Light Novels and Heavy Sales

Haruhi novel cover

It’s reading rainbow, but for weebs! We’ve known it forever, since the days of Haruhi back in 2006, that light novels are money. Popular light novels get adapted into anime and manga, and sometimes spawn huge franchises, and here in the west, successful light novels have thrown their hats in …

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Give It a Shot! – After the People Lights Have Gone Off

It’s so rare to find a good horror writer outside of the Stephen King school of writing. It’s even rarer to find one who pulls in the perspective not of American White Anglo-Saxon culture, pulling in creatures and creepers we were never even aware waited out in the infinite stretch …

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Manic Movie Magic: 6 Stephen King Novels That Need To Be Adapted

It may feel like every single Stephen King work has already been adapted for TV or film, but in reality there are plenty of his novels and short stories that have never seen the silver or small screen. That doesn’t meant that these works are less deserving or bad, it …

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