Jul 102014

Armor Hunters #2 Cover

“Armor Hunters” rolls on as the dangers of the X-O Manowar armor spark conflict. Though Unity survived their first encounter with these alien warriors, Mexico City was not so lucky, lying utterly decimated by the Armor Hunters. Now, it’s up to M.E.R.O. and Aric to protect the planet. It’s time to check out Armor Hunters #2!

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Jul 052014

Last week, we finally reached the end of the most recent Deadpool vs. Carnage mini series. Overall, it was a satisfying read with an interesting twist ending, but now that that series is done, what shall come in to fill in the Deadpool mini series gap? Why, DEADPOOL VS. X-FORCE!

Deadpool vs X-Force 1 cover

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Jul 032014

Death of Captain America Cover

Since tomorrow’s the 4th of July, I thought it’d be appropriate to review a Captain America comic this week. Thanks to a suggestion from Elessar, I dug through my box of older comics and pulled out Captain America #25, the famed “Death of Captain America” issue from 2007. How well does this issue hold up seven years later?

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Jun 292014

Tired of the YA rush? Fault in Our Stars just faulty? Divergent too much of the same old crumbling dystopian nation saved by a spunky protagonist? Why not take a step back from the glorious and the glorified, and bring yourself “down to earth” with a refreshingly quick, solid read about a paranormal experience.


Sounds too good to be true to have something so fantastical actually be charming, candid, and incredibly easy to relate to? Just wait until you give Anya’s Ghost a try.

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Jun 262014


Starshine: Welcome back to another Objection! As always, I’m the fabulous Starshine.

Silverwolf: And I’m that one guy…uh…Silverwolf, yeah that’s me!

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Jun 262014

X-O Manowar #26 Cover

Valiant’s latest crossover, “Armor Hunters,” puts the Manowar Armor in the spotlight as a deadly weapon that necessitates destruction in order to save Earth, and perhaps other worlds, from destruction. So far, we’ve learned very little about this crossover’s antagonists (or protagonists, depending on your viewpoint): the titular Armor Hunters. Thus, during the crossover, the X-O Manowar title plans to explore the background of these warriors from the stars. How does this first installment measure up? Let’s take a look at X-O Manowar #26!

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