May 012014

Rai #1 Allen Variant

Valiant Entertainment, publisher of great comics like X-O Manowar and Quantum & Woody, sure know how to build hype around their new series. Kicking off the Valiant First initiative, the long awaited Rai finally arrived yesterday. Combining a great creative team with an awesome concept, this series promises to be another home run for the publisher. How did it turn out? Time to meditate on Rai #1!

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Apr 302014


A review copy was provided by Brian Clevinger courtesy of Red 5 Comics.

Two things I love are Western genre comics and the Atomic Robo series. So when the two are mashed up in the latest volume, “Knights of the Golden Circle,” it’s sure to be an awesome adventure! Strap on your poncho and make sure your six-shooters are loaded as we check out Atomic Robo: Knights of the Golden Circle #1.

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Apr 292014

Blending two genres together is nothing new for J-Pop music. Rap and pop, reggae and techno, and, yes, even rap and metal. Some of these combos work well, while others make you wonder if the producer is drunk. A highly classical ballad melody with EDM? Not as big of a train wreck as you think.

Let’s listen to Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe by Morning Musume ’14.

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Apr 292014


Yes, the time has finally arrived. The time which marks our sweet innocent high school sweethearts’ first steps into the hallowed halls of University. The time for our heroines to finally cast aside their adolescent tendencies and extreme love of rice as a side dish. The time to dig deep beneath their adorable exteriors and down into the depths of their rock goddess souls.

K-ON! College has arrived.

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Apr 282014

Hey, Kaushik here with this week’s Mecha Monday! With the new Super Robot Wars recently released, you better believe I’ll offer my own review of it. For the uninitiated, Super Robot Wars is a popular Japan-only series of videogames, featuring many mecha from popular mecha anime. If you’d like a detailed look at Super Robot Wars in general, check out my Super Robot Wars primer! So, this is the 3rd iteration of the Z series. However, like Z2 before it, it will be split into two chapters. The first of these games is called the Hell chapter (with the Heaven chapter to come). As its name suggests, the plot somewhat represents the dark before the dawn. Without further ado, let’s get this underway~

SRW Z3.1 Title

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