Fenrir here with a quick bite of some Food for Thought! Sweeping headlines, blogs, and rattling the Harry Potter fandom into a general uproar is a shocking announcement made by HP word-of-God herself: J. K. Rowling. In a recent interview, the writer behind a book series that may (or may not) have defined a generation just dropped a bombshell.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Get ready to have your ship sunk

Basically, she regrets pairing up Hermione and Ron. Perhaps the inconsequential stuff of shipping fuel and hooplah to the outside perspective, but to some folks it means serious business–and for very good reasons. Blame it on nostalgia, on an actually refreshing take on the “hero-always-gets-the-girl” trope, or love of an individual character–but there are fans out there pretty miffed about this announcement. Fortunately with our good friend, the literary theory of authorial intent, we can take a step back, put down the pitch-forks, and maybe get to the bottom of why this bit of “news” really isn’t out there to destroy the series.

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