Apr 072012

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Forget politics, apparently, this is one lesson the entertainment industry needs to learn.

Springboarding off Fenrir’s post, the resident Pokemon “expert” will lend his opinion. Okay, so you’ve got feudal era Japan and Pokemon together; how is this not a recipe for awesome? Koei and Game Freak team up to bring one tactical RPG to another RPG of great strategy. The only thing that could make this game better would be a hack-n-slash with horse-kicking (or I guess Rapidash for this case) action. It’s over the top, it’s campy, and…it’s a huge hook for an unlikely crowd.

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Apr 062012

Hey guys, Fenrir here with a really quick bite of information…

Remember a few months back when Judge made the announcement of that weird Nobonuga’s Ambition x Pokemon crossover? Remember all that speculation that it probably won’t be coming to America because the American audience doesn’t seem to appreciate tactical RPGs?

Well ladies and gents, for all you Pokemon and Warring States period fans alike, Nintendo has pulled through and just released an English trailer for their upcoming DS game: Pokemon Conquest! Unlike how there’s no word on Fire Emblem *sob* 

Now the trailer that they’ve released isn’t anything terribly new and exciting; it’s all the same footage, only in English. But we have a definite release date of June 18, 2012 here in the states, just in time for summer (And summer sales)!

So what can fans really expect from this quirky foray out of the usual Pokemon spin-off series? To be quite honest: I’m not entirely too sure. I’d be happy to leave the debate open to Pokemon masters like inverseman to discuss, but based purely on what little content I’ve seen? There’s a lot to be excited about: It’s campy, it’s bright and flashy, and it’s — to quote my friend silverwolf — every second grader’s Pokemon dream. How many have you have made your own Pokemon crossovers? Pokemon with Arthurian knights? Pokemon with superheroes? This game truly is a childhood fantasy of putting Pokemon in an alternative universe a tangible reality — and it’s definitely not taking itself too seriously, either. So we have something that so far looks like it will be a fun little ride, with the fate of Japan the world left in the hands of a warlord.

In this game we’re not youths out to be the best Pokemon trainer with the power of love and friendship, we’re out to make the world bow to our knees (With some help from the powers of love and friendship, I figure).

While I may be excited, will Pokemon’s target audience (And see, there’s an E for Everyone right there on the proposed DS cover) appreciate this campy mash-up between Japanese history and portable atrocities?

We’ll just have to see — who knows, this stand-alone game could be set to conquer DS sales this summer!

Dec 202011

So I was browsing the web yesterday (instead of studying for finals), and I noticed a peculiar little trailer for an upcoming game.  What is this game you speak of Judge?  It’s called Pokemon + Nobunaga’s Ambition.  Check out the trailer below.  All I can say is…TOTALLY FUCKING AWESOME.

The pairings are amazing.  Nobunaga + Zekrom?  That’s a badass duo.

Can you imagine this guy, who drinks out of skulls, with…

…this Pokemon? OP dude.

From watching the rest of the trailer, it looks like Kenshin is actually portrayed in a moar manly manner (alliteration) and is paired with Mewtwo.  Oyakata-sama is paired with Groudon.  I can’t tell who the two other guys are (the one’s with Infernape and Articuno).  Oh well, we’ll find out eventually.  As for the gameplay,  it’s reminiscent of Final Fantasy Tactics and Fire Emblem.  And the character you’ll be playing as (whose gender can be chosen I think) will be starting with an Eevee.  I can only hope this game is brought to America.  That would be EPIC.