Review: The Hangover: Part II


In today’s world, sequels are usually a big success or a massive flop. I went hoping for the best for this sequel. The Hangover: Part II had huge shoes to fill trying to live up to its prequel. After all, The Hangover is the most rented movie to date and on top of that earned a large amount of money ($467,483,912). However, I am glad to say the sequel was not so bad.

First off, the sequel was a carbon copy of the first which was expected. The plot is the same in that Phil, Stu, and Allan go on a bachelor party for Stu in Thailand and Allan accidentally drugs them all. They take the genius, soon to be brother-in-law of Stu with them and go out and party like no other. They lose the Asian genius and continue to go through the movie attempting to recover the lost memories the night before. The steps in their recovery were quite predictable but indeed funny. The characters reminded me a lot of the ones from the first, especially the owner of the strip club (he sounds and looks a lot like Eddie from the first one). My favorite character in the movie by far was Leslie Chow. Yet again he makes an appearance and man he makes it worthwhile. The movie was littered with Asian jokes and other crude humor such as Stu getting anally violated at a strip club. These were either funny or just plain nasty. Allan in the movie was basically reduced to a retard…literally. His jokes were funny at certain times but they were mainly just plain stupid. It seems like the events from the first one stayed with Allan and he just can’t get passed them. Doug was present in the movie and he was basically there to keep the story intact. He was called here and there to try to help the 3 find what went wrong the night before and to basically keep the story moving along. One of the best parts in the movie though was the cameo made by Mike Tyson. At the very end, the Champ himself shows up on stage and sings a song and eventually sits down with the guys at the end to find that Teddy’s phone (the Asian genius) has all the pictures from the night before. The lines were exactly the same as the first and the pictures were even more gruesome.

My thoughts coming into this movie was just don’t be a complete failure and thankfully it wasn’t. I was satisfied with the $50 I spent reserving four tickets. Although the story was predictable and it played out exactly as I thought it would (minus a few good jokes and the setting), The Hangover: Part II is definitely a movie to go watch.

Rating: ★★★½☆

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