Sep 012014

Hey y’all! Tomorrow is my first day of school (yeah, I know I start late), and in honor of that, I’m reviewing Stress Come On! by Big Byung (Big Bottle). Big Byung isn’t a group per se, but a musical group created by Defconn and Jung Hyungdon. The creation of the group (and their first and only single) is captured in their TV show, Hitmaker. As of right now, only the first three episodes have English subs, but there is also a group appearance on Weekly Idol (hosted by Hyungdon and Defconn). It’s all very silly and comedic, and just the thing for reducing stress, so let’s take a look at Stress, Come On!

big byung stress come on cover

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Aug 262014

Hey y’all! I follow a lot of Bangtan fans on tumblr, and they’ve all been going crazy about BTS’ latest comeback. So I’ve decided to watch the MV for myself and review it this week. Hip hop influence is growing in k-pop, and while I like other groups of this genre, I haven’t really paid much attention to the Bangtan Boys until now. So let’s take a look at their new single, Danger.

bts dark&wild cover

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Aug 212014

Hey y’all! Secret recently released a new single, I’m In Love. Since this is their first release in over six months, and their first mini album in over a year, this comeback has been long awaited and, in my opinion, worth the wait. They’re back with their signature funky sound and a sexy concept, so let’s take a look at I’m In Love!

secret secret summer covers

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Aug 142014

Setsuna Drive - IA rocks title

I wasn’t as impressed by the first IA ROCKS song I reviewd, Bloody GravityHowever, Setsuna Drive gives us another chance to see how IA ROCKS’s append voicebank sounds. Although both songs pair IA’s slightly altered voice well with a rock-guitar heavy instrumental, Setsuna Drive is that bit more cool. This version of Setsuna Drive is actually a cover of the initial song, uploaded a year ago, using IA ROCKS over the original IA. As an added treat, the song is presented with one of the popular Shidu’s creative PVs.

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Aug 112014

Hey y’all! Today I’ll be do something slightly different since the song I’m reviewing is totally in English. SPICA, the Korean girl group, has made their English debut with I Did It. Before I even get started, I want to say that I’m not even going to nitpick about pronunciation. None of these girls are native English speakers, and all of the words are perfectly understandable, and personally, I think they did really well! So now let’s take a look at I Did It.

spica i did it cover

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Aug 072014


Hello all and welcome. Yes it is I, Elessar, your favorite internet movie critic, at his first attempt to branch out into music. I’ve always wanted to discuss music on this site, but my ability to has always been kind of hampered by a handful of things. The first is that my taste in music has always run a little on the obscure or transgressive side of things. My superiors here are quite permissive, but I think even they might balk if I tried to review a Mindless Self Indulgence album and if I reviewed Fight Like a Girl by Emilie Autumn or The Astronaut by Wax Fang, basically no one would know what I’m on about.

But even when I do like a popular song (which happens more often than you might think; I really liked Pompeii by Bastille, for example) I wind up in an awkward position. I know enough about music to overthink all of my musical choices, but not enough to really know enough of what I’m talking about to make it informative to other people. But there is one thing I do know a lot about: Parody.

This brings us to Weird Al Yankovic.

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