Feb 052013

Hello, anyone and everyone. I am your humble host, Travis, and this is the very first episode of an audio series on the history, examination, and celebration of video game music both celebrated and underrated.

Every other week, I will upload a new segment on a different game, series, genre, or specific compilation, and you’re encouraged to seek out and support the artists and composers covered (purchase links provided at bottom).

For today’s episode, I considered a number of well-deserving options but ultimately decided on Final Fantasy as the introductory focus. For self-evident reasons, the music of the Final Fantasy series has been active in my life long before the games themselves, and ultimately any games I did end up playing I chose to hear specific tracks in their original contexts. Of course in the interest of keeping the episode succinct, I’ve neglected some beautiful, thrilling music, and so expect that someday I may return to Final Fantasy for a second go.
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Jul 172012

There are very few games that can keep my attention for long periods of time, and by long, I mean somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 hours of gameplay. Batman: Arkham City was one of those games, but that was nearly 9 months ago. Well another game has surfaced that has captivated me, and that game is Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. This charming rhythm RPG hybird has many things going for it besides the fact that the soundtrack is composed of many of the brilliant tunes of the Final Fantasy series.

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Apr 092011

Last Saturday I was fortunate enough to attend Distant Worlds at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.  I was also fortunate enough to meet the conductor Arnie Roth and the Nobuo Uematsu.  Although this was the second time I met Nobuo, it still was an awesome experience.  The music of Final Fantasy has always held a special place in my heart; there’s video game music and then there’s Final Fantasy music.  The work of Nobuo really stands out and hearing it live from a full orchestra was amazing.  My favorite pieces had to be “Opera ‘Maria and Draco'” from Final Fantasy VI, “Opening – Bombing Mission” and “Aerith’s Theme” from Final Fantasy VII, “Don’t be Afraid” (the  battle theme) and “The Man with the Machine Gun” (Laguna’s battle theme) from Final Fantasy VIII“Vamo’ alla Flamenco”“A Place to Call Home”, and “Melodies of Life” featuring Susan Calloway from Final Fantasy IX“To Zanarkand” from Final Fantasy X, “Kiss Me Goodbye” also featuring Susan Calloway from Final Fantasy XII, and of course “Swing de Chocobo.” I bought both CD’s even though I have all the music already just for keepsakes (and the fact I needed something for Nobuo to sign).  The Distant Worlds homepage can be found here.  Maybe they’ll stop in your hometown one day!  And now enjoy the gallery!  Continue reading »