Nov 212014

Welcome to Letters From the Console Warfront, a new feature here on MoarPowah in which we attempt to break down and analyze the current generation of consoles, from how the big 3 differ and interact to what directions they seem to be heading. We won’t bother telling you which to buy at any given point (we trust you’re all competent enough to decide that on your own), so think of us as sideline commenters, rooting for no side but the game in which they play.

PS4XboxOne - TRAVIS - 1

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Mar 242014

I was able to get a surprise interview with Nintendo of America at New York Toy Fair 2014!

Jan 312014
This is awkward...

This is awkward…

On the heels of last month’s reveal of Rosalina, Nintendo announced that Lucario would be making his return to Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U and 3DS. That brings the total number of combatants to 22. Check out some screenshots below. Continue reading »

Dec 182013


During this morning’s Nintendo Direct, Rosalina and Luma from Super Mario Galaxy were announced as playable characters (as a pair) in Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U and 3DS. You can check out her gameplay trailer and screenshots below: Continue reading »

Dec 082013

Reggie will be top tier 

wii u and gamepad

It’s been over one year since the Wii U debuted and… things could be a bit better? While not like the hyperbole doomsayers, the Wii U is in need of a boost, and four things come to mind immediately. Let’s look!

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Dec 032013

Kaushik here again, back to review another video game. My first reviewed Wii U title in fact, Super Mario 3D World. I may never have expressed my views on this particular series of games before, but I’ll do so now as a quick preface. As far as recent Mario games have been concerned, I have not been totally impressed. Particularly with the New Super Mario Bros. line of games, and the predecessor to this title, Super Mario 3D Land. So my expectations for this game were not high to begin with. However, I got a chance to play (and beat) the game over the last two weeks, and I must say, this is a must-have game for Wii U owners. All fifteen of you.

Super Mario 3D World

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