Jan 192014

The only mode is Lunatic

Touhou Easy Mode

Moar Powah’s Inverseman here tonight with a piece on what most gamers normally overlook: Easy Mode. Normally the bane of “advanced” or “non-casual” gamers, what is “Easy Mode” really there for? Let’s find out!

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Dec 012013

Remember these?

Gameshark GBA

If you’ve been following recent news in the competitive Pokemon arena, then you probably have heard of the uproar behind the Battle Analyzer as a premier cheating tool in online battles. But in the realm of games, how far does cheating really go? Is it necessarily a bad thing?

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Mar 032013

It’s Super Battletoad Souls Gaiden!

Here Come the Battletoads

Back in the day, when video games were young, you had “casual” games (e.g  Tetris), decently challenging games (e.g Megaman), unfair awful games (too many to count), and supremely difficult games like the first Ninja Gaiden. You’ll find everything but the last category of video game in today’s market except the last type of game. In today’s paradigm campaign mode is something you blaze through and cut to playing on Live and besting the A.I is just a menial chore to see more story or content. So tonight, I, the Inverseman will argue that we need more “hard games”.

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Feb 092013

It’s the other New Year’s special

Bruce Lee photo

Happy year of the snake, readers. The Inverseman here tonight with a quick look into a common archetype in most all pop media, the Martial Artist character archetype. It’s always bound to turn up somewhere that one character is either trained in hand to hand combat or hails from “a middle kingdom” of sorts. So let’s chow down on a few common motifs.

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Jan 052013

A shrine maiden, a monk, and a saint enter a bar…

Good day, readers, the Inverseman here reporting on the next upcoming Touhou Project  game, Touhou 13.5 Shinkirou – Hopeless Masquerade a spin-off fighting game project between ZUN and Twilight Frontier. Having gotten ahold of the demo, let’s see what’s in-store for us!

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Oct 302012

This week we’re delving into something quite a bit different from my usual fare. I haven’t mentioned this but I used to be a pretty big Touhou fan. And again, I haven’t mentioned this, but I’ve been on a huge retro game run recently. I’ve been playing some classic Megaman and Castlevania games, but when I heard of this marriage between Touhou and Castlevania, I had to give it a shot. Koumajou Densetsu, or as I’ll refer to it, Touhouvania, is a series (only 2 so far, but hoping for more) of Touhou spinoff games by the company Frontier Aja. I’ll be specifically covering Koumajou Densetsu II: Stranger’s Requiem, which is the sequel to the first game, also by Frontier Aja.

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