Sep 012013

Lower price and lower Ds

2ds promo

Yep, not the next big thing, but Nintendo has unveiled their latest spin on the 3DS, the Nintendo 2DS. It’s like a 3DS but without any of the 3D. So what’s the point of this device? Let’s put on our thinking caps.

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May 142013

Welcome to the latest episode of Tuesday Tunes, our bimonthly podcast celebrating the greatest video game music of all time. This week, we take a peek into one of the most popular game series of all time, Pokemon, and its eccentric music.

Jigglypuff - TRAVIS - 1

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Tuesday Tunes Episode 8: Pokemon

Feb 202013

I always find it extremely interesting the degrees to which consoles change throughout their lifespans. Occasionally consoles stay fairly static (the GameCube, Xbox, N64, and others saw no great change from beginning to end), but others managed to reinvent themselves in both form and public perception. Sometimes, slim lines reinvent the image of the console. Other times, they make necessary functional improvements. Here’s a list of the best 5 Console Slim Lines that managed to combine the two.

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Dec 192012

Nintendo is an odd creature, and while much has been written about the company over the years, often by far stronger voices than my own, it’s a gaming realm that I consider to have an air of holiness. Holy of course does not equal perfect, and even I will readily admit when Nintendo fails to treat its audience right. But I’m in a holiday sort of mood, and this post will likely be a celebration rather than a critique. Because you know what? In this world of flame wars and pointless console allegiances it might be a nice change of pace. Despite whatever negativity you may feel I deserve for defending the company, I hope it’ll give you a warm, fuzzy feeling of holiday cheer. But that may be optimistic on my part.

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Jun 192012

After being told countless times, by fellow MoarPowah writer Kaushik, to play the game, I’ve finally gone around to beating the well-known and much-acclaimed The World Ends with You, or TWEWY.

At first glance, I figured I’d hate it. There’s no other reason I’d hate something at first glance other than the fact that the art doesn’t agree with me. TWEWY has the same art style as Kingdom Hearts, and yes, if I needed a solid reason to dislike Kingdom Hearts, it’d be that I can’t stand the character designs. And I’ll go ahead and explain more later on, but as for now, let’s see if TWEWY managed to change my mind and prove to me that it’s not just all hype. Let’s dig in, itadakimasu~

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Dec 202011

So I was browsing the web yesterday (instead of studying for finals), and I noticed a peculiar little trailer for an upcoming game.  What is this game you speak of Judge?  It’s called Pokemon + Nobunaga’s Ambition.  Check out the trailer below.  All I can say is…TOTALLY FUCKING AWESOME.

The pairings are amazing.  Nobunaga + Zekrom?  That’s a badass duo.

Can you imagine this guy, who drinks out of skulls, with…

…this Pokemon? OP dude.

From watching the rest of the trailer, it looks like Kenshin is actually portrayed in a moar manly manner (alliteration) and is paired with Mewtwo.  Oyakata-sama is paired with Groudon.  I can’t tell who the two other guys are (the one’s with Infernape and Articuno).  Oh well, we’ll find out eventually.  As for the gameplay,  it’s reminiscent of Final Fantasy Tactics and Fire Emblem.  And the character you’ll be playing as (whose gender can be chosen I think) will be starting with an Eevee.  I can only hope this game is brought to America.  That would be EPIC.