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Do you love various forms of entertainment?

Do you not want to be limited to just writing about video games or just anime?

Do you want an outlet where things like sports and comics can co-exist?

Do you want a place where you can express your opinions?

If you answered yes to all those questions, then we might have a spot here for you at Moar Powah!

At Moar Powah!, we strive to bring you articles that cover all sorts of interests. It is this kind of “free range” that makes us different. We encourage creativity and originality; where else do you see articles of food juxtaposed with articles about music?

Requirements for writing are pretty simple. You’ll be responsible for contributing at least one article a week on a given day, which will be your unique column. Think of this as a way to build your identity on the site. Other requirements include complying with our rules procedures, which we’ll discuss in greater detail if you’re interested. (What site doesn’t have their own set of rules and procedures?)

Any person who is literate can apply. We don’t require expert writing, but knowing how to construct an article beyond using simple sentences is kinda necessary :) We’ll take special consideration if you have a strong interest in the following topics:

  • Tech (gaming gear, tablets, etc.)
  • Manga
  • Music
  • Figures
  • Board games (includes tabletop games and card games…although our EIC has a predisposed hate towards Magic: The Gathering XD)
  • Flash/web and mobile games
  • Sports (all sports are welcome…except maybe curling)

If you’ve read this far, go ahead and fill out our contact form with the subject “Writing Position” and list what interests you have in the body (i.e. “I like anime, board games, etc.). Also include links to any previous work; this can be a personal blog. Once you’re finished, send that form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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