Cheshire’s Comic Con Adventures? – Part 2

I say “Adventures?” with a question mark because the con was much more crowded today than I expected, certainly more so than last year, so I didn’t really do anything notable. I got there a bit late, went to one panel, saw some good cosplays but couldn’t get pictures because of the crowd, met Internet celebrities that I was probably way more excited about than my reader(s) are, and waited for several hours to get into a panel that I was eventually turned away from.

So I’ll keep the updates brief. The one panel I went to was the DC All Access: The Edge/The Dark, which featured the creators of my personal favorite titles of DC’s New 52 relaunch: the non-superhero, independent series such as Animal Man, All-Star Western, and Frankenstein: Agent of Shade. There were interviews with the writers and previews of upcoming issues.

Animal Man #3 cover. This picture does not do the artwork justice.

Animal Man preview

Frankenstein: Agent of Shade cover

Frankenstein: Agent of Shade preview

All-Star Western cover

All-Star Western preview

That was about it for The Dark/The Edge. One thing I noticed was the the DC panel was much more laid back than the Marvel panel that I went to yesterday. That might have been because this was much more low-key and there were no editors (the Marvel panel featured three editors and two artists.) It was certainly a refreshing change, though.

After that panel, I ran into some personal inspirations of mine: a few of the reviewers/independent filmmakers of That Guy With the Glasses. If you haven’t heard of the site, it features humorous videos on various topics, particularly movies, anime and video games. It’s not unlike video versions of our very own Moar Powah! articles. You may have heard of The Nostalgia Critic, its most famous contributer.

Left to right: Nostalgia Chick, Nella, Oancitizen, Paw, and decidedly non-photogenic me.

Todd in the Shadows, JesuOtaku, Nash, and Elisa of the Nostalgia Chick team were also there, but are not pictured. Nostalgia Chick is particularly inspirational to me. I cannot recommend this team and their videos highly enough.

I spent the rest of my Saturday waiting for THREE HOURS in a line of hundreds upon hundreds of con-goers to get into the panel about the upcoming Avengers film, which I was so excited to recap for you reader(s). But unfortunately, because of the high volume of people and New York Comic Con’s extreme lack of organization for its lines, I didn’t get in despite the fact that I waited in dedication for several hours.

But these things happen, especially at big cons. So I won’t let it get me down for tomorrow. If my plans work out, I will have some very exciting things to talk about in my Sunday recap. So stay tuned!

Just a quick note: I’ll be back with my regularly scheduled series, Saturday Morning Cartoons, next Saturday, as I was obviously busy with the con this weekend. It’ll be the grand finale of DC Animated Universe Month, so be sure to check it out!

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