Jul 162014

So did you know Weird Al, singer-songwriter extraordinaire, has been around since 1976? Like no joke, he’s been around for a very long time. But it seems like yesterday that I was bopping around to a CD and screaming “The Saga Begins” from his 90’s album, Running With Scissors (much to the dismay of my parental units). And every few years or so, Weird Al keeps us spinning with each new parody poking fun at pop-culture and reveling in the catchy qualities of the latest hits bent and twisted with new, ridiculous lyrics.


He might have started in the 70s, but Weird Al remains a cultural icon for his pop parodies and personality.

So what is it exactly that makes Weird Al a surprisingly relevant musical figure—when the songs that he parodies sometimes fall off to the wayside as relics of their time? Continue reading »

Jul 152014

Hey y’all! Less than six months after their debut, rookie group Wings has made a comeback! Y’all might remember that I was looking forward to this- their debut song, Hair Short, got the highest rating possible when I reviewed it two months ago. Their new song, Blossom, is a ballad-y love song, but the tone of the video is definitely darker, and it has me wondering if this is a permanent concept for Wings. I hope so, because it’s intriguing! Let’s look at Blossom.

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Jul 132014

Fox only…. balance scales

Balance is an interesting thing in video games. “This game needs more balance,” “that’s over powered,” “this needs a nerf,” and so on are all things we’ve heard since the beginning of time. What goes into balance? And how do we figure it out? Let’s dive in. Continue reading »

Jul 132014

If you’re a literary thrill-seeker like me, you know that good, suspenseful books are hard to come by. Every so often, after lots of digging, you come across that one book that restores your faith in good horror writing, that there is, in fact, hope in a genre filled with half-assed detective stories and tales of broken secretive marriages. Penpal by Dathan Auerbach does all that and more, sating all of your creepy cravings.

Penpal Cover

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Jul 112014

With the 75th Anniversary of Marvel Comics well under way, many celebrations and special edition comics are beginning to pour out of the massive comic house. And with all of the confetti flying about, several Marvel writers got a few ideas rolling about their heads. They wondered what Marvel may look like with the release of the 100th anniversary of their company, AND their characters. Now, every week in July, there will be a new release, an issue celebrating the 100th anniversary of various teams and solo characters. And to kick it off, who better to start with than Marvel’s favorite whipping boy SPIDER-MAN!

Spider-man 100th 1-cover

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Jul 102014

deus ex machina-hatsune miku title

This is one of the rare times where I have to put a “trigger warning: images of self-harm/cutting” for a Hatsune Miku video. The song does not spare a graphic violence in the lyrics, and the PV looks a bit Mirai Nikki style. That said, the song isn’t actually any more horrifying than that either. Manga-style art and animation mixed with a fast, electronic beat makes the song entertaining rather than scary. I mean, yanderes are popular for whatever reason, right? Deus ex Machina will help give you that creepy kick.

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