Jan 112015

January is here folks: a brand new year is upon us, and in the world of comics, that means a WHOLE NEW SLEW of #1’s! Yes, every year, under the MARVEL NOW! label, Marvel has been publishing brand new on-going titles every January, featuring some of your favorite characters, and perhaps even new ones. Last year, we saw the rise of a long forgotten team, the NEW WARRIORS, and we also saw the beginnings of a new fan favorite, the young Ms. Marvel.

However, this year, I believe Marvel has decided to start pulling in second stringers and low level characters, as there are only so many A-listers they can make books about. Why do I say this? Because the subject of my first review of 2015 is none other than the UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL!

Squirrel Girl-1-cover

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Jan 112015


There’s a tendency for people to oversimplify historical narratives down to the easiest to swallow components possible. Nowhere is this more clear than in our analysis of historical figures. If  you were evil, we turn you into the devil. If you were good, we deify you. This has the effect, intended or not, of boiling down complex people into stereotypes.

Me, I prefer more nuanced portrayals of historical events. Very few real people are all good or all evil, and even people worthy of deification have their flaws (Gandhi, for instance, abused his wife. And he keeps threatening to nuke me). But rare is a biopic that seeks not to tear down a historical, but seeks to show how their flaws makes them more vital and important than ever.

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Jan 102015


Note: If you want to skip to our picks, just scroll to the bottom.

Nick: Hey readers, today we’re bringing you a special article. Kuroko no Basuke (Kuroko’s Basketball) has undoubtedly been a smash hit among anime fans, even those who aren’t basketball or sports fans. With the premiere of season 3, and as a longtime basketball fan, I thought it would be cool to compare the Generation of Miracles to current and past NBA players for those interested in learning a little more about basketball thanks to this show. And to help me with this is my longtime friend Dyer. To kick things off, let’s talk about the titular character, Kuroko. Which players does he remind you of? Continue reading »

Jan 092015

Biopics always run into that sticky, dangerous territory where someone’s life is presented in the most positive way and have the negative parts either downplayed or ignored. Or, the even better one, where they turn some rumor or potential truth into absolute fact in order to sell tickets. In this one, I’m not sure I see either of those as present in the narrative.

Let’s take a look at The Imitation Game.

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Jan 082015

Well folks, it’s a new year, and that means some new changes are coming to the site. One is that each month I plan to use Silverwolf’s Den to look at an entire run of a comic series, from the first issue to the last. Today, I’m discussing Punisher by Greg Rucka and Marco Chechetto, a series that ran for 23 issues from 2011 to 2013 (16 issues of the main title, one issue each of The Amazing Spider-Man and Draedevil as part of a crossover, and then 5 of the follow-up mini-series Punisher: War Zone).

The Punisher never interested me. Sure, he’s got a cool backstory and has his share of kick ass moments in comics, but I always felt he was one-dimensional and thus didn’t appeal to me. However, after reading a crossover of Spider-Man, Daredevil, and Punisher from a few years ago, I got interested in Frank Castle and his world. Given that Rucka, a massively talented writer, tackled the character, I figured I’d give the series a shot and read it from the beginning.

And boy, does this run on Punisher prove that a good writer can make any character interesting!

Punisher #13 cover

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Jan 062015

And we’re back.

I’d say this was a nice, relaxing time off, but it’s been busy. So picking right back up is actually just a welcome return to routine.

I have to give Gotham some points off the bat for this week’s episode. For the time being, it looks like they’re planning to stick to the changes of the mid-season finale. This isn’t to say this is a full-blown triumphant return, but I’m happy they’re not just trying to reset the board.

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