Apr 262014

Outlast cover title

I’ve always been a big fan of horror in general and horror games in particular. There is something about playing a horror game, being an active participant rather than a passive viewer, that makes the genuinely scary horror games even scarier. Unfortunately, my options for true horror games have been scarce lately, with only independent PC titles like Amnesia: The Dark Descent or A Machine for Pigs to tide me over, which doesn’t really fit with my heavier focus on console gaming. So when a major horror title does come to consoles, you better believe it’ll make me sit up and take notice. Especially when it’s the most exciting new horror title since The Dark Descent.

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Apr 252014

If I were to tell you that the majority of movies are formulaic, I doubt you’d run right down to the comments to tell me that I was wrong (at least not any faster than usual). That’s why when a film or franchise tries something new, it’s more likely to fail than succeed. So why is Marvel taking such a huge risk with its profitable franchise, and why are they the right people to get the ball rolling on what could be a huge game changer?

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Apr 252014

With the end of Dark Cybertron, a New Age dawns upon the Transformers. Gone is the tyranny of Megatron, and Shockwave; the Autobots have finally reclaimed control of their world…but at a cost. Trust is in very short supply these days. Starscream has been elected the leader of Iacon, and Megatron is put in charge of an expedition of Autobots sent into deep space. Needless to say, some people are not too pleased with these choices of command. Many Autobots are quite vocal about their displeasure with who has been put in charge, but one group that has not been heard by the Autobots yet is the humans of Planet Earth. Well, they shall soon hear their opinions, as Optimus prime and his team of Autobots race to Earth in search of any remaining Transformers, in hopes of bringing them back home in today’s issue.

TF-RID cover

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Apr 242014

All-Star Western #30

Jonah Hex, after a brief stint in the present day, is back in his own time. There’s a lot for the gunslinger to deal with now that his recently-repaired face makes him unrecognizable to former friends! How can our formerly-scarred ex-CSA soldier solve his problems? With gun play of course! Meanwhile, this issue sees the return of back-up stories as we get a taste of Madame .44! Let’s saddle up for All-Star Western #30! 

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Apr 232014


In lieu of Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn’s admission that they are “struggling with” their decision to debut Captain America 3 the same day as rival studio’s Batman vs. Superman on May 6, 2016, I decided to compile a few reasons why I believe the onus is on Warner Bros. to change their release date, not Disney/Marvel.

Full disclaimer: I want both films to succeed, and even if both were released on the same day, I’d probably see them both that day. These are just my realisitc views on the matter from the perspective of an average moviegoer. Not a comic book nerd.

1. Captain America is now a “mainstream” hero.

After the critical and commercial success of Captain America: The Winter Soldier (see Silverwolf and Elessar’s reviews), Cap has now solidified himself as a mainstream hero. Up until this point, Cap was looked upon as a secondary hero to his Marvel counterpart Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr. has no doubt made Iron Man a household name, and I believe Chris Evans has done the same with Captain America. In other words, in the eyes of the mainstream audience, he’s not inferior to Batman anymore in terms of popularity.  Continue reading »