Dec 162014

Hey y’all! It’s Christmas! Well, according to K-pop it is. K-pop entertainment companies started releasing their Christmas singles as early as December 3rd. This week, I’ll be reviewing Starship Planet’s Love Is You. You’ll have to bear with me, because I’m not familiar with many of the people at this entertainment company, so I don’t know everyone by name.

I know Sistar, K.Will, and Jooyoung (from my last review), and I can assume that all the younger, prettier boys are in Boyfriend, but I can’t tell them apart. Mad Clown, and Junggigo, I figured out through process of elimination, so I guess the only people I don’t really know by name are the members of Boyfriend. That being said, let’s take a look at Love Is You.

starship planet love is you cover

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Dec 152014

If there was one thing that generated debate and controversy in the realm of comic geeks this week, it was the most recent issue of the mega-event AXIS. Across the internet flame wars from angry and distraught fan-boys and girls. Yet it appears that their cries fall upon the deaf ears of Marvel publishing. While most of you may have no clue as to what I speak, everyone who read the very title I speak of can recount the single page which manages to spit in the face of over 60 years of character development. But was this title really as bad as it is being claimed to be? I will explain my opinion on why I both agree and disagree with the general consensus of the comic side of the internet. this is AXIS #7!


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Dec 142014

Sorry this one took a while. That’s the dark side of working retail during the holidays.

However, this episode was a nice surprise.

This week saw The Flash come to its mid-season break on a strong note. The way things stand now, I’m sticking to my earlier assertion- of the three new DC series, this was definitely the winner.


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Dec 132014


You know, I try not to hold an actor’s career against them whenever I come to a new movie, but it’s hard not to sometimes. To wit; This movie stars the guy from The Office (a show I never cared for, even before it wore out its welcome) and the guy from the G.I. Joe movie (do I even need to say it?), and it expects me to take it seriously. That’s asking a lot right up front.

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Dec 112014

The Valiant #1 cover

One of my favorite announcements earlier this year was The Valiant, a prestige format comic series from the talents of Jeff Lemire, Matt Kindt, and Paolo Rivera. Charting a tale that brings together the greatest heroes of the Valiant Universe, told by some of the most talented creators in the comics industry, this was I comic I couldn’t miss. Did this issue live up to my lofty expectations?

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Dec 072014

If you tried to sit your average teenager down to watch a movie older than they are, chances are, they are going to try and scratch your eyes out an escape, especially if its in black and white. And let’s face it, matured adults of the Internet, how many old movies do you watch? Citizen Kane? A Clockwork Orange? That one time you fell into a turkey-induced Thanksgiving coma while watching Gone With the Wind? 

As a culture, any movie older than 25 years is only looked at if it’s deemed a classic by the pop culture diaspora. But you know who loved musicals just as much as we do today, what with our adaptations of Sweeney Todd, Into the Woods, Annie (twice), The Music Man, Cinderella, and more? The 1950s. Maybe its time we gave these senior citizens of film another look. Let’s start with the infamous Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell classic, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

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