Sep 122014

The Hatsune Miku English concept has been in the works from ages pretty much from when Miku herself was first released, and it’s hard to appreciate that the Miku V3 English has already been around for a year since the 2013 release simply because no one really uses it. Crypton Future Media clearly wants to turn that around, first by having Miku open for Lady Gaga’s concert, and now directly marketing a Miku Expo 2014 for large LA and NY venues this fall. Although they are never short of international Miku fans, one of their biggest downfalls would happen to be the lack of quality and renown English songs Miku sings. Case in point: I could review Sharing the World, Miku’s nominal theme song for the Expo lives, but it doesn’t have enough substance to qualify for much analysis.

Bu-la-la hatsune miku english

Bu-La-La is one of the few English songs I can find that not only manages to keep me listening the whole way through, but actually ranked a weekly Best 11 on Niconico. While it remains to be seen if Miku will be showcasing many English versions of her songs, I would not be too disappointed if Bu-La-La was part of that setlist. Continue reading »

May 302014


Sometimes, even without the “dark” or “soft” appends, Miku’s voice is a beautiful fit for a somber mood. This week, in the choice between a fun song and a sad song, I chose Underwater Yowamushi-kun because of how well it encapsulates the feeling of a person suffering from depression. The lyrics combine a sense of drowning with Sylvia Plath’s famous metaphor for confinement, “To the person in the bell jar…the world itself is a bad dream.” Not exactly a bell jar, it is an upside-down fishbowl that traps the boy in this song in the PV below.

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May 082014

streaming heart-hatsune miku-deco27

Popular Vocaloid producer DECO*27 returns with a new album’s fast tempo first track song and PV Streaming Heart, featuring Hatsune Miku. Follow Vocaloid song reviews in the new weekly “Vocalog” under the cut:

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Feb 262014

Kanako Ito, the 40-year-old Japanese singer whose songs are famous throughout the anime and video game community, released her 6th album “RASTER” today.

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Feb 052014

Rage of Bahamut players are in for a treat, especially those who are Vocaloid fans. Hatsune Miku, the world’s most popular digital idol, will be joinig the online mobile card game in a special collaboration lasting until February 14. Upon logging in, players will receive cards of Miku in addition to an exclusive Miku song. Miku cards will also be available as rewards for ranking up in battles, event item exchanges, and in limited-time-only gachapon (capsule toys). Make sure to grab them while you can!


[via: ANN]

Jan 282014

hatsune-miku-senbonzakura-1Hatsune Miku fans, prepare yourselves! Figure company FREEing is releasing a Senbonzakura version of Miku this July. For those unfamiliar with the digital idol, here’s the description from Kahotan’s Blog:

From the popular Hatsune Miku song by Kurousa-P, ‘Senbonzakura’ comes a figure of Hatsune Miku in her unique outfit from the song! The figure is based on Itto Maru’s original illustration featuring Miku looking over her shoulder with her hand pointing in the shape of a gun, as if firing behind her. 

All the details of her pose and design have been faithfully recreated, making sure Miku is ready to shoot right into the heart of her fans! The spirit of the song is already retained in the figure beautifully, but Rin and Len are also in production to display with her soon, allowing you to bring out the Senbonzakura atmosphere even more!

The song itself is about westernization in Japan, which happened during the Meiji Restoration. Despite having an upbeat, oriental track, the song contains rather dark themes, mentioning guillotines and ICBMs. For fans of Meiji Restoration clothing, this might be the figure for you. You can check out the song and some moar pictures below. Continue reading »