Feb 182014

Hey, Kaushik here to offer an opinion on one of the coolest new video games to hit the 3DS. This time it’s Bravely Default, a Japanese RPG that has been long-anticipated in the West by some of the more hardcore RPG fans. Developed by both Square Enix and Silicon Studios, Bravely Default is a more traditional RPG than some of the titles Square Enix has been putting out lately. The title is highly reminiscent of Final Fantasy 5 in terms game systems, particularly the Job system and only 4 playable characters. It hit Western shores just recently, and I have been playing it as much as my time would allow. Let’s find out some more~

Bravely Default Box Art

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Feb 182014

Some of the best and most prestigious J-Pop acts do anime theme songs. Hell, even AKB48 lent their collective voices to the Wreck-It Ralph movie for Sugar Rush’s theme. Some groups, however, are formed specifically to make anime openings and closings. Enter Kalafina, a group of ladies brought together in 2007 in order to perform the theme for Kara no Kyokai. Ever since, they’ve been lending their vocal talents to different animes, increasing their popularity and notoriety.

Let’s listen to to the beginning by Kalafina.

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Feb 172014

This past weekend, Activision revealed the first trailer for Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark. You can check out said trailer below.

Here are three things that caught my eye about this game.

  1. First the good. I like the fact that you can freely switch between the Autobots and the Decepticons throughout the campaign. In the previous Transformers games (War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron), each faction had their own campaign. This should make for some interesting gameplay.
  2. Now the bad. Rise of the Dark Spark is not being made by High Moon Studios. It looks like the company is all but dissolved now. Shame.
  3. Now on to even moar bad. This game will apparently serve as a follow-up to both the upcoming Transformers movie (Age of Extinction), and previous titles War For Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron. No. Just no. I mean why would you mix the worst continuity (the movies) with one of the best (Cybertron games)?. Sigh…looks like Activision and Hasbro are looking to cash in.
Feb 152014

Ah, the day after Valentine’s Day, a time for horror movies if I ever saw one. Time to wash away all the wishy-washy romance and PDAs you had to deal with all day yesterday, buy heart shaped candies on sale, and hunker down to shake your mind of all happy thoughts. Who better to do than with than the master of suspense himself, Alfred Hitchcock?

Everyone knows his classics: Psycho, Vertigo (which I despise but let’s touch on that another day), Rear Window, The Birds, Strangers on a Train, etc. But there are plenty of lesser known Hitchcocks which are just as great that don’t get as much attention…and some that don’t deserve to ever see the light of day again. For the uninitiated, I present to you my own list of 5 Hitchcock movies you should watch and 5 you should constantly avoid.

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Feb 142014

It’s no secret that Valiant Comics is one of my favorite publishers. Ever since their revival in 2012, Valiant has succeeded in producing some of the best comics on the market, bringing us strong creative teams that, for the most part, have stayed unaltered over the past two years.

This past week, Valiant announced a new initiative known as “Valiant First.” Under this plan, Valiant will publish a new #1 every month, starting in May and continuing until the end of 2014. I figured I’d give my thoughts on these new proposed series, and talk about my hopes, excitement, and even some fears surrounding these upcoming releases.


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Feb 132014

X-Force All-New Marvel NOW!

All-New Marvel NOW! soldiers on with a plethora of new titles this month, with more to come in March. Awhile back, ArcGunner and I discussed what series we were excited for, and both of us placed X-Force on the list. Focusing on a covert ops team comprised of mutants Psylocke, Cable, Marrow, and Fantomex, this series promises to explore the shadowy side of the Marvel Universe that often resides below the polished surface. Is this new series actually worth picking up?

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