Review: Coicent (Koi☆Sento)

Well, short time no see! I’m here today to write a quick little review about Koi☆Sento, or Coicent (I think I’ll be using the latter, since it’s easier to type). Both written and directed by Morita Shuhei, Coicent is an OVA that got released in the States bundled up with another Sunrise OVA called Five Numbers. I might get around to reviewing Five Numbers, since it looks up my alley, but for now, let’s get on with Coicent! Itadakimasu~

Boys getting horny for a hologram.

This was a short little OVA, actually, only the length of a typical anime episode. So the pacing was obviously really fast. Nonetheless, I got a pretty good idea of each character’s personalities. We have our protagonist, the typical slightly awkward but kind-hearted Kakimoto Shinichiro. He is on a school trip in Nara, capital city of the Nara Prefecture in the Kansai region. I only emphasize because Shinichiro has a Kansai accent (kyahh!).

Shinichiro and the deer.

Anyways, apparently this is supposed to be a futuristic movie, so what Shinichiro sees during his trip seems to be a holographically rebuilt version of ancient Nara. Cool stuff. One of the main attractions of futuristic Nara is the princess/idol, Yamato to tohi Momoso-Hime, endearing called Himiko by everyone else. However, Shinichiro gets separated from his class on account of his bag getting stolen by a white deer.

Well, here we move on to the plotline. Himiko is actually a realistic android built using the DNA of the real Himiko (she’s real, check on Wiki!). However, whenever we have androids, the more human-like they’re programmed to be, the more we come across the issue of whether or not they have free will, feelings, etc… It seems that Himiko does, and she wants to be free of her duties as an attraction, if only for a short amount of time. So, during one of her program check-ups, she attempts to escape.

WTF is that?!

Enter Shinichiro, who accidentally saves her via deer. Deer?! Yeah, and the same white deer. Deer seem to be a bizarre but recurring theme in this movie. Anyways, because she’s out and about, Himiko (holographically) changes her clothes and hair style, and introduces herself as Toto. The runaway-lost child pair explore Nara and eventually fall in love. The pacing is definitely pretty fast, but I sort of liked its straight-forwardness.

We're gonna phone home!

Aaaand here, complications arise. Himiko/Toto’s creators catch up to her, and attempt to recapture her so she can get sent to get reprogrammed and debugged. Himiko/Toto chases Shinichiro away to keep him from danger, and ushers on a pretty cool fight scene. Unfortunately, she loses the fight due to her program bugging out (it’s been bugging out for a while), but Shinichiro comes back and saves her again, on his white deer. We all know she has to go back, but in the end, it’s implied that our two lovebirds get together.


Coicent was a cute little story. I do have to say, the pacing was too fast; it’s not anyone’s fault though. Its fast pacing was inevitable, again, because of how short the OVA is. I do commend the director for making the pacing consistently fast, so it’s something you can eventually get used to. However, one thing that I didn’t particularly appreciate is the fact that Coicent never strayed from the formulaic anime love story. It was the same old, same old.

Himiko VS Two Giant Statues

Art and animation were actually weak points of Coicent, in my opinion. The art style was good, but it didn’t really stand out. As for the animation, it kind of looked like a large portion of the OVA was animated through CGI. I’m not entirely sure though, so I’ll just report what I saw.

The animation for the fight scene was really good since all the jumping and kicking and kimono-fluttering look really realistic. Most of the talking and walking and whatnot had no glaring faults either. However, when it came to the animation for scenes like when Himiko was singing, it was really awkward how her mouth barely moved, and didn’t move in sync with her singing. Considering the inevitable downfalls of the plot, I expected the other categories to make up for the shortcomings. However, here, Coicent was again, only kind of on the fence.

Why are there so many deer?!

Finally, music. Well, this is finally the category where I get impressed. The OP song was great, and the ED song/animation was hilarious. Plus, the in-between OST was really good too. Plus, voice acting was spectacular. I’m actually giving pretty vague descriptions here, but due to the lack of musical material pertaining to Coicent online, you’ll just have to make do with the Coicent trailer. (thanks Kiddtic for putting it up on youtube, I have no idea where you managed to find it!)

And that’s all for today. The next time you hear from me, I’ll be releasing the next episode of Jack and Jill Adventures. Stay tuned! As for me, this review is over, and I’m out. Gochisousama deshita~

Rating Breakdown
A very sweet love story. It was inevitable that the pacing was fast, but I wish the story weren't so formulaic.
Neither protagonist had any surprising qualities to their personalities, but their relationship was actually fairly interesting, since it was an utterly normal one despite the fact that one of them was an android.
Nothing amiss, but nothing stood out either.
The animation was rather inconsistent. It did really well in the fight scenes, but failed at mouth syncing.
Strangely, the music really stood out for me. The OP/ED sequence AND the OST were all great.
Although Coicent has its shortcomings, it's still quite enjoyable. If not for its formulaic plot, I would have to raving about this show, since its other faults are things I can overlook.
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Just someone who was born with mugibrows.

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