Jul 252013

batman superman #2

Thanks to the big announcement of the next DC universe movie, the Batman and Superman pair is on everyone’s mind. As a result, it’s no surprise I decided to review Batman/Superman #2 this week. I  enjoyed issue #1, and looked forward to what creators Greg Pak and Jae Lee had in store for their second installment.

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Jul 222013

sdcc banner

San Diego Comic Con, the biggest pop culture convention in the world, wrapped up last Sunday. Dozens of companies released tons of new information about what projects they’re working on and releasing over the next few years. Here are the five that got me the most excited!

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Jul 042013

Batman Superman #1

Last Wednesday, Judge and I ventured to Midtown Comics in New York City for a signing by writer Greg Pak. That day, Pak’s newest venture, Batman/Superman #1, went on sale. It was great to meet Pak and, given this comic also features art from the amazing Jae Lee, I eagerly anticipated cracking the book open and reading about two of my favorite comic book heroes. Did this issue live up to the legacy of its talented creators?

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Jun 092013

Knight of Alpha, the featured guest from Episode 2, returns as a special guest for this week’s podcast, as we discuss villains in comics. Who are our favorites? What makes a good villain? What are the differences between the types of villains in the Marvel and DC universes? And why is the new Wonder Woman series so awesome?

As always, let us know what you think in the comments!

Feb 122013

Hello Moar Powah readers! Every year around this time, men and women all around the world celebrate a day of love with their special someone. For those of us who have no one, well, we can always cuddle up with a work of fiction so that we can imagine that noxious cheesy bliss only people in relationships get to feel. But what about the fictional people who would make terrible significant others? Well, let’s look at the lads and ladies who’d you be better off not never being bed-fellows with.

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Feb 112013


With Valentine’s Day almost here, I figured I’d try and help out everyone who’s thinking about relationships. I’ve figured out that there are seven different types of people everyone is destined to come across and possibly even date. This list compares those people to famous superheroes, so without further ado let’s dive in! Continue reading »