Mar 132014

300 Rise of an Empire poster

I had planned on letting this one slip past unnoticed, but then a friend of mine pointed out that this movie is, technically a comic book movie. And as a movie reviewer for a comics focused website, I figured it was my duty to give it a review, so away I go with the early front runner for 2014′s Least Necessary Sequel Award.

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Mar 132014

Unity #5

Valiant’s super-team, Unity, survived their first outing against X-O Manowar, and have even recruited him to their team! A new enemy, Dr. Silk, has arisen and now Livewire, Gilad, Ninjak, and Aric need to assemble to stop this madman. Given how much I loved both the previous arcs of Unity and X-O Manowar, I went into this issue with high hopes. Did this next outing for Unity live up to my expectations?

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Mar 112014

Magnus Robot Fighter #1

A review copy was provided by Fred Van Lente courtesy of Dynamite Entertainment.

Dynamite Entertainment recently acquired the rights to the classic line of Gold Key comic characters, including the ever-popular Magnus: Robot Fighter. I’d never read a comic featuring Magnus before, but a quick perusal of his backstory got me interested and, with a great creative team on board, I was excited to check out this title. Without further ado, let’s dive into Magnus: Robot Fighter #1.  Continue reading »

Mar 062014

Red Sonja #1 Fiona Staples Variant

Red Sonja is arguably the most famous sword-and-sorcery heroine. First created by Roy Thomas and Barry Windsor-Smith, Sonja was based on the work of Robert E. Howard, famed creator of Conan the Barbarian. Dynamite Entertainment, publishers of the Red Sonja comic series, recently brought Gail Simone and Walter Geovani on board to chronicle a new chapter in the adventures of the She-Devil with a Sword. Thanks to an awesome Comixology sale coinciding with Dynamite’s 10th anniversary, I was able to grab the first six issues of the series, titled the “Queen of Plagues” arc, for a massive discount. With my love of fantasy stories and Simone’s previous work, would this new series succeed in wowing me?

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Mar 012014

It is the end of an era…or at least a comic run. Wolverine and the X-Men has been a fun and interesting book from beginning to end. From the Hellfire Club, to AVX, to the Battle of the Atom, through its ups and downs, this title has stood tall as one of the best X-Men books published by Marvel.

And so at the end of its 42 issue run, the Jean Grey School caps off the end of its school year. Students are graduating, new X-Men are joining the ranks, and we are given a glimpse into one of the many futures of this mutant school and our favorite Headmaster. This is Wolverine and the X-men #42!

wolverine & x-men 42 cover

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Feb 282014

All-Star Western #31

Yesterday I got quite a scare when Bleeding Cool initially reported that DC had announced the cancellation of All-Star WesternLuckily, series co-writer Jimmy Palmiotti took to Twitter and cleared things up, stating:

“ALL STAR WESTERN is not cancelled at 31…but we have to get the numbers up soon, as sales dictate what happens to a book. Always.”

Then today he stated:

“Just to squash the rumors from yesterday, All-Star Western has NOT been cancelled. Lower numbers but you can help support!!”

I’m a big fan of the Western genre and regret that this title, one that is consistently entertaining, interesting, and redefines what it means to be a Western, is on the verge of cancellation because of low sales numbers. Now, I’m not a man who’s fond of taking the gloomy outlook, especially with series I love, but I’ve been burned before. Still, my goal today is to convince fans to try out All-Star Western so it can keep surviving and filling the comic market with its awesome glory. Why should you support this comic? Check out my breakdown of reasons after the jump.

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