Jul 172014

Silverwolf: Hello everyone and welcome to another exciting roundtable! I’m Silverwolf, the awesome editor!

Elessar: And I’m Elessar the awesome…I just realized I don’t know my offiical title? God Emperor?

Silverwolf: Sure, you can take that one, but stay away from my Psykers! Anyway, 40K jokes aside, we’re here to talk about comic book fans requests vs. actual purchases.

In short, Internet forums (and local shops) tend to explode with vitriol whenever either Marvel or DC publishes a “derivative” title (i.e. another Avengers or Bat-family title). They demand “something different” more often than not. Yet, at the same time, whenever those companies do try something off the beaten path (such as All-Star Western) the fan following is merely a trickle, whereas the umpteenth X-Men title sells well enough to survive despite a lack of “innovation.” Your thoughts, Elessar?

Elessar: Oh that’s not just comics fans. That’s everything. It’s a commonly known phenomena. When asked what kind of coffee they want, they’ll say they want a rich dark roast, because they think it sounds good but that’s not what they buy. That’s why American Hustle (a good, but totally generic movie) made 250 million while Cloud Atlas struggled to even match it’s budget.

No, I'm not bitter about it, what made you think that?

No, I’m not bitter about it, what made you think that?

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Jul 172014

Unity #9 cover

Crossovers are a tricky beast in the comic book industry. While it’s fun to see all the characters from across a universe come together, problems often arise as side-titles join the story and may de-rail long-running arcs in order to facilitate a slapdash connection. I’ve been loving Valiant’s “Armor Hunters” crossover since it started, and now I’m going to look at the latest tie-in, Unity #9!

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Jul 112014

With the 75th Anniversary of Marvel Comics well under way, many celebrations and special edition comics are beginning to pour out of the massive comic house. And with all of the confetti flying about, several Marvel writers got a few ideas rolling about their heads. They wondered what Marvel may look like with the release of the 100th anniversary of their company, AND their characters. Now, every week in July, there will be a new release, an issue celebrating the 100th anniversary of various teams and solo characters. And to kick it off, who better to start with than Marvel’s favorite whipping boy SPIDER-MAN!

Spider-man 100th 1-cover

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Jul 102014

Armor Hunters #2 Cover

“Armor Hunters” rolls on as the dangers of the X-O Manowar armor spark conflict. Though Unity survived their first encounter with these alien warriors, Mexico City was not so lucky, lying utterly decimated by the Armor Hunters. Now, it’s up to M.E.R.O. and Aric to protect the planet. It’s time to check out Armor Hunters #2!

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Jul 052014

Last week, we finally reached the end of the most recent Deadpool vs. Carnage mini series. Overall, it was a satisfying read with an interesting twist ending, but now that that series is done, what shall come in to fill in the Deadpool mini series gap? Why, DEADPOOL VS. X-FORCE!

Deadpool vs X-Force 1 cover

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Jul 032014

Death of Captain America Cover

Since tomorrow’s the 4th of July, I thought it’d be appropriate to review a Captain America comic this week. Thanks to a suggestion from Elessar, I dug through my box of older comics and pulled out Captain America #25, the famed “Death of Captain America” issue from 2007. How well does this issue hold up seven years later?

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