Horror Hoedown Showdown: Top 10 Final Destination Deaths

Hey everyone, it’s Judge here. Haven’t been posting much due to Guild Wars 2, so I decided now would be a good time to start posting again (really need to be moar focused on getting columns out on time XD). My girlfriend pluffei and I were discussing the Final Destination film series recently, and I thought to myself, “What are the 10 worst death in the series?” Here are my top 10.

10. Final Destination 3 — Lewis Romero

Death by: Head crushed by falling weights

This one is a bit personal; one of my worst fears when I was extremely active in the gym was injuring myself with heavy weights. Getting smashed by a few sends chills up my spine.

9. The Final Destination — Carter Daniels

Death by: Foot caught by tow-hook/dragged against road/burned/blown apart by exploding tow-truck

Funny and brutal.

8. Final Destination 2 — Evan Lewis

Death by: Eye impaled by falling ladder

This just looks painful.

7. Final Destination 2 — Nora Carpenter

Death by: Braids caught in hooks, head caught by malfunction elevator doors/lifted/decapitated

This one freaks me out. This is why I don’t have long hair; getting it caught in something can lead to potential pain…Or death.

6. Final Destination 3 — Kevin Fischer

Death by: Smashed between subway/tunnel wall, flung off back of subway, hit by second train

Due to living in NYC and riding subways all the time, I had to put this one on the list. Damn Death, you scary.

5. Final Destination 5 — Isaac Palmer

Death by: Fell over table/body impaled by acupuncture needles, head smashed by falling buddha statue

Talk about dying when you’re trying to relax. Personally, I would never go to an acupuncture clinic, just because I hate getting stuck with sharp objects. The Buddha statue at the end was pretty funny though. Buddha > Death.

4. Final Destination 3 — Ashley Freund, Ashlyn Halperin

Death by: Both trapped/incinerated in malfunction tanning beds

Getting burned alive sucks. Bad.

3. Final Destination — Valerie Lewton

Death by: Computer shards exploded into throat, kitchen knife falls in chest/forced through by chair, house exploded

What a series of unfortunate events. The explosion at the end added insult to injury.

2. Final Destination 5 — Olivia Castle

Death by: Eye/hand burned by laser, trips on eye/fell out of 6th floor window/lands on car/eye pops out

Another kinda funny death. Unexpected to say the least. I thought for sure the laser would get her.

1. The Final Destination — Hunter “Hunt” Wynorski

Death by: Intestines/organs sucked out by pool drain

This one was incredibly unsettling. Really the only one that made me cringe bad.

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