Feb 052015

Imperium #1 by Raul Allen

The Valiant Next publishes initiative steams ahead full force with its next premier, Imperium #1. Following the end of Harbinger, this series focuses on Toyo Harada’s machinations after his true intentions and powers were revealed to the world by The Renegades. With the team of Doug Braithwaite (Armor Hunters) and Joshua Dysart (Harbinger) helming the title, I went in with big expectations.

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Feb 012015

In the fallout of AXIS, the Avengers and the X-Men have all been brought down a peg in one way or another. Every hero who was inverted was shaken to their core. Lives were lost, trust was broken, and secrets were revealed…SOME REALLY STUPID SECRETS! One of the subplots which were accomplished through AXIS was the “revelation” of the Maximoff lineage. According to Rick Remender and Marvel, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are NOT in fact the children of Magneto.

Remender continues to develop this story through the pages of the newly relaunched Uncanny Avengers title. This book took a few months off during the AXIS event, but as opposed to continuing,iIt seems Marvel decided to push another January #1 instead. What does this new book feel like…Well…Lemme just clue you in on my thoughts.

uncanny avengers 1-cover

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Jan 292015

Quantum & Woody Must Die #1

Quantum and Woody, the “World’s Worst Superhero Team,” return in their latest mini-series, Quantum & Woody Must Die! This comic sees the continued tenure of series writer James Asmus joined by the massively talented Steve Lieber, known for his exceptional work on the cult hit Superior Foes of Spider-manWith that in mind, let’s take a look at Quantum & Woody Must Die! #1.

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Jan 272015

Today is the launch of the newest column on Moar Powah! Welcome to Silverwolf Suggests!

I’m my daily life, I’m constantly telling this friend or that to read a comic I think he or she would like, or hearing from a friend about how they wish they had the money to read comics. Thus, the idea for this column was born! Each month, I’ll suggest three comics to a fellow staff writer, and then he or she will pick one (which I will purchase for him or her if they want), and then read it before the two of us discuss it.

This month, Fenrir joins me to discuss Deadly Class Volume 1: Reagan Youth. I’ve reviewed the comic before, and felt that it would definitely appeal to her. But did she end up enjoying it?


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Jan 252015

This multi-threaded storyline is FINALLY coming to a close, each thread intertwining and coming together in THIS issue. Just before the final bell tolls, our Spiders are brought together and forced into their most desperate hour. Spider-girl’s brother Benjy has been taken captive by the Inheritors, Spider-Woman is trapped on the Inheritor homeworld, and 616 Spider-man has come face to face with the one man who he believes can help turn the tides of this war, UNCLE BEN!

Thus far, this series has captivated me, as well as MANY other fans. But this is where it all comes to a head; after this issue, all that remains is the final climactic battle. For those who didn’t read the side-stories, this book needs to brings the threads of this story’s web together, and truly get the readers to care for these Spiders. Thankfully for our readers, I feel that Dan Slott is easily the best man for this job, and does so EXPERTLY. lets find out how he does it in Spider-man #13!

Spidey 13-cover

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Jan 222015

The Valiant #2 cover

Last month, The Valiant premiered to much well-deserved fanfare. I counted the days until I could read the second installment, continuing the adventures of Gilad, Kay, Bloodshot, and more as they face the Immortal Enemy.

The previous installment ended with the new Geomancer coming face-to-skull with the Enemy itself. While in a compromised position, the heroes of the Valiant Universe don’t give in easily, and allies are never far behind. Let’s take a look at The Valiant #2. 

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