Sep 152013

Now in all the designer colors of the iPod mini

PSV Colors slim

Nintendo isn’t the only one releasing a new model of their current handheld, Sony has announced that on October 10th, Japan will be receiving a new slimmer PS Vita model. Let’s dig inside the nuts and bolts of the new handheld.

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Jul 172013

With actual, salary-earnin’ work picking up into high gear this week, I was unable to find time to play a retro game and talk about this week for The Retrospective. Apologies if you care, but it’ll be back next week. This week, I’m going to take some time to talk about a touchy subject plenty of folks that interact with games on a regular basis.

Where do we draw the line between a great respect for something and blind allegiance to it or its creators? This is something I’ve grappled with for a while, as I, like plenty others I’m sure, realized that my relationship with the games community is perhaps on the bitter side of bittersweet. Too often, a wall of vile, despicable muck blocks the path to constructive discussion. Perhaps this is an internet thing, anonymity and such, but maybe there’s something deeper at work, something far more sinister. Perhaps we’ve allowed our company/product/creator worship get out of our collective hands. Perhaps, it’s simply because we’re lowly humans.

I'm a pro-tier stick collector. Your argument is invalid.

I’m a pro-tier stick collector. Your argument is invalid.

So here is a quick self help guide to making the world a better place for everyone. Whether you just think your PC ecosystem is the bee’s knees and can’t imagine why anyone would play on consoles, or you fancy yourself a skilled Street Fighter player and can’t conceive of any reason to play something that doesn’t involve competition (who needs STORY anyway?), you may hopefully find something valuable here.

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Jun 122013

Hey all, Travis here writing from hot, sunny LA. I’m currently quite busy with a temp gig at E3 (unrelated to work with Moar Powah, unfortunately), and have managed to pull myself away from my duties for a quick but fairly personal opinion piece on consoles. No I’m not going to go into a tremendously overdone examination of how the PS4 fell into the public’s praise and how the Xbox One was damned by public ire, but what I am going to look into is the issue of longevity, and how waiting for consoles to ripen may be the best way to enjoy them.

Controllers - TRAVIS - 1

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Feb 252013

Nothing makes bigger waves in this industry than new console announcements, and Sony sure dropped a big one with the PS4. Announced at their conference last week, Sony was in the perfect position to wow the general gaming audience, as it not only could also control all the spectacle and hype, but it also didn’t have to compete with another console launch. In fact, the PS4 announcement didn’t really have any notable news to compete with, and I’m pretty sure just about everyone has some opinion on it, myself included. At initial glance, the PS4 looks like a pretty slick machine, but that’s what this industry is good at, style over substance. That’s not to say there isn’t any substance here, but if there is, it’s hard to imagine Sony wanted you to see it; they did a pretty good job of hiding it.

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Feb 232013

And it will cost seven-hundred ninety-nine U.S dollars.

PS4 showcase

Well, the PS4 has finally been revealed, and boy did Sony have surprises in store. Streaming, sharing, and so much more. What could be buried within? What still has yet to be seen? Tonight, the Inverseman will divulge his thoughts on the PS4 and where things could be heading.

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Feb 132013

Let’s pretend for a day that everything I talked about last week on the egregious problems surrounding rumored plans by Microsoft and Sony to block used games are not coming to fruition. Let’s assume that the next gen consoles will be extremely desirable in terms of power, game variety, and implementation of interesting new game mechanics. And let’s understand that no matter what we might say right now regarding whether or not a next gen set of consoles interests us, Sony and Microsoft are going to do their damnest to make the PS4 and Xbox 720 (assuming those are the names, of course) extremely shiny and new. A part of you will want one, even if it’s small and tucked away. No need to be defensive about that fact. We all love us some new technology boxes.

But is now the right time? Aren’t we only just getting settled comfortably into the PS3 and Xbox 360 graphical pillow? Or is it getting old playing in 720p almost exclusively? Or witnessing the HD illusion break apart as soon as you stand even a little close to the TV? Of course, graphics aren’t the only area that will improve with greater console power, and time will tell if such improvements stand to change gaming or perpetuate its forward growth. I’m willing to discuss amicably, if you are.

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