Review: Tokyo Marble Chocolate

I… am deeply sorry for not putting up Jack and Jill yesterday. So, here is my apology: a review of a sappy chick flick! Presenting Tokyo Marble Chocolate, the anime adaptation of Tanikawa Fumiko’s manga. Yeah. Ok! Let’s do this, itadakimasu!

So, this is actually a two-part movie, and each part plays the same series of events, but in different perspectives. Because of this type of execute, an ordinary plot became quite extraordinary. 

So we have two people, Chizuru (female) and Yuudai (male). Both have had awful luck with love all of their life, and their flashbacks of failed relationships are all pathetically funny. Finally, these two people meet each other and start going out. However, both are too shy to be honest with one another, and fearing that it’s another doomed relationship, Chizuru decides she wants to end it before it goes down the drain.

At the same time, Yuudai finally grows some balls and decides he wants to confess his love for Chizuru. He orders a pet rabbit for her as a gift, but due to a mix-up at the pet shop, what Chizuru ends up getting is a mini-donkey. The plot uses this mischievous (and so-ugly-it’s-cute) animal to get Yuudai and Chizuru into situations in which the reader would be able to further understand each of their feelings, before finally uniting the two in a very satisfying ending.

Use SEAMO mail, so you'll see mo' mail!

One thing I found really cute is that the movie managed to incorporate the name of the ED bands into the movie in some way. And surprisingly, both endings were great (there were no OP’s): Mata Aimashou by SEAMO and Zenryoku Shounen by Sukima Switch. I can’t remember much about the actual OST, although the reason is because the OST was incredibly unobtrusive.

Look! I found your cellphone, master!

Wow, isn’t this a short review this time? We’re already at the final sections, art-slash-animation! The art style screams shoujo/josei (both genres that target the female audience). And for good reason, because this is a chick flick if I’ve ever seen one! Still, both Chizuru and Yuudai look pretty plain… but that mini-donkey does not. Hell, it has a yellow nose, green hair and blue panda-spots around its eyes. And a diaper. (Why?!)

Look at dem supports and shit.

Anyways, let’s talk animation. Everything looks almost as if it’s from a refined sketch. The outlines are a little rough around the edges, and aside from the mini-donkey, everything is sort of colored in pastels. Not to say that it doesn’t work, since it does while keeping up with quality. Though the animation of movements isn’t high maintenance, the backgrounds require more detail than your typical show, as the movie’s events revolve around the Tokyo Tower. Therefore there are lots of city-scapes and architectural drawings. Needless to say, the animation gets a thumbs up from me.

And here ends another delicious anime. Nothing let to do but to be over and out! Gochisousama deshita~

Rating Breakdown
A very ordinary chick flick that, through clever execution, becomes an extraordinarily satisfying story of two people.
Although Chizuru and Yuudai don't actual change much, there's a lot of personality exploration to deepen their character.
The art style is very true to its genre and the donkey's design is hilarious.
Animation looks a little rough and sketchy, but the quality never dips.
Both ED's were spectacular.
Definitely watch if you're a fan of shoujo/josei/chick flicks. Even if you're not, you'll still find the movie satisfying at some level.
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Just someone who was born with mugibrows.

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