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Nov 202014

X-O Manowar #30 variant cover

Aric of Dacia survived the threat of the Armor Hunters, and now is the face of Unity, Earth’s premier super team to combat powerful threats to global peace. Nevertheless, everyone’s favorite time-displaced Visigoth can never rest easy, as machinations of a corrupt businessman eat away at the roots of Aric’s life. With this new arc serving to chart the next phase of the Valiant Universe by introducing the Armorines, I eagerly awaited X-O Manowar #30 and was rewarded for my patience.

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Nov 152014

One Piece Collection 10

A review copy was provided by Funimation Entertainment.

One Piece is a highly popular anime, and much of its appeal comes from the exceptional character work, interesting visuals, and compelling plotlines. One of the best parts of the series thus far is known as the Water 7 arc, which sees the Strawhat Pirates head to the titular city in order to find a shipwright to repair their damaged vessel, the Going Merry. Funimation’s latest release, One Piece Collection 10, includes episodes 230 through 252, which comprise the start of this exciting arc.

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Nov 132014

Unity #12

Hot off the heels of “Armor Hunters” comes the latest adventures of Valiant’s premier super team: Unity. The world lies in shambles, and most governments on the planet aren’t too keen on the foremost assembly of superhumans answering to the USA and Great Britain. Thus, this arc sees the introduction of The United, a rival team cultivated from multiple nations. With the amazing team of Matt Kindt and CAFU on board, this issue was high on my reading list. Let’s check out Unity #12!

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Nov 062014

eternal warrior days of steel #1 cover

Gilad Anni-Padda, the Eternal Warrior, is one of Valiant Entertainment’s most interesting characters. Though his solo series had a rocky start and entered a period of limbo, Gilad returned this week headlining a new miniseries titled Eternal Warrior: Days of Steel. Set in the Middle Ages, this series sees our hero tasked with defending a baby who is destined to be a hero of the Franks. Let’s take a look at Eternal Warrior: Days of Steel #1!

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Oct 302014

archer & armstrong #25

I love Valiant Comics, and at the top of their list is Archer & Armstrong. This series combines humor, history, and amazing character work with a good dose of action thrown in. Now, the series has reached its milestone 25th issue. It’s time to check out Archer & Armstrong #25!

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Oct 262014


Archie Andrews and zombies are a combination that shouldn’t work. Heck, it’s a combination that shouldn’t exist. But my word, if Afterlife with Archie isn’t one of the best comics on the market today. With stellar story and artwork, I strongly encourage everyone to check out this horror comic series.

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