Nov 212014

Welcome to Letters From the Console Warfront, a new feature here on MoarPowah in which we attempt to break down and analyze the current generation of consoles, from how the big 3 differ and interact to what directions they seem to be heading. We won’t bother telling you which to buy at any given point (we trust you’re all competent enough to decide that on your own), so think of us as sideline commenters, rooting for no side but the game in which they play.

PS4XboxOne - TRAVIS - 1

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Sep 172013

This week, instead of the regular length and specificity of most TT episodes, time constraints have left me with the inability to go beyond a more casual celebration. While I don’t go into as great a discussion as I usually do, the music is still wonderful.

Animal Crossing offers some wonderfully soothing music, and as such, this episode should be best enjoyed alongside a nice fire and perhaps a smooth gin and tonic.

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Animal Crossing - TRAVIS - 1

Mar 192013

If there’s one compilation fighter to beat them all, it’s Super Smash Bros. Renowned for both celebrating a wide spectrum of Nintendo franchises and having some the tightest controls around, the series has always thrived with a heavily nostalgic player base. In addition to characters and stages, music has been a profound tool of adoration in the series, and some of the remixes found playing behind classic stages manage to impress. Here are some of my favorites.

Smash Bros  - Travis - 1

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Feb 192013

Welcome one and all to to the second episode of Tuesday Tunes, MoarPowah’s video game music celebration podcast. This week, Kirby gets the well-earned spotlight.

Renowned for their charm and relaxed play style, Kirby games are some of the best games made for younger audiences. But that doesn’t mean they have little value for adults too. The music, specifically, is catchy as all hell and perfectly suits the cheerful nature of Dreamland. So today I invite you to join me for a short audio journey into that magical realm.

Kirby - TRAVIS - 2

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Nov 142012

Currently, questions flow in the mind of game enthusiasts everywhere. Will the Wii U deliver on its promises? Will there be third party support? Will Nintendo ever learn to incorporate online features that aren’t mindlessly roundabout?

Why doesn’t everyone think it’s cool? Why does anyone think it’s cool? Everyone has a position, negative, positive, or mildly skeptic. Any trek into gaming site articles concerning the shiny new white/black box is tainted with strong opinions and decisive indifference. Reminds me a bit of 2006.

In the end, the trajectory of the game industry is going to be shaped by what Nintendo does, for better or worse. In fact, it’s already happening. Microsoft’s Smartglass incorporation and Sony’s PSVita planned connectivity likely wouldn’t have ever been considered had Nintendo not gone in it’s peculiar direction. But whereas these features are implemented simply for Microsoft and Sony to market their consoles as having checked off features from Nintendo’s oddball toy (see Kinect and PlayStation Move as examples of this in the recent past), the Wii U was built from the ground up for tablet integration. It’s not an add-on feature. This is the axis by which the console lives or dies.

Let’s talk about it.

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Sep 192012

I really enjoy writing posts like this. Too often we get consumed with our desire for the next big thing that we forget how lucky we are for what we already have. Thus, let’s take a look back at Nintendo’s little endeavor from 2006 that exploded into the most commercially successful console this generation (on a somewhat relavent side note, I recently played Ico for the first time. It’s awfully good! I’m surprised people so easily forget about it and its wonderful soundtrack) But yeah, back to the Wii. My own experience with the white box was inconsistent at times but I can safely look back and say that the time I did spend with it was warm and friendly. Nintendo may not have captured every game enthusiast’s heart this generation, but here’s a few reasons why perhaps overlooking the console entirely was a gross error.

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