Jul 282014

Hey y’all! One of my favorite groups is back, Block B, has just released a new mini-album! Before its release, their company hinted that the concept was something the group had never done before, and having watched the music video, they’re absolutely right! The style of the video, music, and members themselves are not what you’d expect from Block B. I think this is the first huge deviation from their original style, so let’s take a look at their new single, Her!

block b her cover

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Jul 242014

friday's good morning-honeyworks feat gumi

!Honeyworks songs are easy to fall in love with – which just so happens to be what most of the songs are about. If you enjoy a flustered boy watching his droopy-eyed, sleepy princess every morning on the bus, Friday’s Good Morning is an upbeat  four minute pick-me-up. As usual, the Honeyworks team returns with a fully drawn and animated PV and storyline from the “Confession Rehearsal” series. This time, they seem to be introducing another new couple. Though they have yet to be named, they appear to be in the same class as the rest of the cast. Hopefully, this high school romance has a bit more potential!

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Jul 222014

Hey y’all! Today I’ll be talking about one of my all-time favorite guy groups, Infinite. They had a comeback not too long ago, and what’s out now isn’t a new album- it’s a repackaged version of the previous album (their second full-length album, Season 2) with two brand-new songs. A music video for one of these songs, Back was just released, so let’s take a look at it!

infinite be back cover

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Jul 222014

Young groups usually have their songs chosen carefully, since enough bad singles could cut promising careers very short. While this group had some promising indie singles, their major singles have been mostly hit or miss, meaning that those who are not die hard fans may begin to waver. Still, with only their fourth single recently released, there’s still time to solidify an image, though I’m not entirely sure this is the one they really want if it’s cuteness without quality.

Let’s listen to Black Butterfly by Juice=Juice.

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Jul 162014

So did you know Weird Al, singer-songwriter extraordinaire, has been around since 1976? Like no joke, he’s been around for a very long time. But it seems like yesterday that I was bopping around to a CD and screaming “The Saga Begins” from his 90’s album, Running With Scissors (much to the dismay of my parental units). And every few years or so, Weird Al keeps us spinning with each new parody poking fun at pop-culture and reveling in the catchy qualities of the latest hits bent and twisted with new, ridiculous lyrics.


He might have started in the 70s, but Weird Al remains a cultural icon for his pop parodies and personality.

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Jul 152014

Hey y’all! Less than six months after their debut, rookie group Wings has made a comeback! Y’all might remember that I was looking forward to this- their debut song, Hair Short, got the highest rating possible when I reviewed it two months ago. Their new song, Blossom, is a ballad-y love song, but the tone of the video is definitely darker, and it has me wondering if this is a permanent concept for Wings. I hope so, because it’s intriguing! Let’s look at Blossom.

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