Sep 252014

Black Science #1 cover

Continuing my Rick Remender creator owned series kick, today I’m checking out Black Science. This series could not be more different than Deadly Classbut reveals the extent of Remender’s versatility. Joined by Matteo Scalera and Dean White, this series focuses on a group of individuals travelling randomly through the Eververse thanks to a device called The Pillar. Let’s take a look at the first volume of Black Science titled: How to Fall Forever.

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Sep 232014

Well, it’s officially Fall.

This means I look to get a good deal busier as more shows step up to the plate for the season. It stands to be an interesting spread coming up.

Especially with regards to one particular aspect of entertainment – the long running DC-Marvel turf battle has been slowly spilling over from movie theaters into living rooms. Last year saw the first rounds between Arrow and Agents of SHIELD end in a pretty close race – Agents had ratings, but Arrow had built up a solid following. Marvel remains king at the box office, but DC’s kicking pretty hard on the air. Born of the surprise success of Arrow, they’ve now got three new titles coming out this season to try and solidify their hold. Of those, right now Gotham is probably the most high profile on the table.


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Sep 222014

Okay, NOW we’re going places again.

I can’t rightly say this week has topped the series high point. I will say, though, that after the last two somewhat lackluster weeks, this was a welcome step back in the right direction. The fact it also ends us in a place that sets the stage for the final two episodes of this season to go off with a bang is just enough to have me looking forward to things from here on out. I have to admit, it’s a bit weird for me to say this was a step forward since not much is actually accomplished. But it makes up for it in that of the few things that ARE accomplished, they’re some fairly big steps, and also pretty well done.

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Sep 222014

Hey y’all! This week I’ll be looking at a boy group that I’m not a huge fan of. I tried to listen to 2PM for the longest time, but just never really got into them. The fact that the most recent single I remember of theirs is Hands Up pretty much proves it—it was released in 2011 and there was another single before this new one that I was totally unaware of. This new single, however, is one I can get behind. So let’s take a look at Go Crazy!

2pm go crazy cover

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Sep 212014

I believe that brevity is the soul of wit. Sure, there is something to be said about webcomics crafted over years of dedication and growth… However, there is also something incredibly impressive about a short and sweet story that packs a powerful punch. Princess Princess is the perfect example of how a strong, short story — combined with charming art, and an upbeat plot that harkens back to nostalgic “girl power” themes–can leave a lasting impression.


And it doesn’t hurt that it also has like everything anyone clamoring for more diversity in fiction can ask for.

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