Apr 172014


Valiant Comics started promoting their summer crossover “Armor Hunters” a few months back, and the anticipation continues in this second half of the event prelude. When we last left Aric, a mysterious figure wearing a ravaged armor similar to Shanhara appeared to assault the Visigoth. With high hopes for this continuing series, let’s blast off for X-O Manowar #24!

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Apr 162014

As the summer movie season rolls in on us I cannot help but notice a trend. Brace yourselves: the YA dystopian novel book adaptations are coming. With the success of The Hunger Games it’s no wonder people want to bank on stories of scrappy young teens struggling to survive in crumbling “utopian” societies.  But alas, I cannot help but cringe at this summer’s hot, new book-to-film adaptation:  The Giver.

This summer's newest YA dystopia may not be the book movie we want at all

This summer’s newest YA dystopia may not do its original novel justice

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Apr 152014

Hey, Kaushik here with some new anime impressions. Since the spring season has just gotten underway, I’ve been sampling a lot of new shows. I’m liking some of what I see, not liking some others, overall things are pretty standard. But there are always a few shows that wow me with their first episode and this is one of them: Ping Pong, an anime based off of a 1996 manga series. It’s being produced by Tatsunoko Productions, a fairly famous studio that has been around since the 60s. The director is Masaaki Yuasa, who is somewhat marked by his unique style. He’s done shows such as The Tatami Galaxy, which was fairly well-received. His newest work, Ping Pong, is excellent.

Ping Pong Cover

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Apr 152014

Sub-unit (or Shuffle Groups as they are called in J-Pop) is when part of the main line-up of a group becomes it’s own separate group, with singles and videos of their own. Whether or not they are just a one-time publicity gimmick or a set group that blossoms on their own is all up to the music they are given. Orange Caramel, a sub-unit of After School, has received a lot of praise for their music, videos, and overall cutesy feel of their personas. With this latest song, they have achieved an even higher level of success and acclaim, despite not sticking to the same tropes as their competition.

Let’s listen to Orange Caramel’s third singe Catallena.

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Apr 142014

Now if only we could have a week-long 24/7 Dragonball marathon

Shingeki no Kyojin cover promo

With so much hype among, well, everyone, Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) is slated to premiere on US airways on May 3rd at 11:30PM EST. It’s been a while since Toonami returned and now there’s a more recent killer hit. What are the prospects of the show and the block as a whole? The Inverseman investigates.

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