Apr 032014

Aquaman and the Others #1

Aquaman has long been considered the biggest joke superhero in existence. Thanks to his stint on Super Friends, the character is often relegated to a humorous roles in parodies of comic story lines. Though public perception of Arthur Curry may still be mostly negative, Aquaman has never enjoyed a greater fan following and greater acclaim than during the past three years as Geoff Johns revitalized the character. Crafting a new mythology for Aquaman and Atlantis was one of Johns’s greatest accomplishments, and one of the most popular concepts involves a super team Aquaman led prior to joining the Justice League known as The Others.

Now, thanks to Aquaman’s rising popularity, Aquaman and the Others is a proper ongoing series. Did this series float to the surface or sink with the flotsam? Let’s dive into Aquaman and the Others #1!

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Apr 022014

Noah Poster

As I’ve probably mentioned here before, I’m an atheist. As I’m sure I’ve also mentioned, this doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate religious stories. Whether they be genre movies with explicitly religious themes like The Chronicles of Narnia or The Exorcist, radical reinterpretations of scripture like The Last Temptation of Christ or Salome’s Last Dance, straightforward adaptations like Ben Hur or The Gospel According to Saint Matthew or even contemporary works like Dogma or Saved! I am completely on board with enjoying or appreciating movies with religious themes. And it definitely helps if the movie is, like Noah, bats**t insane.

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Apr 012014

Last week, I covered the latest comeback single of one of the biggest bands in Korea, Girls Generation. This week, I’ll be covering the comeback of one of their best contender, the more brazen quartet, 2NE1. Very different in tone and style, 2NE1 brought a more hip-hop sound to the K-Pop genre before it was the “in” thing to do. Will they succeed in making waves with their new single, or is their pull on the tides of the genre over?

Let’s listen to 2NE1′s Come Back Home.

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Apr 012014

Kaushik here, with another anime review. With the winter season ending and the spring season soon upon us, I thought I’d start a wave of reviews starting with the show that surprised me the most this season. Mikakunin de Shinkoukei, or Engaged to the Unidentified. It started as a 4-panel comic strip in April of 2009, but aired as a 13 episode anime series from January to March of 2014.

It was a series I didn’t even mean to watch as I started picking up shows for the season, but I just happened to watch an episode a few weeks into the season, and I was hooked. It’s a comedy/romance series, but one thing that really sets it apart is that it just looks and feels like a high quality production. The studio behind it is Dogakobo, who did another show I really enjoyed earlier, Love Lab. This show is really similar in terms of production style. They also did the popular Yuru Yuri series. Let’s get into the details of it, though~

Engaged to the Unidentified - Title Card

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Mar 312014

Anime Boston logo

Hey there. Elessar here, and this was my first year at Anime Boston. First, can someone tell me: is this a big convention? I ask because it reminded me a lot of the convention I attend the most (ConnectiCon) in size and the way it was run, but it seemed there were a lot of eyes on it this year, which is rarely the case for ConnectiCon. I wonder why that would be…Oh right, they were premiering the Attack on Titan dub at Anime Boston this year. So let’s start with talking about that.

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