Sep 252014

Black Science #1 cover

Continuing my Rick Remender creator owned series kick, today I’m checking out Black Science. This series could not be more different than Deadly Classbut reveals the extent of Remender’s versatility. Joined by Matteo Scalera and Dean White, this series focuses on a group of individuals travelling randomly through the Eververse thanks to a device called The Pillar. Let’s take a look at the first volume of Black Science titled: How to Fall Forever.

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Sep 212014

I believe that brevity is the soul of wit. Sure, there is something to be said about webcomics crafted over years of dedication and growth… However, there is also something incredibly impressive about a short and sweet story that packs a powerful punch. Princess Princess is the perfect example of how a strong, short story — combined with charming art, and an upbeat plot that harkens back to nostalgic “girl power” themes–can leave a lasting impression.


And it doesn’t hurt that it also has like everything anyone clamoring for more diversity in fiction can ask for.

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Sep 182014

the delinquents #2

The awesome amalgam of Valiant’s two buddy-comedies continues this week with the release of The Delinquents #2. When we last left our heroes, each was tasked with finding the other half of a map printed on the rear-end of a deceased hobo. In this issue, the two teams meet face to face with explosive and hilarious results. Let’s hop a boxcar as we check out The Delinquents #2!

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Sep 152014

earthsong ch coverDo you love fantasy worlds, but find that every story has the same kind of elves, dwarves, and orcs that are all, well, male?  Earthsong is a fantasy webcomic/graphic novel series written and illustrated by Crystal Yates with a keen emphasis on diverse and largely female-driven plot involving magic and universe-saving. Those that are fans of the newcomer’s self-discovery plot with the addition of lore and humor will enjoy Earthsong. Crystal Yates has diligently updated it as many Mondays as she could since 2004, and it now boasts 13 Chapters to read-through and a reliable schedule to follow. Earthsong also regularly ranks pretty high – #22 this week in fact –  on TopWebcomics, and has an established readership.

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Sep 132014

If there is any superhero more polarizing in regards to his fanbase than Spider-man, I don’t know who it is. Over the past few years, this single hero’s stories have personally caused me more headaches than any other comic title I have read. Yet I persist to read his stories. When they are good, they are DAMN well written and enjoyable, which easily balances out the less than tolerable behavior writers mostly tend to give Peter Parker.

However, what happens when someone is given a completely clean slate to work with? What happens when you take a character and are able to completely rewrite his back-story to your own desires? What I am speaking of is parallel versions of your favorite characters from alternate dimensions or timelines. And THIS is what Marvel’s newest Spider-man event is all about! Both introducing new and celebrating previous alternate takes on New York’s web-slinger. And as we approach the “EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE” we have to get in touch with some of the power players of the upcoming event. The first issue introduces us to a more serious version of the web head from the 1930′s and 40′s. This is SPIDER-MAN NOIR.

spider-verse 1-cover

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Sep 112014

deadly class vol 1

Ah, America in 1980s, the time of hair metal, 8-bit gaming consoles, and teenage hitmen. Wait…teenage hitmen? That doesn’t fit with the times unless, of course, you’re talking about Deadly Class by Rick Remender and Wes Craig. Set against the backdrop of the late 80s, Deadly Class is a bildungsroman concerning Marcus Lopez, a homeless teenager with a troubled history. With a strong creative team, and the backing of Image Comics, I was excited to check out the first volume, titled “Reagan Youth.” So grab your cassette tapes, it’s time to enroll in Deadly Class! Continue reading »