Feb 172015

So, I’ll admit that last week’s preview had me bracing for a bad episode. Maybe not ‘jump the shark’ bad, but still a downturn that would be hard to recover from.

The good news is, it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. The bad news is, it’s still a definite step down from the last few weeks.

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Feb 102015

Well, it was natural the show’s momentum would eventually have to ease off. You can’t be all acceleration all the time, especially in your first season.

Fortunately, even as a slow down episode, this does pretty well with at least keeping everything and everyone interesting.


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Feb 032015

Cautious side of optimism fading…fading…

Okay, so it’s not gone yet, but all the same, I get the sense Gotham has finally found its voice. It still seems to be deciding what to do with some of the stories it set up and has left hanging, but by and large, it’s lost a lot of the clumsier, dead fumbling of the earlier episodes and feels more focused now. Even the overt nods to future Batman characters are blending in better.

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Jan 282015

Okay, I think we might finally be getting out of the first season slump.

I could be wrong- I was let down after Penguin’s Umbrella in the first half. At the same time, the last two weeks of this have actually been strong material for Gotham. If we can keep this up, I think this show may make it after all.

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Jan 202015

It’s been three weeks since Gotham came back from its mid-season hiatus. The first episode was honestly lackluster, and having Fox skip a week didn’t help.

This sounds like a lot of grumbling, but honestly, it just makes me glad this episode was a welcome step back in the right direction.

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Jan 062015

And we’re back.

I’d say this was a nice, relaxing time off, but it’s been busy. So picking right back up is actually just a welcome return to routine.

I have to give Gotham some points off the bat for this week’s episode. For the time being, it looks like they’re planning to stick to the changes of the mid-season finale. This isn’t to say this is a full-blown triumphant return, but I’m happy they’re not just trying to reset the board.

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