Sep 182014

heart a la mode hastune miku georgia coffee

Any company that decides to borrow Hatsune Miku’s branding power are usually met with the idol’s vast audiences, along with anyone that finds a dancing twin-tailed virtual diva worth watching. Say what you want about the Domino’s and car ads, they generated a ton of talk. Georgia Emerald coffee, a brand that is under the ownership of Coca-Cola and distributed in East/South Asian, is taking that approach with one smart twist – a Deco*27 written song. Get ready for cuteness with Heart a la Mode, an uncharacteristically cheerful song with its own Miku outfit model dancing to go with it.

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Sep 152014

Hey y’all! Today I’m going to be reviewing the debut song from on of the contestants of Superstar K2 (a Korean singing competition), Park Boram. She didn’t win her season, but she was signed to MMO Entertainment and made her debut about a month ago. This review may be controversial, as it will be discussing things like weight and diets, and whether her weight loss was healthy or not. So let’s take a look at Park Boram’s debut single (featuring Zico of Block B), Beautiful (literally, the translation is ‘Got Prettier’).

park boram beautiful

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Sep 142014

Welcome back to Give It a Shot! This week, we’re going to be talking about one of the few artists that embodies both old school class and new school values and philosophy. Just unknown enough to give you some hipster creed but well known enough that you can find her fans scattered around the world. If 1920s retro blended with a monochrome-future is wrong, then there are plenty of people who don’t want to be right. That artist is none other than Kanas City native Janelle Monáe.

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Sep 122014

The Hatsune Miku English concept has been in the works from ages pretty much from when Miku herself was first released, and it’s hard to appreciate that the Miku V3 English has already been around for a year since the 2013 release simply because no one really uses it. Crypton Future Media clearly wants to turn that around, first by having Miku open for Lady Gaga’s concert, and now directly marketing a Miku Expo 2014 for large LA and NY venues this fall. Although they are never short of international Miku fans, one of their biggest downfalls would happen to be the lack of quality and renown English songs Miku sings. Case in point: I could review Sharing the World, Miku’s nominal theme song for the Expo lives, but it doesn’t have enough substance to qualify for much analysis.

Bu-la-la hatsune miku english

Bu-La-La is one of the few English songs I can find that not only manages to keep me listening the whole way through, but actually ranked a weekly Best 11 on Niconico. While it remains to be seen if Miku will be showcasing many English versions of her songs, I would not be too disappointed if Bu-La-La was part of that setlist. Continue reading »

Sep 092014

Hey y’all! KARA is not only back with a new song, but with a new lineup. A few years ago, there was a lawsuit between three members of KARA and their management, requesting that their contracts be terminated. Two years later, in 2013, it came as little surprise that when their contracts expired, two of the girls in the lawsuit (Nicole and Kang Jiyoung) decided to walk away from the company and the group. Five months and one reality TV show later, Kara had a new member, Heo Youngji. Now they’re back as a quartet with their new mini-album Day & Night. Let’s take a look at their single, Mamma Mia.

kara day and night cover

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Sep 092014

Ah, it’s good to be back reviewing music again. The brief hiatus of this column has allowed for a lot of great singles to come and go, but now it’s time to strike back with a vengeance. And boy, do we have a doozy. Going into Oliveblair’s territory this week we are looking at one of Korea’s fastest rising stars this year in a double A-side single. But do both of these songs live up to the expectations of their fans?

Let’s take a look at My Copycat and The Gangnam Avenue by Orange Caramel.

orangle caramel single my copycat gangnam avenue

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