Sep 302014

Hey y’all! You might have noticed that the song title this week is the same as last week’s. Total coincidence, I assure you (no, this rookie group did not copy 2PM, despite what HOTTEST may be saying). Last week’s Go Crazy! was a party song, this one is about love at first sight. Now that we’ve cleared the air, let’s take a look at ZPZG’s debut single, Go Crazy.

zpzg go crazy cover

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Sep 302014

A lot of people have trouble with the fact that female J-Pop groups are usually huge. AKB48, one of the most popular groups there is, has over 60 members, not counting sister groups in other parts of the company that get switched in and out. E-girls, a group that debuted back in 2011, only has 27 right now, but that’s still a lot of girls to have on screen at once fighting for the spotlight. Does this group work when everyone is trying to be top idol or is it all too much?

Let’s listen to Highschool ♡ Love by E-girls.

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Sep 262014

ever lasting night vocaloids eight

Songs with story lines featuring all of the Vocaloid characters set to grand theatrical music are usually the ones that break a million views. Fans love intricate character designs and well-animated PVs, and even more so when they’re in a series. When Bad ∞ End ∞ Night debuted, it combined just the right amount of madness and mystery that characterizes the cast. In the thrilling conclusion of the ever popular series, EveR ∞ LastinG ∞ NighT reveals the “True enD” of the play.

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Sep 222014

Hey y’all! This week I’ll be looking at a boy group that I’m not a huge fan of. I tried to listen to 2PM for the longest time, but just never really got into them. The fact that the most recent single I remember of theirs is Hands Up pretty much proves it—it was released in 2011 and there was another single before this new one that I was totally unaware of. This new single, however, is one I can get behind. So let’s take a look at Go Crazy!

2pm go crazy cover

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Sep 182014

heart a la mode hastune miku georgia coffee

Any company that decides to borrow Hatsune Miku’s branding power are usually met with the idol’s vast audiences, along with anyone that finds a dancing twin-tailed virtual diva worth watching. Say what you want about the Domino’s and car ads, they generated a ton of talk. Georgia Emerald coffee, a brand that is under the ownership of Coca-Cola and distributed in East/South Asian, is taking that approach with one smart twist – a Deco*27 written song. Get ready for cuteness with Heart a la Mode, an uncharacteristically cheerful song with its own Miku outfit model dancing to go with it.

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Sep 152014

Hey y’all! Today I’m going to be reviewing the debut song from on of the contestants of Superstar K2 (a Korean singing competition), Park Boram. She didn’t win her season, but she was signed to MMO Entertainment and made her debut about a month ago. This review may be controversial, as it will be discussing things like weight and diets, and whether her weight loss was healthy or not. So let’s take a look at Park Boram’s debut single (featuring Zico of Block B), Beautiful (literally, the translation is ‘Got Prettier’).

park boram beautiful

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