Apr 162015

Bloodshot by Jeff Lemire

The final chapter of the Valiant Next initiative landed in stores yesterday. At last, the eagerly awaited Bloodshot Reborn #1 arrived, heralding a new take on the character from writer Jeff Lemire and artist Mico Suayan. Following The Valiant’s conclusion, Bloodshot’s life has changed in drastic ways, and I, along with many other comic fans, was eager to see the next stage in this former soldier’s life.

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Apr 092015

The Shadow #1 cover

“Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!” This phrase, followed by chilling, rictus laughter initiated every radio drama starring the pulp hero known as The Shadow. I grew up listening to cassette tapes of these radio plays on long family car rides, and was enamored with The Shadow for much of my youth: the idea of a man who can win by outsmarting his opponents and clouding their minds, while prying into their psyches was unlike any other hero in my childhood.

Flash forward almost two decades later and my relationship with Lamont Cranston had almost completely evaporated. I’d listen to a radio play now and then, and flip through a few pages of comics starring the character in my local comic shop. Thanks to Comic Bento, however, I got the chance to check out The Shadow Volume 1: The Fire of Creation. This comic took my childhood vision of the character and flipped it on its head in the best possible way.

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Apr 052015

Ultron, one of the most fearsome fearsome foes of the Marvel Universe makes his return THIS WEEK in a brand new graphic novel, chronicling the rise of PLANET ULTRON!

Just in time for the up-coming Avengers sequel, Rage of Ultron is an original graphic novel depicting an original story. This book combines two generations of Avenger teams, and brings them together, depicting an epic struggle to defeat Ultron and save TITAN, home planet of…THANOS?

If you plan to see the upcoming Avengers sequel, and want to learn more about the infamous AI Ultron, this new story is a great place to start.

“It was another glorious victory for the Mighty Avengers. Good triumphed over evil and Ultron was shot into space, never to be seen again. Or so they thought. Now, years later, the homicidal artificial intelligence – so long devoted to ending life on Earth – has a new world to conquer…one with its own horrific legacy. When Titan, birthplace of Thanos, falls, Planet Ultron rises in its place! Thanos’ brother Starfox must seek the aid of his former allies – but the Avengers he finds are radically different from the ones he once knew. Among them is Ultron’s creator Giant-Man – and when Hank Pym confronts his now planet-sized “son,” the responsibilities of fatherhood have never loomed so large.” -Marvel

Apr 022015

Convergence #0

After months of teases and promotion from DC Comics, Convergence #0 hit stands yesterday. The weekly 9-issue series provides a break for DC during its two-month move from New York City to the West Coast. Given my love of Superman, Brainiac, and multiverse-focused stories in general, I hotly anticipated this title. I’ve never followed a weekly before, so this was also my first chance to try out that format.

Did the first issue wow me? Can this miniseries sate DC fans during the two-month hiatus of the main titles?

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Mar 292015

With the Death Star destroyed and the Empire in shambles, Darth Vader is left in a precarious situation. After his primary space station was destroyed, along with the extensive fleet and military presence aboard the Death Star, what will he do to replace those lost soldiers? While the Empire is not one to mourn, it is one to count its losses and find a way to reform itself and find a way back to the top.

Over the past 2 issues we have seen glimpses of Vader’s hidden agenda as he attempts to re-strengthen his fleet and gain his vengeance against the rebels responsible for the Death Star’s destruction. In issue one, we watched as Darth contracted Boba Fett to find Han Solo’s Millenium Falcon, as well as Luke Skywalker. In issue two, he weeds out dissension in his ranks. Where does Vader go from there? He creates an army of unmistakably loyal soldiers! How? I’ll tell you how, right now!

Darth vader-3-cover

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Mar 262015

The Valiant #4 cover

I almost didn’t want to read this issue. No, it’s not because I don’t like this miniseries; quite the opposite. However, with all of the amazing buildup during the past three issues, I had no clue how Jeff Lemire, Matt Kindt, and Paolo Rivera would wrap up this epic battle between good and evil. Still, it was hard to contain my excitement as I cracked open the pages of the final installment of The Valiant.

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