Silverwolf’s 2012 New York Comic Con Quest!

A little over a week ago, I was lucky enough to attend New York Comic Con. Sadly, this year I could only attend on Friday, but that was still plenty of time for me to spend money, see cool things, and get involved in shenanigans. Dressed as New 52 Superboy I charged ahead into the wild reaches of the Javitts Center. Could NYCC this year exceed my previous experiences at this convention?

(Also, apologies in advance for the low-photo quality: I had no choice but to use my cell phone camera)

After waiting a seemingly endless time to enter the convention, my comrades and I (including fenrir) made our way onto the dealers’ floor. Of course, with huge rows of booths it was easy for us to browse there for hours on end. My first target was purchasing a new Mobile Suit model, a Con tradition for me at this point. In years past I’d purchased an EcoPla Gouf and Zaku from Gundam 0083, so this time it was a no-brainer for me to get a long-overdue Kampfer as it’s one of my favorites. Sadly, I haven’t had the chance to build the model yet, but maybe you can expect an article involving my model building in the near future…

Not too long after I made my way to the DC Booth and stood in line with a friend to try out the new fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us. My friend used Nightwing while, I, unsurprisingly, chose Green Arrow. Both of us are decent at fighting games, though by no means pros, so our battle lasted a decent amount of time and gave us a fair chance to see what the game had in store. The controls were easy to learn, and it wasn’t hard to pull off some cool signature moves and combos. This game also has a terrain interaction aspect, but sadly neither of us got a chance to make use of it. The graphics were top notch and the environments were great, feeling like actual locations in the DC Universe rather than just the same plane with a different skin. Ultimately, we both liked the game and agreed we’d probably buy it when it comes out this spring.

Speaking of Nightwing…

Later on, I raced to the Artist Alley where I took the time to meet some of my favorite comic creators including Rod Reis, Cliff Chiang, and Ryan Ottley. Regrettably, I was unable to meet Scott Snyder first hand as he was signing during the only panel I intended to go to, but a good friend of mine was kind enough to get my copy of Swamp Thing Volume 1: Raise Dem Bones signed for me in the meantime. Some people complained about the Artist Alley this year focusing only on well-known and successful industry artists; I have to say my opinion on this fact is mixed. I do like to see up-and-coming artists get their chance, which many admittedly did this year, but at the same time I do agree there were too many…how can I put this…lower-quality booths last year that took up unnecessary space. I don’t think the idea to combine the two artist alleys was the best, but it’s still an improvement in my honest opinion.

I only had a chance to attend one panel, but it was one I couldn’t afford to miss: DC’s Green Lantern panel. The “Rise of the Third Army” arc just started this month, and this huge event will span all the lantern titles including Green LanternGreen Lantern Corps, New Guardians, and Red Lanterns. Writers Tony Bedard and Peter J. Tomasi were both in attendance, as was artist Aaron Kuder. The first half of the panel focused on showing covers of upcoming issues of all four series and hinting at the events entailed during the crossover event. Some cool facts were that Kyle Rayner is working towards becoming a White Lantern to harness the power of all the Corps, while Red Lantern fan favorite (and feline) Dex-Starr will get his own storyline in upcoming issues.

An upcoming cover from DC’s Green Lantern series featuring Earth’s newest Green Lantern, Simon Baz.

The second half of the panel allowed audience questions. I decided to stand in line and, after about twenty minutes of waiting, was rewarded with a chance to ask my big question: “When will we see a human female Green Lantern? And when will we see a male Star Sapphire?” I think at least half the women in the audience cheered. Tomasi smiled and replied simply, “Soon enough, keep reading.” While that may be a hand-wavy way of saying, “Not in the near future,” I’m holding out hope that one or both could show up (though with the recent introduction of Simon Baz I’m thinking the male Star Sapphire is more likely in the near future). All in all, it was a fun panel. The DC creators were great at fielding questions and the other fans all asked insightful and interesting things.

Back at the Artist Alley I was stopped by a woman asking for people to be interviewed for the television series Totally Biased. A friend and I agreed, and were interviewed about diversity in comics. The episode, which premiered this past Thursday, sadly did not show any scenes of Comic Con and instead decided to focus on some minor piece of news called “The Second Presidential Debate.” Even so, it was still a fun interview and shortly thereafter I had a chance to run into some other friends (including Inverseman!).

Awesome new Green Arrow figure coming out in February 2013. You can be damn sure it’s on my wish list.

Before the end of the day, I made sure to head to the one screening I could not miss. Somehow, the stars aligned and the first Berserk film, Golden Age I: The Egg of the King showed in a room far too small to hold all the waiting Berserk enthusiasts. I’m a big fan of the anime and manga, and recently received Volume 36 as an early birthday present. Obviously, everyone in the room was excited since the Berserk anime sadly ended after a brief run over a decade ago. This new movie, however, reunites some of the original cast members and does a great job portraying the initial part of the “Golden Age” arc, including appearances by Nosferatu Zodd and the fate of Count Julius. The dub was great and the animation superb; expect a full review of the film once I pick up the DVD next month!

New York Comic Con 2012 was a great experience! I’m sad I couldn’t go more than one day, but feel I accomplished everything I set out to do and more. If you went this year, what did you think? If you couldn’t make it, would you want to go next year?

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