Feb 262015

I never gave a damn about the Green Hornet. Probably my first exposure to character was as a child playing recreational soccer, where every team had its own name “voted on” by the team (and, usually in reality, chosen by the coach and other parents). One year, our team played against another named The Green Hornets; as an eight year old born at the tail end of the 1980s, I didn’t understand the reference, and had it explained by my parents.

That said, I never really pursued the Green Hornet. Even after hearing about his background, I never tracked down the TV series that saw Bruce Lee’s explosion into American media, nor did I even realize that pulp stories starring the character existed. With the advent of the critically panned film a few years back, my interest in the character couldn’t have been more minimal.

And then Bleeding Cool featured the first issue of The Green Hornet by Mark Waid and Daniel Indro for free on the site. And after that, I was hooked.

The Green Hornet #1

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Feb 232015

Hello everyone and welcome to another exciting edition of Silverwolf Suggests! Each month, I select three different comics for a friend that I think she or he will like. The friend then selects one of the three, and, if they like, I’ll purchase it for him or her. Later, we discuss the comic, the results of which are shared here!

This month, I’m joined by Vidasoy as we discuss Runaways, a popular comic series from the early 2000s written by Brian K. Vaughan (Saga) and drawn by Adrian Alphona (Ms. Marvel). We checked out Volume 1: Pride and Joy, which features the introduction of these characters. Check out our thoughts after the jump!

Runaways Vol 1

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Feb 222015

Silk is a rather new character, created from one of the BIGGEST retcons this reviewer has ever seen implemented. It appears that Peter Parker was not the only person to be bitten by a radioactive spider on that fateful day at the science fair. No, Cindy Moon was also gifted with Spider-powers and has since been locked away in a secret bunker, to be hidden from the world in order to be kept safe. Recently, Spider-man managed to find her and set her free, allowing her to start a new life in the real world, as well as becoming a new Spider-based vigilante for New York City.

Silk has become a regular member of the Spider-man cast in recent issues, but after the events of Spider-verse, it appears that Cindy has taken it upon herself to strike out on her own and search for the last answers she seeks. What happened to her family? Where are they now? Where is the man who locked her away all these years? Well, she plans to find these out, all while dealing with a new job, working for J. Jonah Jameson, and a new career as a super hero!


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Feb 192015


The Valiant #3 landed in shops yesterday to continue the amazing prestige series from the publisher. I, along with many other comic book fans, eagerly awaited this installment since the gripping conclusion of the previous issue. With only two issues remaining, let’s take a look at the penultimate issue of The Valiant. 

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Feb 122015

Divinity #1 Cover

Valiant’s latest, and perhaps most anticipated, series arrived in comic shops across the world yesterday. Titled Divinity, this prestige series catalogs the exploits of a Soviet cosmonaut who returns to the world after being lost in space. But his reappearance makes the world tremble, for this man returns with the powers of a deity.

The Valiant Next initiative has so far brought a number of successes, including The Valiant and Ivar, Timewalker. Divinity marks a new stage for Valiant, as this is the first series to be entirely based upon wholly original characters set within the Valiant Universe. Helmed by writer Matt Kindt and artist Trevor Hairsine, fans brought a lot of anticipation leading up to the release of this series.

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Feb 082015

Need I explain what Star Wars is? This series is so deeply ingrained into the world’s culture, that one cannot mention its name and not have it be immediately recognized by nearly everyone who hears it. Star Wars is easily the most recognizable film, comic, game, TV serial, and toy franchise to currently exist on planet Earth! So, when the rights were bought up by Disney, everyone was talking about it. However, after the initial heat died down, and nothing had been done with the licence to any extensive degree, the hype settled…

ONLY TO BE KICKED INTO OVERDRIVE IN THE BEGINNING OF 2015! Between the recent premieres of Star Wars Rebels, the announcement of Marvel publishing multiple Star Wars related comics, and the release of the Episode VII TRAILER, let’s just say the hype has returned. So now, with that being said, I think we can all tell why I am personally excited to describe for you the events of Star Wars #2, and show you just WHY you should pick up this book.

star wars-2-cover

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