Review: Secret Wars #2

The Marvel Multiverse has collapsed, the entirety of reality is in shambles, and none have been spared from the utter devastation that has brought the lives of our favorite Marvel characters to a halt…none, except for DOCTOR DOOM! In the beginning of the first issue of Secret Wars , we were shown glimpses of Doctor Doom conversing with an ethereal being, who I can only assume to be GOD. How do I come to this conclusion? Well the opening of issue 32 of this story starts off with a police force made up of Thors proclaiming they exist to serve as the bringers of justice under the rule of God, who is then revealed to be none other then Victor Von DOOM!

Secret Wars-2-cover

Now, before I continue any further, if you wish to hear my opinions regarding SECRET WARS #1, you’ll have to go take a peak at my article I posted last week. Link is included in the book title above. NOW, ONTO THE SHOW!

As I said, and as the cover clearly displays, this issue is presented to us through the eyes of the newest member of the THOR CORPS! The Thor Corps is a police force chosen to keep the peace and bring justice to those who would do harm in Doom’s world. They, like all others on the newly Christened BATTLEWORLD, regard Doctor Doom as a God, and the maker of the world around them. This is all very much possible, as we saw Doom conversing with God when the universe was collapsing in upon itself.

Secret Wars-2-1

It appears as if Doom has devised a world to his own preferences. A world meant to house the many denizens of the multi-verse, where the many heroes and villains of the many realities lived under the unquestioned sovereign rule of Doom. Barons rule over the many countries of Battleworld, countries like Higher Avalon, ruled by the the Braddock family (a.k.a. captain Britain and Union Jack’s family of characters). Or the country Bar Sinister, ruled by Mister Sinister of the X-Men’s rogue’s gallery.

The Thor Corps patrol the world and maintain the peace, as well as bring those accused of crimes against god, or treason against a neighboring country, to Castle DOOM, where they are brought before a court of representatives from the far reaches of Battleworld, as well as Doom himself, who sits upon Yggdrasil (the Norse World Tree). It is in this court that blame is cast, and evidence is brought against the accused. After which, Doom deliberates and sentences the guilty to their punishments.

Secret Wars-2-2

If one is convicted and found guilty of a crime punishable by death, one receives a WARRIOR’S death. They are equipped with armor and weapons, and cast into the pits of the DEADLANDS to face off against the MARVEL ZOMBIES.

While this iron-fisted dictatorship is harsh, it is truly a fair system, one that Doom has always wished to achieve. The Battleworld is truly Doom’s ultimate achievement. All he needed do was wait for the end of all to literally reshape reality in his own image. Yet, even with this world as perfect as it is, the world wreaks of unquestionable vanity on Doom’s part. His wife atop the throne of the world is Susan Richards (Mr. Fantastic’s wife), and his sheriff and right hand of the law is Doctor Strange (a long-time mystic rival of Doom’s). These vain additions truly show how simple minded even the greatest visionary like Doom could be.

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This is all well and good, but we are only two issues into this story, what could possibly come about to bring down Doom’s reign? Well, in issue 1, the heroes managed to survive the apocalypse aboard a dimensional life raft, arriving on Battleworld shortly thereafter. They were not the ONLY ones to survive the end however…ULTIMATE Reed Richards (evil) stole 616 Reed Richard’s plans for the life raft and constructed his own, allowing himself and his cabal of Galactic level supervillains featuring the likes of THANOS and TERRAX to survive. They now roam Battleworld and plan to truly bring reality to its end.

The second issue is where I believe this story really gets its footing. Issue 1 felt more like the end to another long story in a book nobody was reading. Issue 2 sets up a whole new world and gently eases the reader into it by use of a readers proxy in the form of a newly christened Thor. If I was to have one issue with this book so far, it would have to be the artwork. Landscapes and details are EXPERTLY drawn, but the character’s faces and facial expressions just come off as weird and distorted. Either way, if you can get past that detail, this is a fine issue, and definitely a better place to start than the first issue was.


-A status quo is set, and the conflict is taking shape

-A great introduction to the setting, and just enough to explain to the reader how this new world works

-a WHOLE NEW WORLD to learn about and explore, WHOLE NEW POSSIBILITIES


-Character’s facial artwork is sketchy at best

-All the tie-in books that are sure to come from this.

Rating: 4/5


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