Jan 152013

Another manga review this week, and it’s one I’ve been really looking forward to writing. It’s done by one of my favorite manga authors (and artist, for that matter), Sahara Mizu. It’s recently been completed (at least in a way I could access and read) and at 5 volumes it’s not even too long.  It was serialized in Comic Bunch and ran starting in 2007. My Girl is just a sweet story about a young man and the daughter he never knew he had. But let’s explore it a bit deeper than that.

My pleasure is to live with you

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Nov 142011

You’d think this has a happy end.

Hey MoarPowah! Long time no see. Amidst all my Guoventures, I gift to you a short review of my all-time favorite manga, Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan (also know as Our Happy Hours). This 8-chapter story is by one of my favorite mangaka, Sahara Mizu (alternate pen name Yumeka Sumomo), whose art and prose is also just top notch.

A side note, but this story is an adaptation of novel by South Korea’s most popular female novelist, Gong Ji-Young. However, I’ve known plenty of adaptations gone bad, and regardless of the original, Yumeka’s adaptation is definitely the opposite of any sort of bad.

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