Jul 132014

Fox only…. balance scales

Balance is an interesting thing in video games. “This game needs more balance,” “that’s over powered,” “this needs a nerf,” and so on are all things we’ve heard since the beginning of time. What goes into balance? And how do we figure it out? Let’s dive in. Continue reading »

Jun 172014

Hey Kaushik here, and this week I’m covering a video game. During their E3 conference last week, Sony announced that an alpha of Bungie’s upcoming title Destiny would be available to play for PS4 owners. I was already somewhat looking forward to this game, so I had to jump on it. Destiny is supposed to be a first person shooter RPG, releasing on September 9th on consoles.  It’s developed by Bungie of Halo fame, and has been something of a highly anticipated game for next generation consoles. From the earlier trailers and gameplay shown, people have surmised the game to be something of a Borderlands and Halo crossover, and playing the game last weekend, it’s a fairly accurate assessment. There are some differences though.

Destiny Alpha Cover

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Jun 162014

Xenoblade X Sortie

Just like last year, I will be analyzing the mecha content on display at E3. Last year, we took a look at Monolith Soft’s X (now entitled “Xenoblade Chronicles X”) and Respawn’s Titanfall. While there isn’t an announcement on par with last year’s Titanfall, there were a couple of other unique and surprising announcements. On top of that, we finally received our first real look at Xenoblade Chronicles X. Continue reading »

Jun 152014

Super Fighting Robot 

e3 2014

Evening readers, another E3 has come and gone, and with that big game companies with big things to say. What does the Inverseman think of them? Let’s find out!

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Jun 012014

Horror games aren’t exactly uncommon but, at least in my experience, most end up as just a sequence of jump scares held together with a meager plot. Of course, there are exceptions, but sadly they’re few and far between and many aren’t on the radar of most gamers. The Amnesia series, however, presents the perfect way horror games should be and, without a doubt, are must plays for anyone and everyone.

amnesia a machine for pigs

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May 252014

Will you be the cool guy?

Adventure Time Card Wars title card

In a certain episode of Adventure Time, the writers had Finn and Jake play a very affectionate parody of Magic the Gathering called Card Wars. Then after a flood of fan feed back, it became a real game on iOS and Android and a real physical TCG. Tonight, resident card shark, the Inverseman will be reviewing the iOS/Android game application. It’s time to… Click the Read More button.

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