Mar 242014

I was able to get a surprise interview with Nintendo of America at New York Toy Fair 2014!

Mar 232014

Only 9998 more levels to go!

Log Horizon Akatsuki stats screen

If you’ve played a lot of RPGs or MMOs you know the term well. What makes the idea of grinding so well-known? Why do we loathe (or perhaps even love) it? Tonight the Inverseman investigates.

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Mar 182014

Hey, Kaushik here with some more video game action. This time with the highly-anticipated Dark Souls II. I’ve been looking forward to this game for years, and now that it’s finally out it I’ve been playing it as much as I can. That probably clues you in a little bit as to what I think about this title, but I’ll explain in detail very shortly. Now, I’ll commenting only on the PS3 version of this game. I’m not sure if the  360 experience is significantly different, but I can only speak for my own experience. Dark Souls II was released on March 11, 2014 on both the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles, and will have a PC release on April 25, 2014. I understand a lot of people are passing on the console release of this title and instead waiting for the PC release, which I can understand, since the PC platform allows for a lot of flexibility in terms of modifications and such to make the game last even longer than it already does. But without any further ado, let’s go~

Dark Souls 2 Cover Art

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Mar 032014

Mobile Suit Gundam: Side Stories is a remake of Gundam ”side story” games. One of those games is Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story: The Blue Destiny, which was originally released on the Sega Saturn. The remakes use the gameplay of the new and upcoming “side story” game Missing Link as a base. Check out the video below.

[via: Siliconera]

Mar 022014

All hail Helix

twitch plays pokemon ms paint

So for the past week or so, the internet has been abuzz with the completion of a very bold social experiment: what would happen if thousands of people tried playing a single playthrough Pokemon generation 1 all at once. Tonight, I the Inverseman will be giving my thoughts on this breaking phenomenon in gaming.

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Feb 272014


Off the back of Payday 2 and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Swedish studio Starbreeze has recovered from 15 years of loss in only six months.

“To put the past six months in perspective, I would like to highlight that Starbreeze historically, from 1998 to June 2013, accumulated a total loss of SEK 94 million (approximately USD$14.4 million),” CEO Bo Andersson Klint said in the company’s half-year earnings report. “Thanks to our new business model, reorganization and a focus on our own brands, we have – in only two quarters – generated a profit before tax of SEK 104 million (approximately USD$16 million).”

Talk about making bank.

Payday 2 was created by Overkill, another Swedish developer that Starbreeze acquired in 2012. Andersson revealed that Starbreeze signed a new contract with publisher 505 Games to continue developing and refining Payday 2 for the next 20 months.

Andersson also said that Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons has finally started generating royalty income for Starbreeze, bringing in around $250,000 in the last quarter.

In this day and age of layoffs and studio closures, it’s nice to hear a longstanding company doing well. Here’s hoping that Starbreeze continues to do well.

[via: IGN and Gamespot]