Aug 202014

Aug 172014

Welcome to the resurrection of Weekend Webcomics! This is the column that not only recommends, but actively analyzes some great webcomic series or shorts that you should be following. If you’re facing a long stretch of downtime between TV episode and manga updates, consider some of these free reads from your homegrown artists and writers. As someone that likes modern-day humor but fairy tale style visuals and plot, I, Vidasoy, am joining Fenrir as one of the two writers that will try to bring some webcomics into your life. To start off with, I will be going straight for the kill with Namesakeone of my all-time favorites in terms of art, plot pacing, and relatable but fun characters. It is a comic that adds some spice of danger in revisiting classic children story lands.

Namesake - cover

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Aug 172014

Surrounded by a bunch of neckbeards

FSN Shirou meets Saber

The ideas of subculture and pop culture are wide and multilayered. What is “anime”?  What counts as “anime”? And numerous other questions rise as the years go by. Tonight, the Inverseman shall investigate.

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Aug 142014

armor hunters #3 cover

As with last year’s “Harbinger Wars,” Valiant Entertainment has found great success with their summer crossover, “Armor Hunters.” This week, the series’ third installment hit stands, and I eagerly snatched it up. With high hopes for this event, which has now passed the halfway point, I dived in Armor Hunters #3.

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Aug 072014

It’s rare that I read a comic that leaves me without an immediate judgement upon completion. Usually, I can at the very least assign a numerical rating after finishing about 3/4 of the comic, evidenced by the values given in my previous reviews. It is rare, however, that I sit there, staring blankly at the ceiling, trying to take in everything about the story I’ve just experienced. Yes, in this case “experienced” is probably a better word than “read.”

That’s right, today I’m tackling Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s Flex Mentallo: Man of Muscle Mystery.

flex mentallo cover

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Jul 312014

Hawkeye #19

Delays are a fact of life: sometimes, events intervene to prevent your most hotly anticipated property from releasing on time. It’s annoying, of course, but if the final product is great, the wait time shouldn’t factor into your judgment. Why preface my review like this? Well, Hawkeye #19 was supposed to come out six months ago.

Hawkeye has been a series that’s garnered lots of fan acclaim and even recently won an Eisner Award for last year’s issue #11. Though this comic has experienced numerous delays since its inception, I want to be clear: such issues shouldn’t affect my view of an issue’s quality. Furthermore, this issue excited me with the prospect of telling a story almost entirely through American Sign Language. With that in mind, let’s take a look at Hawkeye #19!

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