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Greetings Moar Powah, like many of the writers here, I too went to Comic Con, and I too have a few things to say about it. I must apologize for being the last person to get my thoughts out, as I’ve been pretty busy ever since I got back. I also must apologize for the lack of photos, since I still don’t have a working camera. That being said, I do have some things that many of you would be interested in.

Not much happened on Thursday and Friday, unfortunately. I wandered around the show floor for the most part, showing my friend around the place. I did snag the Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya Blu-ray, and got a Viewtiful Joe OST thrown in with that purchase, which was rather nice. I was hoping to go to the Mark Hamill panel, but not even getting there forty-five minutes before it started could’ve gotten me in.

Saturday was a better day. I hit the Bandai panel first (though I only got there halfway in), and most of it was talking about Gundam Unicorn, which was interesting. A lot of details about the dubbing process were revealed. One particular comment that amused me was Bandai mentioning Banagher’s voice actor’s birthday, and how the actors got him cake, even though he was tired from all the screaming. Despite being a tiring process, the staff members who showed up were so enthusiastic about it that I couldn’t tell they were weary at all. In addition, they revealed some release info: we’re getting Tales in two parts, Star Driver (sub only, unfortunately), Turn A Gundam (also sub only), and a few other series. The biggest announcement was the first Gundam getting released in two parts with both English and Japanese audiotrack (for the first time!). Additionally, Akira is getting a Blu-ray release. Immediately afterwards was the Sunrise panel, which was their first at NYCC. The executive producer of Tiger and Bunny, Masayuki Ozaki, was there, running most of the panel. He almost immediately asked the audience what their favorite Sunrise show was. While the first answer to come out was Gintama, the most shouted shows were some sort of Gundam, Cowboy Bebop, and Tiger and Bunny. We were then shown a 20 minute trailer of all the notable things Sunrise did, including most of the Gundams. They then showed off all the shows they did or are doing this year, which included Tiger and Bunny, Sacred Seven (which is getting a compilation movie in the near future), Phi Brain, a sort of puzzle-solving themed anime, Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere, an adaptation of very lengthy and terminology-heavy light novels (oxymorons, ho!), and Gundam AGE. In addition, they mentioned the upcoming Accel World, an adaptation of a series of light novels that involve an overweight kid playing some sort of real life LAN fighting game, or something. Ozaki asked the audience what they thought about the character designs for AGE, and I could’ve sworn I heard Judge shouting that it was too kiddy, and though many shared his opinion, quite a few people were still rather indifferent. Ozaki mentioned that a lot of Japanese fans seemed to think the same way: in his words, “well, they work” (though looking at AGE’s first volume preorder count on, I’m not so sure). Ozaki then asked what our favorite Gundam was, and I immediately shouted out “Turn A Gundam,” and though quite a few people said the same, most people mentioned either G Gundam, Gundam Wing, one of the newer Gundam titles, or one of the popular Universal Century Gundams. At that point, the Unicorn dub staff members showed up again, and they showed us the dubbed trailer for episode 4. I hoped to get a question in regarding Horizon and it’s legendary “impossible to adapt” status, but I was two spots too late for my question (in my place, some rather stupid questions were asked). All in all though, I liked both of the panels.

After that, I waited on like with a couple of friends to play The Old Republic, and it was very much worth it. I chose to play PvP in order to shorten the wait time, as well as to experiment with an already built up character, instead of starting from scratch. While I’ve been out of the MMO loop for a few years, I couldn’t quite compare it to any other experience, but I really liked what I played. I chose the Marauder class, which dual wields lightsabers. The experience sort of reminded me of Fury Warriors from WoW, but playing it felt quite different. While I was initially confused with how some of the skill mechanics work (instead of skills only activating if you’re in range when hitting the key, they activate after you hit the skill key, without you having to move around wildly in order to make sure things connect), I immediately got the hang of it, and started becoming something of a hand-to-hand powerhouse, though I was still very susceptible to ranged attackers. All in all, though we lost, I had tons of fun playing (I also got a free Old Republic t-shirt). I felt like The Old Republic radically improved upon the layout WoW set back in the day, making it feel like a heavy improvement, while still keeping most of the great MMO standards that WoW laid out. Classes had tons of variation in this game, unlike in WoW, where they overlapped quite often in certain regards. Additionally, class balance actually seems feasible: I didn’t feel too overpowered as a Jedi, as I’ve mentioned above with the ranged characters. More often than not, skill determined battle outcomes, and not some sort of rock paper scissor relationship. Overall, if I had the computer specs and time to get into a new MMO, I would totally check it out. For those of you that do have those things, I highly recommend playing it!

Well, that concludes the first part of my NYCC coverage. More of my Saturday and all of my Sunday outings will come in part two!

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