Nov 032014

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At long last, it’s finally here, the latest Smash Bros. Now that I, the Inverseman, have spent some quality time with the game, what do I think of the game itself? Find out!

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Mar 192013

If there’s one compilation fighter to beat them all, it’s Super Smash Bros. Renowned for both celebrating a wide spectrum of Nintendo franchises and having some the tightest controls around, the series has always thrived with a heavily nostalgic player base. In addition to characters and stages, music has been a profound tool of adoration in the series, and some of the remixes found playing behind classic stages manage to impress. Here are some of my favorites.

Smash Bros  - Travis - 1

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Oct 242012

Like many social outcasts who don’t tend to jump to further social interaction when attempting to escape social interaction, I play almost exclusively solitarily. My introversion can be such a strong force that even in games that are renowned for their multiplayer I nearly always choose to play with or against computer players. As it just so happens, I’ve sunk hundreds of collective hours into Left 4 Dead, Empire: Total War, Civ 5, Sins of a Solar Empire, and Battlefield 2 and the times in which I connected those games to other human players most likely numbers under ten. To me, multiplayer options often feel unreliable and rigid, on top of being shoehorned into games that could have potentially been stronger single player experiences had the multiplayer development money gone into the main campaign. This, of course, directly opposes the opinions of most, as many games, I understand, are bought solely for their multiplayer, be it competitive or co-op. I know, though, that there are those, like myself, who are distant from this realm. Here, in as friendly a manner as I can muster, is a guide to creating multiplayer modes that even I would abandon my solitude to join.

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Sep 192012

I really enjoy writing posts like this. Too often we get consumed with our desire for the next big thing that we forget how lucky we are for what we already have. Thus, let’s take a look back at Nintendo’s little endeavor from 2006 that exploded into the most commercially successful console this generation (on a somewhat relavent side note, I recently played Ico for the first time. It’s awfully good! I’m surprised people so easily forget about it and its wonderful soundtrack) But yeah, back to the Wii. My own experience with the white box was inconsistent at times but I can safely look back and say that the time I did spend with it was warm and friendly. Nintendo may not have captured every game enthusiast’s heart this generation, but here’s a few reasons why perhaps overlooking the console entirely was a gross error.

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