Nov 092014

So, what happens when not only are you being hunted down like a game animal, but the same is happening to every version of you from every parallel dimension? You gather what remaining versions of yourself that you can, and you TEAM UP! Over the past 2 months, we have been leading up to the SPIDER-VERSE storyline, and it has FINALLY begun! With every version of Spider-man ready to be hunted down, the ones who managed to escape being killed have begun to gather, forming a SPIDER-ARMY ready to take on the family of Inheritors!


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Nov 062014

eternal warrior days of steel #1 cover

Gilad Anni-Padda, the Eternal Warrior, is one of Valiant Entertainment’s most interesting characters. Though his solo series had a rocky start and entered a period of limbo, Gilad returned this week headlining a new miniseries titled Eternal Warrior: Days of Steel. Set in the Middle Ages, this series sees our hero tasked with defending a baby who is destined to be a hero of the Franks. Let’s take a look at Eternal Warrior: Days of Steel #1!

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Nov 022014

In the wake of Wolverine’s death, many an X-man, and Avenger have been finding their own ways to cope with the death of their friend and mentor Wolverine; Deadpool and Captain America are no exceptions to this fact. Both Cap and Deadpool see the potential dangers of a world without Logan in it, and hope to put an immediate end to one such danger. Both Logan and Deadpool are far from strangers to the prospect of being experimented on, and being manufactured into super weapons. In fact, both of them have been cloned in the attempt to make armies of super weapons. Now, with Logan gone, Steve and Wade plan to ensure that NOBODY has the ability to clone Logan and desecrate his memory, by using what little remains of him for evil.

DOW DP+Cap 1-cover

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Oct 302014

archer & armstrong #25

I love Valiant Comics, and at the top of their list is Archer & Armstrong. This series combines humor, history, and amazing character work with a good dose of action thrown in. Now, the series has reached its milestone 25th issue. It’s time to check out Archer & Armstrong #25!

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Oct 272014

Oct 262014


Archie Andrews and zombies are a combination that shouldn’t work. Heck, it’s a combination that shouldn’t exist. But my word, if Afterlife with Archie isn’t one of the best comics on the market today. With stellar story and artwork, I strongly encourage everyone to check out this horror comic series.

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