Mar 062013

Hey everyone. It’s been a good long time since I’ve sat back and really gotten a chance to look at the industry, culture, and playing population behind the games from a broad point of view. Lately I’ve been trying to paint myself a picture of what we are and what it is, just so I know that what I’ve gotten myself into is worth the time, money, and soul dedication. So today, I’m going to play doctor. And instead of making you remove your pants behind the village oak tree I thought I’d diagnose a problem and offer my own homegrown prescription.

But Tarabisu!, some of you are eagerly saying, There’s nothing wrong with games culture at all! We’re perfectly healthy. Well much of my “research” has been sulking around the comments sections of Kotaku, IGN, Gametrailers, The Escapist, etc looking for common trends, because, you know, the internet provides such a good estimation of humanity. Nonetheless, I’ve deduced that we take our medium to a number of dangerous extremes, and I think it’s makes for a valuable discussion.

Source - IGN.COM

Source – IGN.COM

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Feb 272013

We’ve all seen them. They haunt our dreams and they sadden our realities. Huge, overstocked, obsessive video game collections can be beastly sights, and the internet has proven to be a prime method for showing off what was once a deeply personal habit. Some guys really go all out for their beloved game splurges, and to many the hobby is just as much about finding the rarest items from the medium’s history and maintaining a massive stock as it is actually playing games.

In the recent months, I’ve noticed a percentage of my gaming attention slowly get dedicated to sowing the seeds to what may someday be a rather large collection. I’ve been buying up retro consoles, pulling old games and memorabilia out of hiding, and reading up on lists of various consoles’ rarest titles, from the Sega Saturn to the Game Boy. Even if I have a limited amount of my college living-expense budget to humor this newfound interest, it’s really quite fun to become acquainted with the history and lineage of video games. But there’s a small, wormy distress that’s nagging in the back of my mind. Are we slowly losing our ability to maintain history? Is game cataloging slowly becoming a thing of the past? Let’s talk about it.

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Feb 202013

I always find it extremely interesting the degrees to which consoles change throughout their lifespans. Occasionally consoles stay fairly static (the GameCube, Xbox, N64, and others saw no great change from beginning to end), but others managed to reinvent themselves in both form and public perception. Sometimes, slim lines reinvent the image of the console. Other times, they make necessary functional improvements. Here’s a list of the best 5 Console Slim Lines that managed to combine the two.

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Feb 132013

Let’s pretend for a day that everything I talked about last week on the egregious problems surrounding rumored plans by Microsoft and Sony to block used games are not coming to fruition. Let’s assume that the next gen consoles will be extremely desirable in terms of power, game variety, and implementation of interesting new game mechanics. And let’s understand that no matter what we might say right now regarding whether or not a next gen set of consoles interests us, Sony and Microsoft are going to do their damnest to make the PS4 and Xbox 720 (assuming those are the names, of course) extremely shiny and new. A part of you will want one, even if it’s small and tucked away. No need to be defensive about that fact. We all love us some new technology boxes.

But is now the right time? Aren’t we only just getting settled comfortably into the PS3 and Xbox 360 graphical pillow? Or is it getting old playing in 720p almost exclusively? Or witnessing the HD illusion break apart as soon as you stand even a little close to the TV? Of course, graphics aren’t the only area that will improve with greater console power, and time will tell if such improvements stand to change gaming or perpetuate its forward growth. I’m willing to discuss amicably, if you are.

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Feb 062013

They started out as what seemed like the most ridiculous of rumors. Next gen consoles blocking used games? Preposterous! Such a flaming claim could only be made to point out the competitor’s desire to scheme its sheep customer base out of as much money as possible. Those fools at Microsoft/Sony will be crying themselves into early graves, long live the PS3/Xbox!

Well here we are, and there have been reports of Microsoft implementing a one-time use pass on all retail games, and Sony filed a patent for something similar not too long ago. Of course, very little information is currently in our grasp as far as next-gen tech, and much of this must be taken with a teeny tiny grain of salt. Nonetheless, it’s an issue and needs to be discussed.

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Jan 302013

Here at Moarpowah we try to be on top of our schedules. As to be expected from a site the regards video games as a cornerstone of the “nerd three” (video games, anime, and comics), it’s important we discuss what will grace our gaming palettes, both in terms of expectations as well as what we already know.

I for one have been trying my best to expand my gaming literacy in the past few years, which has entailed playing lots of different games from all sorts of genres. It’s forced me to avoid soul-suckers like World of Warcraft and League of Legends in order to maintain variety, even if it means missing out on some of the most defining game experiences to be had this decade. A few games I’ll play this year will likely leave me hooked for more hours than I care to think about, and I’m sure to lose some much needed productivity. But I’m trying to stick with games that have a clear beginning and end, while only occasionally sinking some time into the always entertaining Sins of a Solar Empire or even Roller Coaster Tycoon, if I just up and decide to one day.

Regardless, here are some of the most interesting titles that will see releases in the near future. Most of these I will end up playing. Some may lose their grip on me before they come out and avoid my hard-earned money, and others will join the list, but as of right now, these are the games to look forward to in my perspective (in no particular order).

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