Jun 192014

Copperhead #1 cover

A review copy was provided by Jay Faerber.

I’m a sucker for the Western genre. Whether it’s movies, video games, or comics, I just love a good Western. Even more than that, I enjoy when a story flips a genre on its head, which is why I was excited to check out Copperhead #1 from Image Comics. While not technically a Western, all the nuances of such a classic story are evident in this new comic.

The series follows Clara Bronson, a woman who has become sheriff of the mining colony Copperhead, as she adjusts to her new life with her son, Zeke, and new partner, Budroxifincus. How does this sci-fi take on the traditional genre stack up? Let’s check out Copperhead #1! 

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Jun 142014

Comic companies have always suffered a few drawbacks with the writing of characters, keeping them a certain age, as well as keeping classic heroes relevant. An extreme approach to this problem is going about it the DC way. Namely, completely rebooting every character in your comic universe with a brand new comic universe.

Another way they manage to do this is by revamping that hero’s origin every few years. This way, you can add minor details and continue to modernize a classic hero. Dan Slott does JUST THIS in the new Amazing Spider-Man: Learning to Crawl series. We are shown the early days of Spider-man, and how Peter struggles between school, his responsibilities as Spider-man, and raising money to help support himself and his Aunt. All of this, and MUCH more, in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man #1.2!

spidey 1.2 cover

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Jun 122014


The long-awaited Armor Hunters crossover landed yesterday. Promising big action and bold reveals about the history of the Manowar armor, I’ve been eagerly anticipating this event since it was first announced. Did the first issue live up to my expectations? Let’s suit up for Armor Hunters #1!

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Jun 072014

With the release of the second issue of Original Sin, we are treated with a few quick answers we had from last issue, and a few even BIGGER questions put right in their place. This event seems like it will be far more confusing and unnecessary than any event Marvel has put out in recent years. This is Original Sin #2.

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Jun 052014

Green Arrow #32 cover

After surviving the Outsiders War, Oliver Queen has returned to Seattle…only to find his city in the clutches of crime boss Richard Dragon. This issue kicks off “Broken,” the next storyline from Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino’s acclaimed run. It’s time to check out Green Arrow #32!

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May 292014


It’s been quite awhile since I first expressed my excitement for All-New Invaders, a series featuring James Robinson and Steve Pugh, two of my favorite comic creators. The first arc wrapped up this week, and I felt it’d be the perfect opportunity to talk about one of Marvel’s most interesting team titles. Let’s check out All-New Invaders #5!

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