Oct 102014

Stephen King’s works have inspired lots of kinds of media, from music, TV shows, films, and yes, terrible, terrible sequels. Typically only lightly linked back to King’s original works, these sequels typically work off an original script written by people who couldn’t write themselves out of a haunted paper bag. Case in point, Richard Outten who is the writer of this nightmare also wrote the Little Nemo movie and Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. This is going to be a particularly bad one.

Let’s take a look at Pet Sematary Two.

pet sematary 2 poster

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Oct 102014

hatsune miku david letterman live

This isn’t a “Fan’s React” video, it’s actually Hatsune Miku’s 4 minute spot on Late Show with David Letterman. How the two mix originates from the promotional campaign for Hatsune Miku’s U.S. Expos that include a concert in NY and LA Halloween events (more info at their site). In order to reach a widespread audience, they went to a rather traditional media outlet. I would like Miku to be popular with a worldwide audience just as much as the next fan, but my reaction was more the kind of cringe you do when one of your classmates outs you for your closet otaku status. Was the choice to debut on U.S. telivision “live” in such a way effective in getting the word out? Watch the clip below the cut.

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Oct 092014

Starshine: Hello everyone and welcome to another Objection! As ever-present as a zombie horde, I’m Starshine!

Guyinthe3rdrow: And like an erratically timed straight-to-video sequel, I’m the Guy in the Third Row.

Starshine: Today, in honor of the best holiday of the year (Halloween) we’re going to be talk about whether genre-savvy horror movie characters work. Care to start us off, Guy?

I would totally put money on the Sugarplum Fairy.

Pictured: The guy who makes his living making sure the population in any given horror film dies horrifically. For the record, yes, he DOES love his work.

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Oct 092014

x-o manowar #0

X-O Manowar has taken fans across the universe, but recently focused on Aric of Dacia’s adventures on Earth. Still, we know very little of Aric’s past, aside from glimpses in flashbacks. This week X-O Manowar #0 arrived to flesh out Aric’s backstory, as we see how he fared as a young Visigoth warrior in Thrace. As always, I had high hopes for this issue, which is one of my favorites monthly comics.

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Oct 082014

And as one show ends, so another begins.

More importantly, this marks phase two of the aforementioned doubling down by DC to try and secure the television market. This is still a pretty undecided frontier, and I’ll be keeping an eye on both sides as this unfolds (in the case of Marvel, moreso their later shows; been behind on Agents of SHIELD).

Before I go further, I should issue a disclaimer: The Flash is a DC property I mainly know through connections with other characters in the collective canon. As such, while I’m familiar with parts of the story, I’m essentially going in blind. If I miss anything of particular note, feel free to let me know-always up for some more learning here.

That said, let’s talk about The Flash.
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Oct 072014

For big groups with multiple members, often people will leave without disbanding the entire group to pursue careers in music, modeling or acting. These revolving door groups tend to commemorate these departures with special songs that celebrate this bittersweet occasion, typically either giving the singer leaving her own single or singing a song about her. Morning Musume ’14’s Sayumi Michishige gets both, but since her solo single plays a lot on her cutesy-wootsey persona that makes my ears bleed, I’m going to go with the other one.

Let’s listen to Mikaeri Bijin (A Looking Back Beauty) by Morning Musume ’14.

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