Feb 022014

Hello everyone~ Fenrir here with a quick bite of some Food for Thought! Sweeping headlines, blogs, and rattling the Harry Potter fandom into a general uproar is a shocking announcement made by HP word-of-God herself: J. K. Rowling. In a recent interview, the writer behind a book series that may (or may not) have defined a generation just dropped a bombshell.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Get ready to have your ship sunk

Basically, she regrets pairing up Hermione and Ron. Perhaps the inconsequential stuff of shipping fuel and hooplah to the outside perspective, but to some folks it means serious business–and for very good reasons. Blame it on nostalgia, on an actually refreshing take on the “hero-always-gets-the-girl” trope, or love of an individual character–but there are fans out there pretty miffed about this announcement. Fortunately with our good friend, the literary theory of authorial intent, we can take a step back, put down the pitch-forks, and maybe get to the bottom of why this bit of “news” really isn’t out there to destroy the series.

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Oct 062013

Hello everyone — it’s a Sunday, and that means it’s time for another (very late) issue of Fantastic Feasts and Where to Find Them! While we’ve been talking mostly about tasty, tempting dishes that tantalize our imaginary taste-buds and that have inspired several people to try to transmute them into actual, legit foods. And while it’s fun and all to talk about cool things like butterbeer that inspire whimsy and visions equivalent to sugar plums dancing around our heads–sometimes fictional food, quite frankly, sucks.


As much as we love the tasty stuff, we’re also interested in the taboo, the dangerous, the things you probably wouldn’t or shouldn’t eat–because it creates a different kind of tension and tone than if we were sitting at Brian Jacques’ table for lunch. So lets take a glance at what probably isn’t fantastic or feast-worthy, and why it’s actually a pretty cool story point (nd hence, definitely not on the menu for things to try to cook, haha).

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Apr 142013

Hello friends, this is Fenrir here, and welcome to another exciting addition to Food for Thought! A few weeks ago we discussed the Bildungsroman, and how awesome it is when we reverse it; this week we’re bringing critical theory back to the forefront in the wake of the newest geekdom viral video that’s been the talk of the weekend. Harry Potter fans are in a bit of an uproar over Rachel Rostad’s 2013 College Unions Slam Poetry entry entitled, “To JK Rowling, from Cho Chang” — and with pretty darn good reason.

Basically, Rostad roasts JK Rowling’s depiction of Cho Chang — who as far as most people can remember — was Harry Potter’s first love interest and token Asian character stuck in the “nerdy house”.  Some fans have found this caustic, and terribly unfair to JK Rowling, or that perhaps Rostad is too “sensitive”. But, and I hate to break it to fellow Potter-heads out there, Rostad does have a point (A pretty good one at that), and she has the right to say it, thanks to a special critical theory I’d like to talk about known as: authorial intent!

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Mar 242013


Hey guys, Fenrir here with another exciting addition of Food for Thought! Sooo it’s not often that we talk about food without a recipe (which is why there’s no Fantastic Feasts this week), but there’s actually a reason for it. Last Tuesday The Hobbit was released on DVD to the excitement of Richard Armitage fangirls fans across the US.  Overall The Hobbit has a sort of whimsy that Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings series does not share, and it certainly shows when the discussion of food comes up. So let’s take a moment from a foodie’s perspective to consider how it functions within a grandiose epic as complex as LOTR and what sort of information we can glean to successfully recreate Middle Earth’s cuisine — when really, we’re given nothing to work with.

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Nov 302011

Hello and welcome one and all to another exciting edition of Fantastic Feasts and Where to Find Them! For those of you who are based in the NYC area, you might have noticed the sudden (terrible) flux between abnormally warm weather and now slightly normal, cooler weather. So now that it feels less like summer and more like proper end-of-autumn weather, what’s the best way to combat the oncoming onslaught of cold?

With warm food stuffs, of course!

Let the feast begin >BU

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Jul 222011
Daniel Radcliffe and Co. reign victorious in Rowling’s epic finale.

For as long as I can remember, the Harry Potter series has always had a special place in my leisure. While I may not be much of a reader, the Harry Potter franchise was enticing enough for me to start picking up the books and get a jump on the movies that followed. That being said, my impressions of the movies have mostly been a game of tolerance. Always having to grit my teeth when scenes didn’t follow canon. Never being able to hold back groans when entire segments from the books were either abridged or left out completely. And worst of all, saying goodbye to Quidditch altogether. Despite the cinematic shortcomings, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 delivers admirably in Harry Potter’s near-final hours. Let’s meet the crew… Continue reading »