May 282013

Gravity Rush happened to e one of my favorite games of 2012, and its soundtrack was absolutely enthralling. On this week’s episode of Tuesday Tunes, I’ve decided to explore some of my favorite tracks that, to me, embody the experience as a whole. I hope you enjoy.

Gravity Rush - TRAVIS - 1

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Tuesday Tunes Episode 9

Mar 052013

Video games have used a plethora of different musical genres over the years, and I tend to find that I’m always pleasantly surprised when they remember to pull from Jazz. After all, Jazz can be eccentric, soothing, sad, etc, but it’s always wildly imaginative and improvisational.

Saxophone - TRAVIS - 1

It’s too bad, then, that solid video game jazz is so rare. With a tiny pool to pull from, I think I’ve done an alright job at compiling some of the very best video game jazz ever written. Once again, I hope you enjoy my podcast celebrating the greatest video game music of all time, Tuesday Tunes.

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Dec 272012

Who am I? No one important, so you may be forgiven for not giving a damn about my game preferences and experiences. But that, unfortunately, is the dilemma I find myself in. As I’m merely amateur, I can’t expect a wide circle of fans and followers to be willfully expecting a grand personal declaration of what I fancied throughout the last twelve months, but I’m also not professional enough to have played every major game of the year and thus write an official “Best Of 2012” post without having personal bias interwoven. I decided to go with the former, so excuse me for my regrettable lack of fame. I hope I make some recommendations that you wouldn’t have thought to tried.

Yes, there are certain genres that I willfully dismissed this year, as I do every year. So no, you will not find Halo 4 or FIFA 2013 simply because those aren’t games that interest me (not that I find anything wrong with people for whom they do, of course). There are also countless games that I would have loved to have gotten to but never did thanks to time or other games’ prioritization. For example, my recently acquired copy of Dishonored sits on my shelf yet to be played. It too, along with XCOM, Sleeping Dogs, Xenoblade Chronicles and a plethora of other titles will be mysteriously absent from my list because I just didn’t get to them. And for those of you hoping to see such titles on here, I apologize. Be sure to comment with your own games of the year.

And with that, we shall begin (in no particular order, mind you).

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Aug 062012

There is something utterly beautiful about falling. There are few sensations that amount to the rush of letting go and letting perhaps the most profound force of physics take control. Gravity, the eternal bound by which we live our entire lives, goes unchanged without compromise. It is this fact, perhaps, that drives humanity to crave control over it. We’ve mastered the science of lift and speed to defy gravity with flight, and skydivers tease gravity’s fatal strength by understanding properties of air. It should be no surprise, then, that a game revolving around the control of gravity be a bombastically satisfying experience.

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Aug 012012

Greetings internet fiends, my name is Travis, and it would seem that I am joining this community of writers. Without diving into an elongated introduction, all I’ll say for now is that I look forward to a long lasting, fruitful relationship centered around shared interests and passion for thoughtful discussion and the occasional nerd rage. Without further ado, it is my pleasure to write the first episode of a series I call “Point of Contention”, an opinion column that will cover a range of topics.

Let’s talk Playstation Vita.

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