Mar 022014

Wind Rises Poster

Hayo Miyazaki is a rare case of a director who is a household name, which is rare among animated directors and even rarer among anime directors (in America, I stress). This is because well, his movies are generally really freaking good. Princess Mononoke rather resolutely sits as my favorite animated film of all time, as it has since I saw it, Spirited Away and My Neighbor Totoro are staples of the lists of movies I recommend to parents who ask me for movies. So when he shows up for the first time since 2009 to bring us what he says will be his last movie, not really liking it disturbs me.

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Mar 012014

It is the end of an era…or at least a comic run. Wolverine and the X-Men has been a fun and interesting book from beginning to end. From the Hellfire Club, to AVX, to the Battle of the Atom, through its ups and downs, this title has stood tall as one of the best X-Men books published by Marvel.

And so at the end of its 42 issue run, the Jean Grey School caps off the end of its school year. Students are graduating, new X-Men are joining the ranks, and we are given a glimpse into one of the many futures of this mutant school and our favorite Headmaster. This is Wolverine and the X-men #42!

wolverine & x-men 42 cover

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Feb 282014

I know I typically reserve this column for horror and sci-fi, but every so often a fantasy film finds its way into my neck of the woods. Now, fantasy is technically described as films where magic and dragons and people in vaguely medieval/renaissance costuming dueling it out. But sometimes, fantasies aren’t about traversing a majestic landscape on an epic quest. Some fantasies are about the people who dream them up.

Let’s take a look at The LEGO Movie.

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Feb 282014

All-Star Western #31

Yesterday I got quite a scare when Bleeding Cool initially reported that DC had announced the cancellation of All-Star WesternLuckily, series co-writer Jimmy Palmiotti took to Twitter and cleared things up, stating:

“ALL STAR WESTERN is not cancelled at 31…but we have to get the numbers up soon, as sales dictate what happens to a book. Always.”

Then today he stated:

“Just to squash the rumors from yesterday, All-Star Western has NOT been cancelled. Lower numbers but you can help support!!”

I’m a big fan of the Western genre and regret that this title, one that is consistently entertaining, interesting, and redefines what it means to be a Western, is on the verge of cancellation because of low sales numbers. Now, I’m not a man who’s fond of taking the gloomy outlook, especially with series I love, but I’ve been burned before. Still, my goal today is to convince fans to try out All-Star Western so it can keep surviving and filling the comic market with its awesome glory. Why should you support this comic? Check out my breakdown of reasons after the jump.

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Feb 272014


Off the back of Payday 2 and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Swedish studio Starbreeze has recovered from 15 years of loss in only six months.

“To put the past six months in perspective, I would like to highlight that Starbreeze historically, from 1998 to June 2013, accumulated a total loss of SEK 94 million (approximately USD$14.4 million),” CEO Bo Andersson Klint said in the company’s half-year earnings report. “Thanks to our new business model, reorganization and a focus on our own brands, we have – in only two quarters – generated a profit before tax of SEK 104 million (approximately USD$16 million).”

Talk about making bank.

Payday 2 was created by Overkill, another Swedish developer that Starbreeze acquired in 2012. Andersson revealed that Starbreeze signed a new contract with publisher 505 Games to continue developing and refining Payday 2 for the next 20 months.

Andersson also said that Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons has finally started generating royalty income for Starbreeze, bringing in around $250,000 in the last quarter.

In this day and age of layoffs and studio closures, it’s nice to hear a longstanding company doing well. Here’s hoping that Starbreeze continues to do well.

[via: IGN and Gamespot]