Oct 022014

green arrow #35 true cover

A new creative team on an established comic series is often met with a mix of fanfare and trepidation. Sadly, in the case of Green Arrow #35, I felt more fear than optimism. Sure, new writers Andrew Kriesberg and Ben Sokolowski are both established writers for both comics and television, but that’s not the issue. No, loyal readers, there’s but one word to sum up my issue: Arrow.

“But Silverwolf, don’t you like that series?” I hear you ask, and I’d respond with, “Yes, that’s right. In fact, I love Arrow.” But see, that’s where the problem lies: I like the Arrow universe because it presents a new spin on my favorite DC hero. I’d prefer if both the comic and the TV series held parallels, but were mostly separate entities. Is this fear justified? Let’s take a look at Green Arrow #35! Continue reading »

Sep 282014

Deadpool seems to be the hot topic ONCE AGAIN my friends. This past month, Deadpool’s movie has FINALLY been green-lit by Fox and will be hitting theaters in February 2016. But before we see him on the big screen, maybe you will want to see what Deadpool has been up to in the page’s of the ALL-NEW MARVEL NOW! comics.

The merc with the mouth has certainly had a VERY busy year, between his abductions, his marriage, and discovering he has a long lost love child? Yes it sounds like a soap opera, but it’s WAY more interesting than that. But before Deadpool can finally live happily ever after with his new wife and daughter, he must first ensure her continued safety, as well as the safety of some of his newest friends, which he made when he was abducted and brought to North Korea. His story continues in the pages of DEADPOOL #35.

Deadpool 35 cover

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Sep 252014

Black Science #1 cover

Continuing my Rick Remender creator owned series kick, today I’m checking out Black Science. This series could not be more different than Deadly Classbut reveals the extent of Remender’s versatility. Joined by Matteo Scalera and Dean White, this series focuses on a group of individuals travelling randomly through the Eververse thanks to a device called The Pillar. Let’s take a look at the first volume of Black Science titled: How to Fall Forever.

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Sep 212014

I believe that brevity is the soul of wit. Sure, there is something to be said about webcomics crafted over years of dedication and growth… However, there is also something incredibly impressive about a short and sweet story that packs a powerful punch. Princess Princess is the perfect example of how a strong, short story — combined with charming art, and an upbeat plot that harkens back to nostalgic “girl power” themes–can leave a lasting impression.


And it doesn’t hurt that it also has like everything anyone clamoring for more diversity in fiction can ask for.

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Sep 182014

the delinquents #2

The awesome amalgam of Valiant’s two buddy-comedies continues this week with the release of The Delinquents #2. When we last left our heroes, each was tasked with finding the other half of a map printed on the rear-end of a deceased hobo. In this issue, the two teams meet face to face with explosive and hilarious results. Let’s hop a boxcar as we check out The Delinquents #2!

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Sep 152014

earthsong ch coverDo you love fantasy worlds, but find that every story has the same kind of elves, dwarves, and orcs that are all, well, male?  Earthsong is a fantasy webcomic/graphic novel series written and illustrated by Crystal Yates with a keen emphasis on diverse and largely female-driven plot involving magic and universe-saving. Those that are fans of the newcomer’s self-discovery plot with the addition of lore and humor will enjoy Earthsong. Crystal Yates has diligently updated it as many Mondays as she could since 2004, and it now boasts 13 Chapters to read-through and a reliable schedule to follow. Earthsong also regularly ranks pretty high – #22 this week in fact –  on TopWebcomics, and has an established readership.

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