Jul 052012

Happy Independence Day everyone! So the season ended a while ago, but I didn’t figure to write this until today. Why? Well, I figured I’d eventually write reviews for all the anime I’ve watched, but considering my endless list, that’ll take forever. Plus, there’s no guarantee that I’ll even want to review some of the stuff I watched… So I decided to just jot down some of my thoughts on the anime I watched this season. Therefore, major spoilers alert! You’ve been given fair warning…

Spring 2012

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Apr 112012

Alright, so this week I’ll be covering the spring anime season. Not everything, just what I’m watching. Though that’s more than I expected, it seems. Anyway, not everything I’m watching has aired yet, so I won’t offer too much on those shows, but I’ve watched the first episode on everything I wanted to watch that’s out, so I’ll mention what I think about those. Well, without further ado, let’s go~

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