Jul 232015


The world’s #1 virtual idol Hatsune Miku is joining the cast of Atlus’s Persona 4: Dancing All Night as a DLC character. Miku will be available mid-August, and she comes with the “Heaven feat. Hatsune Miku (ATOLS Remix)” song, which is a remix of Persona 4’s dungeon song (can be listened to in the video below). Her design is courtesy of Shigenori Soejima, the character designer of Persona 4. Continue reading »

Apr 022013

Tuesday Tunes is back this week with another episode celebrating the greatest video game music of all time. This time, the two latter Shin Megami Tensei: Persona games, with all of their fantastic eccentricity, are in the spotlight. Enjoy the Engrish.

Persona 4 - TRAVIS - 5

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Dec 272012

Who am I? No one important, so you may be forgiven for not giving a damn about my game preferences and experiences. But that, unfortunately, is the dilemma I find myself in. As I’m merely amateur, I can’t expect a wide circle of fans and followers to be willfully expecting a grand personal declaration of what I fancied throughout the last twelve months, but I’m also not professional enough to have played every major game of the year and thus write an official “Best Of 2012” post without having personal bias interwoven. I decided to go with the former, so excuse me for my regrettable lack of fame. I hope I make some recommendations that you wouldn’t have thought to tried.

Yes, there are certain genres that I willfully dismissed this year, as I do every year. So no, you will not find Halo 4 or FIFA 2013 simply because those aren’t games that interest me (not that I find anything wrong with people for whom they do, of course). There are also countless games that I would have loved to have gotten to but never did thanks to time or other games’ prioritization. For example, my recently acquired copy of Dishonored sits on my shelf yet to be played. It too, along with XCOM, Sleeping Dogs, Xenoblade Chronicles and a plethora of other titles will be mysteriously absent from my list because I just didn’t get to them. And for those of you hoping to see such titles on here, I apologize. Be sure to comment with your own games of the year.

And with that, we shall begin (in no particular order, mind you).

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Nov 282012

It’s funny to me that I spend so much of my writing space discussing handheld games, considering how little I used to care about that area of video games. Yet in the last year I have catapulted my playtime with both the 3DS and Vita to nearly eclipse that of home consoles and PC games. Several key games have helped contribute to my newfound fascination with gaming on the go, and it’s likely that my current college student lifestyle easily facilitates this form of play.

That being said, I am clearly the exception to the rule, the rise against the norm. While I may be enjoying my Vita wholeheartedly, there appears to be a vast majority who find themselves disappointed by its slim offerings or disinterested in buying one altogether. That’s really too bad, because the Vita was and still in many ways is a console with great potential. But what’s ultimately true is that the Vita faces a substantial uphill battle if Sony truly desires to see it succeed. Conservative implementation, marketing, and game development will not save it from its many visible woes. No, the Vita will have to see some great changes if it wishes to do even marginally well.

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Oct 172012

Ohhhh boy. Do I have some words to throw out on this topic. I really love the concept behind Persona 3 and 4. The blending of relationship social link simulation and JRPG combat is incredibly compelling to me, and stellar writing plus deep character exploration only go to heighten the experience. If you haven’t been exposed to the games, ignore this post and play them now. For those who have played the two later PS2 games (the two I will be discussing today as P1 and P2 are much different and perhaps worthy of later discussion, but not today), you probably already now which you prefer. And that’s fine. I know hordes of people on both sides of the fence. Some adore the dark themes of P3 and ridicule the somewhat silly adventurism engulfed in P4. Others share the opposite view, viewing the P3 themes as needlessly angsty and emo, all the while appreciative of the more fun, stylish attitude of P4. I’m not going to lie to you, I much prefer the latter to the former. But I think it’s important to get the reasons out in the open to facilitate healthy debate. Or inspire unholy mudslinging. Whichever works for you. So without further ado, here are a couple reasons why I prefer Persona 4 to Persona 3. Feel free to disagree to your heart’s content.

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Aug 252012

Uh… Guys… Her Shadow is about to go berserk. Dontcha wanna uh… Do something? Guys?

In the unlikeliest of developer crossovers, Atlus and Arc System Works teamed up to bring us Persona 4: Arena. Laevatein offered his own initial impressions, but I’m here to talk about the game in-depth. How did this joint project into a totally new genre fare for our MegaTen spin-off?

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