Sep 072012

The 2012 NFL season has begun, and despite the opening day loss to the Cowboys, I will persevere. The Giants are always slow starters, and we were down to our 5th string CB. I have worries, but we’ll get it together. Anyways, with the season starting, it’s time to talk fantasy football.

I love fantasy sports; it’s basically Dungeons and Dragons for sports fans. It allows me to flex my football (or baseball) IQ. Knowing who to draft and when to draft a player comes with studying and experience. But of course, that’s only half of it. There’s also luck. You have to be lucky sometimes to get the player you want. You also have to hope that the guy you drafted stays healthy, or that the sleeper pick you got pulls through. Or that a certain player isn’t a one year wonder (ex: Victor Cruz). All these things make every season exciting.

This year, I’m participating in 4 leagues. One is with a bunch of old acquaintances from back home in Bama. The other 3 are with random people on ESPN. I’ll be doing a post on each draft since it’s going to be really long. Here’s my first team and the league it’s in: Continue reading »

Jun 102012

Now I don’t often write about sports, in fact, I’m the type that enjoys quietly from the sidelines, but even Fenrir the Neutral-On-Most-Everything cannot let this outcome slide without comment.

To those of you not in the know, last night was the scheduled boxing fight between Manny Pacquiao — the defunct hero of the Philippines whose rags-to-riches story and his winning streak has won the hearts of not only his countrymen but the boxing world– and Timothy Bradley, an (as of now) undefeated American boxer. Manny’s loss to Bradley has ended his decade’s long dominance in the boxing world, but for fans this loss leaves a bitter taste, because if my Facebook newsfeed and tumblr dashboard was any indication, not many people believe Bradley won fairly.

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Jun 062012

NOTE: Once you open up the post, it will look really weird. Wait a few seconds, and it should correct itself.

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Jun 012012

Osi Umenyiora has finally got that new contract he’s wanted. Roughly an hour ago, Michael Eisen of the New York Giants official site broke the story that Umenyiora had restructured his contract and will now likely end his career as a Giant.

I for one am glad Osi has got his new contract. Although I understand the reasoning of some people that if you sign a contract, you should honor it, there is no guarantee in the NFL. It’s a business, and you can find yourself out of a job in the blink of an eye. At the time, his 7 year $41 million contract was one of the highest; however, the market for each position changes every year, and soon, Osi found himself vastly underpaid. You can argue that he was overpaid due to the number of games he missed due to injury (including the entire 2008 season), but in the same breath, it is hard to argue how valuable he’s been to the Giants. Continue reading »

May 272012

Tip-off for the NBA Western Conference Finals is about 30 minutes away! Super stoked! Was planning on writing a post about the Kevin Durant-Russell Westbrook relationship and if Westbrook’s decision making will be the undoing of the Oklahoma City Thunder (as idiots like Skip Baseless will claim), but I’m too damn excited. Will do that after Game 1, so expect it tomorrow. This will be an epic series, and I have the Thunder in 7. Let’s hope Durant and company can pull it off. If the Thunder lose, it’ll be because the Spurs are a better team, not because of Westbrook.

May 222012

Judo is one of the many forms of martial arts around the world. Did you know Chuck Norris is a judo practitioner? (Then again, what is Chuck Norris not good at?) Anyways, a few days ago, a video on the front page of ESPN caught my eye; it was a small piece covering Yoshihiro Uchida, the head judo coach at San Jose State. Under his guidance, San Jose State has won 45 national championships (his most recent this year) since judo became an official college sport in 1962. He’s practically the godfather of judo in America and was even the first U.S. Olympic judo coach for the 1964 Tokyo games, when the sport was first integrated into the Olympics. Watch the video below and marvel at this man’s greatness.

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