May 212015

Bloodshot Reborn #2 Johnson cover

Ray Garrison’s atonement continues in this week’s Bloodshot Reborn #2. Last month, Garrison, formerly the mindless killing machine known as Bloodshot, learned of a murderer who resembled his former self. Determined to prevent meaningless violence, Garrison set out, followed by visions of deceased geomancer Kay McHenry and the plucky doppleganger Bloodsquirt. Would the second issue live up to the masterpiece that was the first?

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May 192015

With the Star Wars Animated series “Rebels” reaching its season 1 finale, our friends at Marvel have decided to sate our need for more Rebels content in the intervening time until the season 2 premiere. While Kanan Jarrus may be a roguish rebel in the years leading up to the legendary battle of the Death Star, during the Clone Wars he went by a different name, Caleb Dume.

Caleb was a Jedi Padawan to Master Deppa Billaba and learned by her side on the front lines of the Clone Wars. The pair fought bravely together alongside their battalion of clone soldiers, fighting for the freedom of the Republic. This all changed on the fateful day when Lord Sidious executed Order 66, which forced all clone troopers to turn on their Jedi generals. What happened to Caleb that made him into the hardened soldier Kanan? That is what this story hopes to teach us.


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May 152015

DC Comics presents us with one of the most fascinating superheroes of all time: Batman. Arguably his super power is his immense wealth and equally immense intelligence, but he does not, in fact, have any super-human powers in his own universe. In this way, Batman is thought of to be one of us, a human who stands amongst Gods. However, is Batman really one of us, aided only by a strong mind and a family fortune? Do we want him to be one of us? And do we want to be him?

Today, I’ll be looking into what makes Batman the caped crusader we know and love and asking an important question: are we, in fact, all Bat people?


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May 142015

It's A Bird...cover

I like stories that challenge standard narrative formats and make the reader think. It’s A Bird… by writer Steven T. Seagle and artist Teddy Kristiansen is, arguably, one of the most innovative and interesting comics ever written. Yet, oddly enough, I’d never heard of it before I saw it on a library shelf and, on a whim, decided to check it out.

What I found within its pages was one of the most engrossing, compelling, and beautiful examples of graphic storytelling ever compiled.

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May 072015

Dead Drop #1 cover

The best comic book team-ups involve strange pairings. Valiant’s latest miniseries, Dead Drop, focuses on a disparate group of heroes, with each headlining his or her own issue. The first installment focuses on X-O Manowar, as he rushes around New York City to stop someone in possession of a deadly alien virus. With Ales Kot and Adam Gorham on board, this series promised to be unlike anything else Valiant has released thus far.

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May 032015

Wayward 7 Cover

A review copy was provided by Jim Zub.

Wayward #7 continues with its new heroine, Emi Ohara, as she also begins to navigate the changes undergoing her powers and the city’s monsters. Last issue things set up Emi’s humdrum life while she thinks about the curious disappearance of Rori Lane when blam, the red weave pays a visit to her window.

All of a sudden Emi’s hands are doing things that change what she touches, and mythical monsters come out in the open in search of her blood. In Issue 7, we get some fun reading downtime with Nikaido and the breezy Ayane as they add Emi to their team.

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