Dec 072014

While we certainly already covered much of this past year in the last , considering that the majority of both the PS4 and Xbox One’s life spans thus far have taken place in 2014, but there’s still plenty of discussion to be had about the games themselves that came out this year. So without further ado, let’s go over the major trends and happening over this past year, in the hope that the future will learn from its mistake or whatever. There were many fruits and juices that blended together to make the stale smoothie that was 2014, here’s what the juice shop delivered:

Smoothies - TRAVIS - 1
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Nov 302014

Now I can play with my kawaii anime waifu figurines!

Amiibo pics

Evening readers, the Inverseman here tonight with a hands-on with Nintendo’s latest gaming accessory, the Amiibo. How does it work? Is it worth a buy? Let’s find out!

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Nov 212014

Welcome to Letters From the Console Warfront, a new feature here on MoarPowah in which we attempt to break down and analyze the current generation of consoles, from how the big 3 differ and interact to what directions they seem to be heading. We won’t bother telling you which to buy at any given point (we trust you’re all competent enough to decide that on your own), so think of us as sideline commenters, rooting for no side but the game in which they play.

PS4XboxOne - TRAVIS - 1

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Nov 032014

Years ago, a small child looked at the back of a Lunchables box during a kindergarten lunch period. He saw a black-haired youth surrounded by unrecognizable, brightly colored creatures. A friend glances over and yells “I’ve heard of that!”

“It’s called Pokemon

Pokemon - TRAVIS - 5

This begins a lifelong addiction to one of history’s most successful instances of marketing and merchandising.

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Oct 252014


You know, as Remaketober 2014 draws to a close, I can’t help but feel a little down. I was looking forward to doing Remaketober all year, and to see it end so soon is kind of depressing. Still, this was a fun year for me, and I’ll be returning in just over 11 months to do it again. So for now, enjoy this analysis of George Romero’s classic (believe me when I say, I could do an entire Remaketober on just Romero movies) and thanks for readi-

No one’s reading this, are they? Figures.

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Oct 192014


You know, last year (when no one was reading what I wrote…come to think of it, is anyone reading it now?) I did 2 major slasher movie classics for Remaketober: Halloween and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, as well as The Omen, all of which have bucket loads of sequels. Oddly enough, I didn’t think to address the sequels at all in the first writeup. Maybe it’s because, unlike my subject for this week, I’d never seen the sequels to those movies. However in this case, it’s basically impossible to discuss the original without discussing, or at least acknowledging, the sequels, so since I’ve seen them all at one point or another, I shall be doing that. Briefly.

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