Mar 232014

Only 9998 more levels to go!

Log Horizon Akatsuki stats screen

If you’ve played a lot of RPGs or MMOs you know the term well. What makes the idea of grinding so well-known? Why do we loathe (or perhaps even love) it? Tonight the Inverseman investigates.

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Jan 282014

Heya, Kaushik here again this week, with a video game! This time it’s the demo for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, generally known as FF13-3. The demo was released on PSN earlier this week, so that’s the version I’ll be covering. I know a lot of people dislike the series (that may be putting it lightly) and I can understand their frustrations with the direction Final Fantasy has taken in recent years. I liked FF13 more than most I think, but even I’m getting a little sick of this universe and these characters. Still, I’ll approach this demo as impartially as possible! So without further ado, let’s go~

Lightning Returns cover

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Jan 122014

Now in classic 1D

playing cards traditional

In this day and age of computers and handheld electronics of all varieties, is there even a point to tabletop gaming anymore? I’ve discussed how video games will never die, but has the board game or card game been “strictly outclassed”? Or, is there still a place for gathering around a kitchen table on Friday nights? The Inverseman here with a few thoughts on the matter.

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May 122013

Hey all, Judge here. In celebration of Mother’s Day, we’ll be looking at some of the hottest moms in the video game world. For last year’s Mother’s Day, I compiled a list of the hottest moms in anime. Also, take a look at my friend Overlord-G’s list of hottest moms in anime. I’ve said it with many of my list posts but I’ll say it again: don’t take them too seriously, especially ones regarding “hotness” of fictional characters. I’m not a 2D¬†worshiper, a pervert, or sexist. Well then…

10. Matriarch Benezia (Mass Effect)


If you believe women, like wine, get better with age, Benezia is for you. Especially if you’re into blue-skinned alien chicks. I’ll take her daughter Liara though. Continue reading »

Apr 302013

While I certainly managed to give you a fairly solid taste of what I consider to be the very best music the Final Fantasy series has to offer in my first episode of Tuesday Tunes, I didn’t even scrape the overall surface. And so, after exploring a wide variety of genres, eras, and composers, I thought I’d take this week to bring us back to the fine work of Nobuo Uematsu.

Final Fantasy - TRAVIS - 1

Click to following link to listen to this week’s episode of Tuesday Tunes!

Tuesday Tunes Episode 7: The Best of Final Fantasy Part 2

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Feb 052013

Hello, anyone and everyone. I am your humble host, Travis, and this is the very first episode of an audio series on the history, examination, and celebration of video game music both celebrated and underrated.

Every other week, I will upload a new segment on a different game, series, genre, or specific compilation, and you’re encouraged to seek out and support the artists and composers covered (purchase links provided at bottom).

For today’s episode, I considered a number of well-deserving options but ultimately decided on Final Fantasy as the introductory focus. For self-evident reasons, the music of the Final Fantasy series has been active in my life long before the games themselves, and ultimately any games I did end up playing I chose to hear specific tracks in their original contexts. Of course in the interest of keeping the episode succinct, I’ve neglected some beautiful, thrilling music, and so expect that someday I may return to Final Fantasy for a second go.
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