Jan 082015

Well folks, it’s a new year, and that means some new changes are coming to the site. One is that each month I plan to use Silverwolf’s Den to look at an entire run of a comic series, from the first issue to the last. Today, I’m discussing Punisher by Greg Rucka and Marco Chechetto, a series that ran for 23 issues from 2011 to 2013 (16 issues of the main title, one issue each of The Amazing Spider-Man and Draedevil as part of a crossover, and then 5 of the follow-up mini-series Punisher: War Zone).

The Punisher never interested me. Sure, he’s got a cool backstory and has his share of kick ass moments in comics, but I always felt he was one-dimensional and thus didn’t appeal to me. However, after reading a crossover of Spider-Man, Daredevil, and Punisher from a few years ago, I got interested in Frank Castle and his world. Given that Rucka, a massively talented writer, tackled the character, I figured I’d give the series a shot and read it from the beginning.

And boy, does this run on Punisher prove that a good writer can make any character interesting!

Punisher #13 cover

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Jan 012015

Samurai Jack #11

A review copy was provided by Jim Zub.

Samurai Jack is one of my all time favorite cartoon series, as I’ve discussed before. Sadly, the series ended without a proper resolution, leaving Jack’s quest hanging despite fan interest. Luckily, IDW Publishing started releasing their own Samurai Jack series not too long ago, which seeks to continue the story for the series’ fans while simultaneously allowing a new crop of people to enter this amazing fantasy world.

Jack’s most recent quest follows a story arc known as “The Broken Blade,” in which Jack’s sword plays a pivotal role in his latest attempt to return to the past.

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Dec 252014

With 2015 just around I corner, I decided to once again present my list of my top 10 favorite comic series of 2014. There have been some amazing comics released over the past year, and it was definitely difficult to develop this list. To make things a little easier on myself, I’ve decided to only include series that are still ongoing as of the end of 2014; sorry mini-series (like Armor Hunters) and ongoing series that ended (like Superior Foes of Spider-Man and Archer & Armstrong), y’all were amazing but aren’t on this list.

So what did I choose? Check it out after the jump!

Comic stack

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Dec 222014

Scarlet Spider is the title given to one of Peter Parker’s most famous and controversial allies, his own clone. The title is usually used in reference to Ben Reilly, the original Scarlet Spider and the most successful and stable attempt at cloning Peter Parker. Recently, the name was gifted to another of Peter Parker’s clones, the once degenerative and defective clone named Kaine.

After the events of Spider-Island, Kaine was healed from his degenerative cloning disease and became a stable clone of Peter Parker. He then began his own super-hero career as the Scarlet Spider of Houston before becoming a member of the New Warriors. His super-hero team career was cut short, however when the New Warriors were attacked by the inheritors, and nearly decimated in their attempts to find Kaine.

Kaine was quickly saved by Spider-Gwen and recruited into the Spider-Army amassing to fight the Inheritors in the massive SPIDER-VERSE EVENT. Kaine, alongside the Ben Reilly of an alternate Earth, and Jessica Drew (the female clone of Spider-Man in the ultimate universe) have ventured on their own mission in this war for survival in the hopes of taking down the Inheritors.

The fact that this team is completely consistent of clones is due to the nature of their mission. Team Scarlet Spider is going to destroy the multi-dimensional cloning facility that keeps the inheritors immortal long after their original bodies have been defeated. CLONES KILLING CLONES! How is their mission fairing so far? Lets find out in this week’s issue!

scarlet spiders-1-cover

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Dec 182014

Harbinger Faith #0 cover

A common criticism leveled against superhero comics concerns representation of female characters. It is a wholly accurate assessment that a vast majority of women in modern comics are presented in an overtly objectified manner, often to a startling degree. Luckily, there have been great pushbacks against this tired trope in various forms, such as the Hawkeye Initiative.

But why preface my review with this concept? Because there are examples of modern comics that are also fighting to break out of this box. Arguably the best recent example is Faith from Valiant’s Harbinger title, an overweight, comic book nerd with an uplifting personally and desire to do what’s right rather than what’s convenient. Finally, this fan favorite character has taken flight in her own one-shot, Harbinger: Faith #0!

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Dec 172014


A review copy was provided by Jim Zub.

Last Wayward issue left off with a taste of the action that was to come, and to say Wayward #5 did not disappoint is a bit of an understatement. If Wayward #4 set the ball on top of a cliff and gave it a hefty push, by Wayward #5 you discover the cliff was a mountain. Rori Lane’s journey in discovering the supernatural mysteries of Japan as well as her own powers hits home this time around.

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