RPGs, Nintendo, and Censorship – A Complicated Relationship

tokyo mirage sessions cover

You tried so hard… and failed.. Ahhh life. – Azama, Hoshido Monk   Ah the RPG, a monolith of video games and games in general. No game genre will weave its mechanics into every nook and cranny of other video game genres today. And yet while Nintendo consoles of yore …

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Sports Stars Shaq, A-Rod, and Jimmy Rollins Invest in NRG eSports

If you’re one of those people who thinks eSports are “silly” or “stupid”, then you might want to start reconsidering that stance. Retired NBA superstar and Inside the NBA analyst Shaquille O’Neal, New York Yankees player Alex Rodriguez, and Chicago White Sox shortstop Jimmy Rollins are all investing in NRG eSports, which owns …

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“Gurren Lagann” Teams Up With “Freezing” Mobile Game


At the beginning of March, Gainax introduced a Gurren Lagann mobile site. The site offers visitors on mobile devices using Japanese wireless providers free digital wallpapers. And now, the series is crossing over with mobile game Freezing Vibration: Wings of Stigmata by developer Gree. The spin-off game of Dall-Young Lim and Kwang-hyun Kim’s action series …

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Compile Heart’s Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates Will Feature All Female Cast

"Pai-raising" in action.

Earlier this week, Japanese developer Compile Heart announced their latest game, Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates, a pirate RPG that will put female breasts in the spotlight. Series producer Norihisa Kochiwa shared more details and explained why the game would only feature female characters. His reason is priceless. “We’ve decided to focus …

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NYCC 2015: Interview with Jun Imaizumi from gumi, Inc.

Editor’s note: The interview was originally conducted on camera, but due to a technical error, the audio was severely distorted. After some thought, I decided that it would be best to release the interview in text form. My apologies for this, but hopefully you still enjoy the content! At this year’s …

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