Jun 052013

The Kirby games always constituted that series that I could rely on for a nonthreatening, easy, nice experience. All Kirby games are undoubtedly cheery, and this manages to transcend mere surface looks and sounds. As I mentioned long ago in my Kirby episode of Tuesday Tunes, this is a series that can basically be summed up as concentrated happy. They’re never too hard, never too long, and always manage to ooze the most charm out of every pixel possible.

Kirby's Adventure - TRAVIS - 1

But alas, I have not played them all. And sitting amongst consoles I never owned is the humble yet eternally beloved NES, a system that saw only one Kirby game in it’s lifespan. That one is, of course, Kirby’s Adventure.

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Feb 192013

Welcome one and all to to the second episode of Tuesday Tunes, MoarPowah’s video game music celebration podcast. This week, Kirby gets the well-earned spotlight.

Renowned for their charm and relaxed play style, Kirby games are some of the best games made for younger audiences. But that doesn’t mean they have little value for adults too. The music, specifically, is catchy as all hell and perfectly suits the cheerful nature of Dreamland. So today I invite you to join me for a short audio journey into that magical realm.

Kirby - TRAVIS - 2

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