Moar Powah's very own Clark Kent.

Apr 172014


Valiant Comics started promoting their summer crossover “Armor Hunters” a few months back, and the anticipation continues in this second half of the event prelude. When we last left Aric, a mysterious figure wearing a ravaged armor similar to Shanhara appeared to assault the Visigoth. With high hopes for this continuing series, let’s blast off for X-O Manowar #24!

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Apr 102014


Unity is arguably my favorite comic from Valiant Entertainment, which is really saying something since their titles are at the top of my read pile week after week. Now that a new arc has started, the team has truly begun to coalesce with a core of Livewire, Ninjak, X-O Manowar, and the Eternal Warrior. With adventure ahead, let’s take a look at Unity #6!

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Apr 092014

Magnus Robot Fighter #2

A review copy was provided by Fred Van Lente courtesy of Dynamite Entertainment.

Last month, I had the pleasure to check out Magnus: Robot Fighter #1, part of Dynamite Entertainment’s re-imagining of Gold Key’s classic character. Given how much I enjoyed the first installment, I eagerly awaited the chance to read the next issue. Now that Magnus has found himself a prisoner of the robots of North Am, what will the future spell for this karate-chopping ex-schoolteacher? Let’s rev up our gears for Magnus: Robot Fighter #2!

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Apr 042014


It’s hard for me to believe that it’s been almost three full years since I reviewed Captain America: The First Avenger and almost two full years since I reviewed the comic Captain America: Winter SoldierStill, as I predicted years ago, the next Cap film would adapt this story, not least of which because of a (seemingly to some viewers) minor scene of a certain character meeting his “death” offscreen.

Now we’re within the tail-end of Marvel Studios’ “Phase Two,” as we build towards Avengers: Age of Ultron. But enough about the past: let’s take a look at Captain America: The Winter Soldier!

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Apr 032014
A lot of these people aren't actually involved.

A lot of these people aren’t actually involved.

Silverwolf:  Hello everyone and welcome to another awesome comic discussion! I’m Silverwolf!

Elessar: I’m Elessar and I think you and I have met before…

Silverwolf: Yes…probably somewhere? Anyway down to business! Today we’re here to talk about what is, arguably, the best run X-Men has ever had: Astonishing X-Men by a sort-of kind-of famous guy Joss Whedon. I think he directed some successful movie at some point?

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Apr 032014

Aquaman and the Others #1

Aquaman has long been considered the biggest joke superhero in existence. Thanks to his stint on Super Friends, the character is often relegated to a humorous roles in parodies of comic story lines. Though public perception of Arthur Curry may still be mostly negative, Aquaman has never enjoyed a greater fan following and greater acclaim than during the past three years as Geoff Johns revitalized the character. Crafting a new mythology for Aquaman and Atlantis was one of Johns’s greatest accomplishments, and one of the most popular concepts involves a super team Aquaman led prior to joining the Justice League known as The Others.

Now, thanks to Aquaman’s rising popularity, Aquaman and the Others is a proper ongoing series. Did this series float to the surface or sink with the flotsam? Let’s dive into Aquaman and the Others #1!

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