Oct 292014

Hey y’all! This week, I’m doing a special Halloween-themed review. There are a few k-pop songs that have dark, creepy concepts, but no one does them quite as well as VIXX. They’ve had several songs on with dark or fantastical elements, but the best one for the occasion would have to be a single from about a year ago. So without any further delay, let’s take a look at Voodoo Doll!

vixx voodoo cover

(WARNING: This music video involves body horror and gore, so view at your own discretion!)

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Oct 212014

Hey, y’all! This week, I’m reviewing a new duo that made its first appearance on K-pop Star Three. ALMENG, who made it to the top four but didn’t win, was signed by YNB Entertainment (who doesn’t even have their own wikipedia page). ALMENG is made up of Lee Haeyong and Choi Rin, and their music seems to have a rap feel to it, from this one song, at least. Let’s take a look at their debut song, Phone in Love.

almeng composing of love cover


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Oct 192014

odorite ririri toluthin antenna

It’s been a fairly slow week for Vocaloid song translations. Japanese Niconico uploads are still going strong, but it’s hard to review without the English. One of the more prolific translators, DescentSubs’s channel was blocked as Youtube copyright strikes again, and sadly many of my review articles are in limbo without re-uploads yet. So this week, I’m doing a Odorite showcase of my top five favorite females! (Males will be next.)

Odorites is a term for Niconico dancers that upload Odottemita (踊ってみた, “tried to dance”) videos. In the simplest sense, dance covers of what are usually popular Vocaloid songs, anime songs or other J-pop (and pop song) dances. The community, however, spans from the casual self-filmers to original choreographers, music video makers, and talented cosplay groups. Given the size of community, it’s hard to choose just 5 and properly cover them, but here are my favorites.

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Oct 102014

hatsune miku david letterman live

This isn’t a “Fan’s React” video, it’s actually Hatsune Miku’s 4 minute spot on Late Show with David Letterman. How the two mix originates from the promotional campaign for Hatsune Miku’s U.S. Expos that include a concert in NY and LA Halloween events (more info at their site). In order to reach a widespread audience, they went to a rather traditional media outlet. I would like Miku to be popular with a worldwide audience just as much as the next fan, but my reaction was more the kind of cringe you do when one of your classmates outs you for your closet otaku status. Was the choice to debut on U.S. telivision “live” in such a way effective in getting the word out? Watch the clip below the cut.

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Oct 072014

For big groups with multiple members, often people will leave without disbanding the entire group to pursue careers in music, modeling or acting. These revolving door groups tend to commemorate these departures with special songs that celebrate this bittersweet occasion, typically either giving the singer leaving her own single or singing a song about her. Morning Musume ’14′s Sayumi Michishige gets both, but since her solo single plays a lot on her cutesy-wootsey persona that makes my ears bleed, I’m going to go with the other one.

Let’s listen to Mikaeri Bijin (A Looking Back Beauty) by Morning Musume ’14.

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Oct 062014

Hey y’all! This week I’ll be looking at a solo artist that I’ve had an eye on since her debut. Ailee is a belter, having covered American artists like Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey before her debut. It’s always enjoyable to review an artist with such a strong voice, so let’s take a look at Ailee’s new single, Don’t Touch Me.

ailee magazine cover

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