Jun 042015


In general, Elseworlds stories are the purview of DC Comics. For those not familiar with the term, Elseworlds refers to taking established comic book characters and placing them in a new situation, such as Superman in Soviet Russia. Still, Marvel occasionally dabbles in the proverbial alternate universe pond, evidenced by the widely heralded Marvel 1602. 

I first read 1602 back in 2011, and it was the volume that got me back into comics; for that, I am forever grateful. Still, with four years of hindsight, and a lot of comics read in between, I decided to return to this comic to see if it holds up to my now more discerning (read: not-that-much-more-informed) taste. With that in mind, let’s take a look at Marvel 1602.

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Jun 012015

Samurai Jack #20 cover

A review copy was provided courtesy of Jim Zub.

Samurai Jack was a cartoon series that I’m sure I’m not alone in saying had a major impact on me during my youth. From the amazing animation style, to the wildly creative stories, it was one of the best series created during the early 2000s. Sadly, like many great series, it ended far too soon.

Luckily, IDW brought Samurai Jack back in comic book form thanks to the creative team of Jim Zub and Andy Suriano. Though the comic did embody the feeling of the series and received accolades from a significant number of fans, it too sadly comes to an end with Issue #20. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the finale of the Samurai Jack comic series.

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May 302015


Silverwolf: Hello everyone and welcome to the latest installment of Silverwolf Suggests! I’m here with Elessar to talk about Harbinger Volume 1: Omega Rising from Valiant Entertainment. Elessar, could you please give a brief summary of the comic for our readers?

Elessar: …Wait, I was supposed to read it? Then what’s the point of you suggesting it to me?

Ahem. Harbinger is devoted to Peter Stanchek. Peter is a psionic, which is this week’s copyright friendly term for “Person With Superpowers.” In this case, he’s got telepathy and telekensis, amongst other things.

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May 282015

Dark Phoenix Saga cover

In the 80s, a bunch of crazy &*^% happened to the X-Men. Arguably the most famous story arc, “The Dark Phoenix Saga,” took place between issues #129 and #137 of The Uncanny X-Men. Chris Claremont and John Byrne teamed up to tell the legendary tale of Jean Grey’s rise to the form of Dark Phoenix, and her eventual demise.

For years, I’d heard about this story. Probably the earliest time was when I watched the X-Men animated series as a child, where they abridged this plotline. I decided last week to finally pick it up and see if the comic still held water thirty-five years later. I was, ultimately, impressed with what I found.

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May 272015


A review copy was provided by Jim Zub.

For a comic series that features a band of essentially vagabond children, Wayward #8 does a lot more of what it does best: getting you attached to each character. As an added treat, Rori Lane and Shirai return to the storyline and will soon be reunited with the team. As they stumble upon what looks like the origins of Ayane’s mysterious cat-being powers, they are closer than ever to discovering their place in the weave of events.

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May 262015

The Marvel Multiverse has collapsed, the entirety of reality is in shambles, and none have been spared from the utter devastation that has brought the lives of our favorite Marvel characters to a halt…none, except for DOCTOR DOOM! In the beginning of the first issue of Secret Wars , we were shown glimpses of Doctor Doom conversing with an ethereal being, who I can only assume to be GOD. How do I come to this conclusion? Well the opening of issue 32 of this story starts off with a police force made up of Thors proclaiming they exist to serve as the bringers of justice under the rule of God, who is then revealed to be none other then Victor Von DOOM!

Secret Wars-2-cover

Now, before I continue any further, if you wish to hear my opinions regarding SECRET WARS #1, you’ll have to go take a peak at my article I posted last week. Link is included in the book title above. NOW, ONTO THE SHOW!

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