Jan 132015

Hey y’all! This week I’m feeling a bit nostalgic, since the very first group to get me truly into K-pop was SHINee. Ring Ding Dong and Hello were my jams, back in the early days. This week, SHINee’s Jonghyun made his solo debut, making him the third member to promote without the group (Taemin has had a solo career, and Key formed a duo with Infinite’s Woohyun).

I have to admit, when I thought of SHINee having individual careers, I would have expected Jonghyun, the main vocal, to be one of the first to do it. Still, better late than never. Let’s take a look at Jonghyun’s debut single, Crazy (Guilty Pleasure).

jonghyun base cover

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Jan 062015

Hey y’all! This week’s review is a special, 21st birthday edition (mine is today)! I’d found this song a while ago, and was saving it for this very occasion. Lim Kim auditioned for Superstar K3 as part of a duo called Togeworl, earning third place in the competition.

They were all set to debut when Do Dae-yoon (the other part of the Togeworl) had to go back to America to graduate high school properly, and it was decided that Lim Kim should debut as a solo act. The song I’m reviewing this week, Goodbye 20, is the single from her first full-length album, so let’s take a look!


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Dec 302014

Hey y’all! This week, I’ll be looking at the other side of k-pop around this time of year. Company-wide Christmas songs are fun and all, but sometimes there are too many people to keep track of! And they aren’t the only seasonal music that gets released. Individual groups make Christmas (or winter) songs as well. From what I’ve seen, there seems to be a lot of correlation between themes of loss and nostalgia this time of year, and BTOB’s Winter’s Tale is a perfect example of that. Let’s take a look!

btob winter's tale cover

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Dec 162014

Hey y’all! It’s Christmas! Well, according to K-pop it is. K-pop entertainment companies started releasing their Christmas singles as early as December 3rd. This week, I’ll be reviewing Starship Planet’s Love Is You. You’ll have to bear with me, because I’m not familiar with many of the people at this entertainment company, so I don’t know everyone by name.

I know Sistar, K.Will, and Jooyoung (from my last review), and I can assume that all the younger, prettier boys are in Boyfriend, but I can’t tell them apart. Mad Clown, and Junggigo, I figured out through process of elimination, so I guess the only people I don’t really know by name are the members of Boyfriend. That being said, let’s take a look at Love Is You.

starship planet love is you cover

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Dec 022014

Hey y’all! Today, I’ll be looking at a duet song with two of the nicest singers in k-pop. Sub-units and collaborations are huge in k-pop right now, and Hyolyn (sometimes romanized as Hyorin) and Jooyoung have recently come out with a beautiful ballad. This will probably be my last review before Christmas-style songs start getting released, so without further ado, let’s take a look at Erase!

hyolyn x jooyoung erase cover

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Nov 292014

Hey y’all! Hope you had a happy holiday. This week, I’ll be looking at an old favorite group of mine who have recently come back with a whole new concept. Out of their main singles for albums and mini-albums, Apink has never really had a break-up song. All their songs have been about love, with lots of bright colors and pastels, but most of all, a lot of pink. Now, they have a slightly more mature concept (while still keeping some of their cutesy aspects), with a bittersweet break-up song. Let’s take a look at Apink’s latest single, Luv!

apink pink luv cover

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