Jan 132015

Who am I, and where is my authority to be making industry-wide claims about the future? Be I a famed soothsayer of legend, or an analyst with greater Neogaf infamy than Michael Pachter? I’m absolutely nobody, in fact, and my predictions should be digested with a suitable amount of skepticism.

In any case, 2015 is shaping up to be a very interesting year, and after 2014 disappointed many with a number of titles failing to live up to expectations, we’re really due for a good year. Again, as I said, I’m no industry expert, but the winds of progress blow forward and the scents that fill my nose speak to these possibilities.

1. Nintendo will do great, but won’t dominate.

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Nov 212012

My, my. We’re nearing the end of the seventh generation of consoles. The future is uncertain and many wonder if consoles are a dying breed. While that’s an argument for another day, I will point out that without such easy and specific boundaries set in time it will be far more difficult to catalogue the history of gaming. No longer would we be able to easily determine gaming eras as we have been doing for the last thirty years, and that’ll be too bad if it comes to pass.

For example, we wouldn’t be able to look at the worst of a generation without, well, generations. And what fun it is to do that. So let’s look back at what have turned out to be the worst game disappointments since 2005. (Note that PC games are included in this list, despite not being bound to console gens)

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