Sep 172013

This week, instead of the regular length and specificity of most TT episodes, time constraints have left me with the inability to go beyond a more casual celebration. While I don’t go into as great a discussion as I usually do, the music is still wonderful.

Animal Crossing offers some wonderfully soothing music, and as such, this episode should be best enjoyed alongside a nice fire and perhaps a smooth gin and tonic.

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Animal Crossing - TRAVIS - 1

Sep 032013

With four main titles, soon to be five, the Metal Gear Solid Series has become a powerhouse of game design. Among its many blessings is a stellar collection of soundtracks that have enthralled players throughout the years. This week, we return to Tuesday Tunes with a boom, a longer episode than usual that I hope you find does the music justice. Click the link below to listen!

Tuesday Tunes Episode 14

Metal Gear Solid - TRAVIS - 13

Aug 062013

While certainly not one of the biggest splashes on the Wii, Muramasa: The Demon Blade offered some truly incredible spectacles of beauty. From its amazing artwork to swift, approachable combat, Muramasa is delight that sadly, many missed out on in favor of bigger, badder games out there.

But with the recent rerelease on the Vita, it’s hopeful that people will give the game another chance, and I thought a good way to help that effort is to highlight some of the best music the game has to offer.

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Muramasa - TRAVIS - 3

Jul 232013

Thanks to a huge fan campaign, Nintendo has finally mustered the courage to rerelease EarthBound in the United States for the first time since it first arrived. Even though nearly two decades have passed, this is still one of the best RPGs ever made, and among its plethora of wonderful features sits an astounding soundtrack that embodies the quirky, the creepy, the endearing, and the downright lovable elements of this timeless adventure.

EarthBound - TRAVIS - 7

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Jun 112013

Welcome to another episode of Tuesday Tunes, Moarpowah’s bimonthly podcast celebrating the very best music video games have to offer. This week, we’ll take a look at Ni No Kuni, the recent Level 5 JRPG with amazing contribution from studio Ghibli. The game was great and it’s music was phenomenal. Join me, Tarabisu, as I show you some of Joe Hisaishi’s all time greatest work.

Ni No Kuni - TRAVIS - 1

Tuesday Tunes Episode 10: Ni No Kuni

May 282013

Gravity Rush happened to e one of my favorite games of 2012, and its soundtrack was absolutely enthralling. On this week’s episode of Tuesday Tunes, I’ve decided to explore some of my favorite tracks that, to me, embody the experience as a whole. I hope you enjoy.

Gravity Rush - TRAVIS - 1

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Tuesday Tunes Episode 9