Review: Animal Crossing: New Leaf


The Animal Crossing franchise is something that I hold dear to my heart because of the fun I had with my brothers back when the original on the Gamecube came out. New Leaf brings much of the same old stuff but with PLENTY new additions. Let’s begin with the review.

First up are the old things that we all love. The fishing, the bug catching, the contests, the lumberjack cutting of trees all return in their individual awesome fashion with added bonuses. New Leaf introduces plenty of new species to the game for fishing and bug catching. A total of 72 bugs and 72 fish allow you to collect and collect and collect to your heart’s content. The contests are the same from what I have seen along with cutting down trees. The element of rare stumps has been added and include things such as a heart shape in the middle of the stump.

We also have the furniture hoarding, gyroid sets, and even new fossils and paintings. Yet with all of this, there is still more. There’s the museum where you can donate your fish, bugs, fossils, and paintings, gold tools, and good ole Tom Nook with his two nephews Timmy and Tommy.

The reappearance of random events are still within the game. Gulliver, Redd, Katrina, and the turnip lady Joan are still here. They all do the same old respective things from the previous games like with Gracie the traveling giraffe giving you some sick wallpapers and carpets. They bring that nostalgic feel and even some easter eggs such as Gulliver referencing Ricco Harbor from Super Mario Sunshine.

Being mayor rules. But that Isabelle...

Being mayor rules. But that Isabelle…

So with that let’s get into the new stuff — the new stores, accessories for your villager, and of course being mayor. New game means new stuff, right? It’s a simple process that all games follow, even Call of Duty. That being said, New Leaf brings in a whole new variety  that will keep you hunting for the matching set. Being mayor adds a whole new dimension to the game. By being the mayor, you essentially get to decide how your town looks and feels as soon as you get out of the gate. I still can’t get over the fact that your assistant Isabelle is secretly undermining you and making you a puppet, but that’s something for another day.

The addition of public ordinances and projects allows you to essentially control the economy as well as give you access to more and more of the goodies that we all want. For example, the campgrounds give you some control as to what villagers live in your town. On top of all this, you have the option to expand the museum and even bring in a Café if one wishes.  The Mable Sisters reappear for another showdown in New Leaf. Designing and selling clothes, buying shoes, and getting new hair styles are all part of the customization that one can achieve.

In addition, we also have the Island where our friendly turtle mayor is with his family. Tortimer essentially is the mayor on the island and holds events so the player can earn currency for the island to buy island specific furniture and goods including plants. The Island is the perfect place to make the big bucks as it is always summer there, and if you plan the island right, you can find the rarest bugs constantly.

You can interact with other players on Tortimer Island

You can interact with other players on Tortimer Island

New Leaf brings in downloadable content each month whether it be furniture or a new outfit. There’s also a social media aspect where snapshots you take can be uploaded to Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr. Then there’s the addition of the Dream Suite, which allows you to share your town with the world so people can “visit” and see what your town is all about. The great thing about this is, since the town you’re visiting is merely just a “dream,” you can do anything you want without affecting the real town it’s based on.

The multiplayer aspect of the game is enhanced to a certain degree but is otherwise still the same. Players can visit other players’ towns via local play or online, and you can engage with other players on Tortimer Island.

With all these great features, if you have a 3DS, I highly recommend picking up New Leaf to add to your game library. Trust me, it’s so worth it.


-Lots and LOTS of stuff to do

-Your hoarding will be taken to the next level

-Plenty of new features

-Being the mayor feels like ruling the world


-Gets repetitive after a while

Rating: 4.5/5


Miscellaneous details:
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Available on: 3DS
Genre: Simulation
Rating: E
Release date: June 9, 2013

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