Mar 262015

The Valiant #4 cover

I almost didn’t want to read this issue. No, it’s not because I don’t like this miniseries; quite the opposite. However, with all of the amazing buildup during the past three issues, I had no clue how Jeff Lemire, Matt Kindt, and Paolo Rivera would wrap up this epic battle between good and evil. Still, it was hard to contain my excitement as I cracked open the pages of the final installment of The Valiant.

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Mar 252015

wayward 6 zub cover

A review copy was provided by Jim Zub.

After a three-month pause, Wayward returns with its #6 issue, along with the Vol. 1 Trade Paperback of #1-5. Now’s a great time to catch up before the second arc gets too far. The end of the first story arc left off on a high point, with explosions and life-changers. Villains disappear in the confusion, and the team is split up. As the dust settles down, Wayward begins on a new thread. Here is a preview of what’s in store.

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Mar 232015

Hello everyone and welcome to another exciting edition of Silverwolf Suggests! Each month, I select three different comics for a friend that I think she or he will like. The friend then selects one of the three, and, if they like, I’ll purchase it for him or her. Later, we discuss the comic, the results of which are shared here!

This month, I’m joined by my friend Oliveblair, who read Saga Volume 1 by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples at my recommendation. It’s a highly regarded comic, and so I was very intrigued to hear her thoughts on it.

Saga #1

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Mar 202015

Superheroes may be what’s dominating the box office right now, but they are definitely nothing new. While many are familiar with the huge pantheon of the Marvel and DC houses, there are still plenty of comics that exist in different and exciting worlds all their own, with no weird continuity errors or multiple universes, like the well-known Saga. This one just happens to be the latest in this long tradition but will it leave its mark on this storied history, or will it just be a footnote? No better place to start than the beginning.

Let’s take a look at Wayward Volume 1: String Theory.

A review copy was provided courtesy of Jim Zub.

Wayward Volume 1

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Mar 192015

Red One #1

The Cold War has always been a fount of engaging fictional stories, as the period itself was one of the most tense and tumultuous in human history. When superheroes get involved, these narratives are all the more interesting, especially as they often reflect the time in intriguing ways.

Red One #1, released yesterday from Image Comics, chronicles the rise of the United States’ greatest superhero during the Cold War. The only catch? She’s actually a Soviet Agent, tasked with winning over the American people! For anyone keeping score, this is the third time I’ve been very excited about and reviewed a comic starring a Communist protagonist (Superman: Red Son and Divinity were the previous examples…don’t read anything into that). As it stands, I couldn’t be happier to check out Red One.

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Mar 162015

Marvel has been the centerpiece of much controversy amongst comics fans in recent months. Between their supposed rebooting of the comic universe and the many “revelations” brought forth by recent event comics, some readers tend to wonder if Marvel’s writers have truly gone off the rails. This question is becoming more prevalent as Marvel has announced the upcoming DEATH of Deadpool , their fan-favorite mercenary and goofball. Deadpool has heralded one of the most thought-provoking, deep, and mature titles of recent years, and seeing Gerry Duggan’s run come to a close is definitely a great shame.

However, as we march to Deadpool’s demise, what is Deadpool up to as of late? What trouble is he finding himself in that may lead to his death? Well, the short version…bad shit…the long version? Let me clue you in.

Deadpool 43 cover


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