Jan 012014

I haven’t been writing for this site very long, so you, the readers, haven’t gotten much of a chance to get to know me. And one of the best ways for you to get to know me is by letting you know what I like, what movies get to me, get inside my head. So, with that in mind, here are my top 10 movies of 2013.

It’s been…something of an odd year overall though. A lot of my favorite movies are on the strange side, and not just because I tend to like strange movies. Many of the more conventional movies were poorly executed or just plain boring, so my Top 10 is populated mostly by movies that exist well outside the norm.

A quick note: choosing what I think the best movies of the year is often hard, because I have to separate them from the movies I just like. If this was my favorite movies of the year, Pacific Rim and John Dies at the End would both be on here and if I was just choosing raw quality Fruitvale Station and Blue is the Warmest Colour would probably have a solid chance of being on here. It’s hard to choose movies that meet both qualifiers, but I do my best. And there are still some movies I want to see (I was holding onto this list for a while, as I’d hoped to see Her and Zero Theorem before the end of the year, but no dice), so this just the best movies I’ve seen this year so far. So, with those things in mine, let’s get started:

#10: The World’s End (site review here)

Alcohol is a recurring theme on this list

Alcohol is a recurring theme on this list

This was a very close pick, with both Pacific Rim and Prisoners vying for the 10th spot. Still, I feel very secure in this choice; it’s a smarter movie than Pacific Rim and I think I’ll still be talking about it longer than Prisoners. While not as perfect as Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz, it’s still a brilliant little movie, one of the funniest films of the year, surprisingly smart and with one of the best performances of Simon Pegg’s career at the center. Continue reading »

Dec 312013


When I first saw the trailer for The Wolf of Wall Street, I instantly declared that it was going to either be one of the best movies of the year or one of the worst. The combination of scenery chewing from the leads, absurdism in the plot and presentation and frenetic direction for Scorcese could either work out perfectly or fall apart spectacularly. And while the resulting movie may read like an insane cross between Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Wall Street and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, I can’t say it doesn’t work.

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Dec 302013

Hello mecha fans, and welcome to another installment of “Mecha Monday”, with me, Kaushik! Today, as the resident Super Robot Wars fan, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the big Christmas Super Robot Wars announcement: the 3rd Super Robot Wars Z! A new game in the Super Robot Wars Z saga, as well as the final part. Like the 2nd Super Robot Wars Z, this will be split into two parts, and the first one is entitled Hell Chapter. Releasing on April 10, 2014, it will come out on both the Playstation 3 and the Playstation Vita platforms.

Notable announcements this time around: new debuts in the form of Aquarion Evol, Gundam Unicorn, and a few more Votoms works. Other notable additions: Rebuild of Evangelion, Full Metal Panic! (its first console debut in fact!), and Gunbuster. There are some notably missing series as well, particularly Daitarn and Zambot 3, Gundam X, and Turn A Gundam. Hopefully we see them rejoin the cast in the final chapter of the Z Saga. But don’t take my word for it and just watch the promotional video above!

Dec 292013

Guest starring Dan Green

Mario Teaches Typing Cover

Good evening, readers. Moar Powah’s Inverseman here with a quick little piece on the culture of video gaming. If you’ve noted a couple times in some of my previous works, I do have a certain apprehension about “kiddie games” and that I would be saving that explanation for another night. Well, tonight I’m making good on that promise.

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Dec 292013

Welcome back to another edition of Give It a Shot, where we writers get to wax poetic about weird little things we love. As an avid reader, I am always on the lookout for the next big hit in terms of book. I love horror films, ergo I must love horror literature. And boy, do I ever. I think making a scary novel is a more difficult task, since all you have is the imagination of the reader, which can be less than reliable, especially in the TV era. Still, some books manage to creep us out with just a few specially chosen words. Stephen King is notoriously good at it, but he should watch his back. Marisha Pessl isn’t far behind in the shadows.

Night Film is about Scott McGrath, a disgraced investigative journalist who tried and failed to take down the infamous underground director Stanislas Cordova, who makes the scariest films known to man. However, after the suicide of Cordova’s piano-genuis daughter Ashley, McGrath finds himself back on the filmmaker’s tail with an unlikely entourage.

night film book

Where Night Film really shines in its mysteries — you never know more than you need to and yet, the book supplies an ample sense of understanding but caution. We fear for McGrath, we wait with him in the backs of witchcraft stores, blacked antique shops, even high-priced Manhattan apartments as he unravels clue and nearly gets himself killed…twice. He is immediately relatable and detestable, a true sign of a thought out, flawed protagonist, far from the crippling perfect characteristics of other detective heroes.

This book will especially delight cinephiles, since the made-up plots of Cordova’s films, his techniques, his signature pitfalls are unique and fascinating, making you wish Pessl could actually bring these films to the silver screen. It’s spooky without being over the top, it’s well-crafted, and, even though it uses the same trope of a double-ending, completely satisfying. If you’re looking for a book to run chills down your spine and cut through the rosy-cheeked cheer of the holiday season, you should give it a shot.

Dec 272013


The end of a year is a…let’s call it purging. As the year draws to a close, we begin to think about the movies from the previous year, and try to identify the good and the bad. And so, every year I like to name my Top 10 and Worst 5 movies of the year. And since I’m not ready to announce my Top 10 (still hoping to see Inside Llewyn Davis, Her and Zero Theorem before I announce them) I thought I’d lead off with my Worst 5. Why only 5? Because all these filmmakers didn’t go the extra mile, so why should I?

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