Second Opinion: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Howdy folks! This week’s review is on the highly esteemed film, The Grand Budapest Hotel. The trailer for this movie is, simply put, awesome, and at first glance it looks like one of those quirky movies that sticks of the usual stink pile of film, and makes movie nerds make whoop whoops for years to come. However, I honestly could not even finish this film. If you would like a more positive outlook, make sure you read Elessar’s review.


Alright, I am about to bash a Wes Anderson film so I will try to be as descriptive as possible as to why I am performing set sacrilege. First of all, a truly necessary shout out to the actors and characters in this film. I thought Ralph Fiennes’ character Gustave was absolutely hysterical, and coupled with his ludicrously loyal busboy Zero, played by Anthony Quinonez, the fault in the film did not at all lie in the characters. I was laughing out loud at the duo’s performance during multiple scenes, and it was probably their performance that kept me engaged for as long as I was.


The fault instead hardcore lies in the story. In short, the film was boring and incoherent. If I were to describe this movie to you, all I could say is that there is a man describing his life as a concierge who “befriended” elderly ladies (sexually of course), and after a particular lover’s death he was left a priceless painting of a ridiculous nature that really rustled some jimmies. I kid you not, this is an hour of movie.


I think the issue with the movie as a whole, as is the issue for most films, is that Anderson saw that his quirky tongue-in-cheek movies were awesome, and bestowed too much of a good thing, making the film incomprehensible to the average movie watcher. Yes, the critiques spilled their tea in excitement at yet another indie marvel, but strictly speaking in terms of entertainment value, I was bored. I honestly do not care how beautiful and creative a film is if I am thinking about what I am going to have for lunch instead of paying attention to the movie.


Therefore, words to the wise, I might think again before embarking upon this film. I was truly dissapointed, and in spite of my high expectations, this film fell too short of them for condolences. Nevertheless, we still have Darjeeling Limited, so at least there is that.







-tried too hard to be different


Rating: 1/5


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