Review: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

Ah Ocarina of Time. We all remember it from the N64 and the dreaded Water Temple 13 years ago. Now it would’ve been perfect if it was 7 years ago (did you get the reference?) but beggars can’t be choosers. Anyways onto the review.

I want you inside me…

We all know where this game came from. 13 years ago Nintendo decided to bring Link to the N64 with Hyrule, Ganon, Zelda, and even…dare I say Navi. The game itself is presented with a nostalgic feel to all those who played it oh so long ago. And what more is there to say about the presentation other than can we get Majora’s Mask now too?

The gameplay is quite simple. A hero named Link running around in a green, red, and blue tunic using a sword and shield to slash up the baddies. This is all done in 3rd person of course with the ability to zoom and look around in first person when using a bow or a hookshot for example.

The one thing that aggravated me about the controls on the original N64 was when I had to change in and out of those damn boots. Nintendo made the transition flawless with the tap of a button or just taping on the touchscreen allowing you to switch items instantaneously between the four currently selected. The camera was no issue with the lovely “Z-targeting” (now the “L-targeting” for the 3DS controls) and didn’t bother me one bit.

The Water Temple never looked so good…but it’s still annoying as hell.

Now the game remastered in 3D was quite a mind blowing experience. Getting to kill all the baddies in lush 3D was a dream come true and reliving the epic boss battles (except the boss from Jabu Jabu’s belly…come on a jellyfish?) was just a great experience. Although the graphics of the 3DS are not on a caliber with the PS Vita, it was still worth the 40 bucks for this game. No doubt in my mind that the graphics of the game was one of it’s strong points…come on 3D!

The classic sounds of Link as a child doing a forward roll just makes me want to cry…and beat my head with a bat when I hear “HEY LISTEN!!!” God Navi is annoying but other than that the music and the in game sounds were just like the old game. Nothing really changed but hearing it in conjunction with the glorious 3D just brought tears. God you gotta love the sounds of Zelda…especially the famous Hyrule theme song. Da-dadada-duh da! Da da dum dum dum du dum dum….yeah I’ll stop but you get the point.

The dual screens at work.

Rating Breakdown
Just saving Hyrule in updated graphics and 3D. Nothing to see here people. Move along.
Slashing baddies was never so much fun.
Remastered + 3D = win.
Who doesn't love the Lost Woods theme? That's what I thought. How about the Hyrule theme? Thankfully these awesome tunes can make up for Navi's constant nagging.
A true classic reborn! I can find no faults in this masterpiece (besides my obvious Zelda bias :P).