Sep 192013


Valiant is gearing up for the next phase of universe expansion: Unity. Nowhere is this effort felt more than in X-O Manowar, starring the titular character who will be the main antagonist (or protagonist, depending on your viewpoint) for the upcoming crossover. How did the latest issue of Valiant’s flagship series measure up?

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Sep 172013

This week, instead of the regular length and specificity of most TT episodes, time constraints have left me with the inability to go beyond a more casual celebration. While I don’t go into as great a discussion as I usually do, the music is still wonderful.

Animal Crossing offers some wonderfully soothing music, and as such, this episode should be best enjoyed alongside a nice fire and perhaps a smooth gin and tonic.

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Animal Crossing - TRAVIS - 1

Sep 152013

Now in all the designer colors of the iPod mini

PSV Colors slim

Nintendo isn’t the only one releasing a new model of their current handheld, Sony has announced that on October 10th, Japan will be receiving a new slimmer PS Vita model. Let’s dig inside the nuts and bolts of the new handheld.

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Sep 142013

Good evening everyone, and welcome to tonight’s tasty bit of some “Food for Thought!” If you haven’t heard already, yesterday was the premiere of Season 2 of The Legend of Korra–a show that has got plenty of ambitious, awesome ideas but maybe not the sort of “direction” that most people are expecting. Many fans–especially those of us still nostalgic about Avatar: The Last Airbender–are definitely feeling lukewarm about the fiery young Avatar Korra, and even though I am a big fan, I have to say that I agree Season 2′s hour-long premiere went in with a bang but out with a bit of a fizzle.

And everything changed when the Northern Watertribe attacked--I mean, visited the spiritually-troubled South

And everything changed when the Northern Watertribe attacked–I mean, visited the spiritually-troubled South

So what went wrong for many Korra fans that were stoked for the up-coming season?

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Sep 132013

The issue with having a genre specific column is that you can’t really break out and review great movies of different types. So, because I just started a new job and I didn’t get to watch anything new I decided it was about time I laid down the law and told you guys about some of the good movies your missing out on in different genres. After all, variety is the spice of life, and let’s be honest, it’s not like you were going to do anything this weekend anyways.

6) Juno

juno poster The original 2000s quirky teen comedy that launched Michael Cera’s career may seem like a desperate attempt be Hollywood corporate executives to be hip and tap into the teenage audience (and it was) but it treated its audience with respect. It never preaches at us not to get pregnant, or shames Juno for her choice – if anything it makes the assholes who belittle her and mock her for it seem like the villains. Juno herself deals with lots of big emotions and issues, ranging from fear, loss, loneliness, self-pity, anger – not just sobbing in a corner the entire time. Not to mention she takes the falling apart of the adoptive parents’ marriage very close to know, showing her own insecurities and her fear for the life of this child. She didn’t just decide to give the baby away, she genuinely cared and felt responsible for him. It didn’t make anyone want to be pregnant (well at least not most people) but it did make us believe that strength and heart are what you need to get through a tough situation. Well that, and a burger phone. Damn I wanted that burger phone.

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Sep 122013

Eternal Warrior #1

Valiant, one of my favorite comic publishers, released their newest series this week: Eternal Warrior. Starring Gilad Anni-Padda, younger brother of Aram (aka Armstrong) and Ivar (aka Timewalker), this story focuses on a man who’s trapped in wars for over five millenia. Writer Greg Pak (of Batman/Superman fame) and artist Trevor Hairsine join together for Valiant’s newest series. With Gilad playing a pivotal role in X-O Manowar and the upcoming Unity, this was an issue I just couldn’t pass up.

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