Review: Gotham: ‘Spirit of the Goat’

It’s the last week of October. In television, that means this is the week every show either does an explicitly Halloween-themed episode, or at least one with a darker/more horror-based angle. Which brings us to this week’s episode, involving an old case from Bullock’s past – an occult-based murderer targeting …

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Give It a Shot! – Afterlife with Archie

Archie Andrews and zombies are a combination that shouldn’t work. Heck, it’s a combination that shouldn’t exist. But my word, if Afterlife with Archie isn’t one of the best comics on the market today. With stellar story and artwork, I strongly encourage everyone to check out this horror comic series.

Manic Movie Magic: 6 Stephen King Novels That Need To Be Adapted

It may feel like every single Stephen King work has already been adapted for TV or film, but in reality there are plenty of his novels and short stories that have never seen the silver or small screen. That doesn’t meant that these works are less deserving or bad, it …

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NYCC 2014: Interview with Sarah Stone

One artist I was looking forward to interviewing was Sarah Stone, who illustrated the limited run Transformers Windblade comic. She’s become quite popular in the Transformers community, so I thought it would be fitting to ask her about her experiences. Check out the interview below!