Dec 092012

Well it’s a somber day for Pinoys everywhere it seems — and from the lack of activity (outrage) on my newsfeed I can see why.  Last night Manny Pacquaio–who for nearly a decade stood undefeated–faced his second loss to Juan Marquez. And I mean literally faced–like face-planted, planked, knocked out, etc.

You get the picture.

Manny KO’d during the sixth round by a clean right from Marquez

But does this K.O. spell the end of Manny Pacquaio’s legendary career?

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Sep 252012

Hey there folks, it’s time to talk some football. While there were plenty of headlines to be made this past weekend in both the college ranks and the NFL (most notably the horrible officiating), I have decided to talk about something that I feel hasn’t gotten enough attention: Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder and the amazing job he’s done over his many years in coaching.

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Jun 102012

Now I don’t often write about sports, in fact, I’m the type that enjoys quietly from the sidelines, but even Fenrir the Neutral-On-Most-Everything cannot let this outcome slide without comment.

To those of you not in the know, last night was the scheduled boxing fight between Manny Pacquiao — the defunct hero of the Philippines whose rags-to-riches story and his winning streak has won the hearts of not only his countrymen but the boxing world– and Timothy Bradley, an (as of now) undefeated American boxer. Manny’s loss to Bradley has ended his decade’s long dominance in the boxing world, but for fans this loss leaves a bitter taste, because if my Facebook newsfeed and tumblr dashboard was any indication, not many people believe Bradley won fairly.

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Jun 062012

NOTE: Once you open up the post, it will look really weird. Wait a few seconds, and it should correct itself.

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May 222012

Judo is one of the many forms of martial arts around the world. Did you know Chuck Norris is a judo practitioner? (Then again, what is Chuck Norris not good at?) Anyways, a few days ago, a video on the front page of ESPN caught my eye; it was a small piece covering Yoshihiro Uchida, the head judo coach at San Jose State. Under his guidance, San Jose State has won 45 national championships (his most recent this year) since judo became an official college sport in 1962. He’s practically the godfather of judo in America and was even the first U.S. Olympic judo coach for the 1964 Tokyo games, when the sport was first integrated into the Olympics. Watch the video below and marvel at this man’s greatness.

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May 152012

I’ll start off by saying I’m not the biggest MMA fan. In fact, the best word to describe me when it comes to MMA is the same word I use to describe many “sports” fans I come across: casual. I know who Anderson Silva, Georges St.-Pierre, and Jon “Bones” Jones are. I also know some of the older guys like Chuck Liddell, Randy Couture, Ken Shamrock, and Royce Gracie. But I wouldn’t be able to give you an in-depth analysis of the sport outside the wrestling component.

However, tonight’s UFC main event really caught my eye. Why? Well there was a Korean guy named Chan Sung Jung fighting. Now being Asian, any Asian athlete that comes around I take notice. Especially if he’s Korean (but I’m not a nationalistic fanatic who blindly roots for these guys…they have to be good or no mas).  And especially with a nickname like “The Korean Zombie.” Continue reading »