Moar Powah's very own Clark Kent.

Oct 162014

chilling adventures of sabrina #1 cover

Archie Comics is probably one of the greatest modern success stories in the comic book industry. Though most people think “wholesome, all-ages fun reminiscent of a bygone era” when the word “Archie” is spoken, the company has achieved massive success by thinking outside the box with their properties, evidenced by the wildly popular Afterlife With Archie. Following the theme of placing their properties into the horror genre, Archie’s CCO Roberto Aquirre-Sacasa brings us another terrifying series: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, aided by the talented Robert Hack. I wasn’t sure what to expect from issue #1, but I was very excited to pick it up. Continue reading »

Oct 122014

magneto #2 cover

Magneto is a popular character, and for good reason. Aside from his iconic power set and appearance, the Master of Magnetism also possesses one of the most interesting character arcs in mainstream comics. While the status quo returns all too often in superhero comic books, Magneto has actually undergone real, discernible change in his 50+ years on the printed page. His ongoing series is no exception, as it explores this complex character, a man who has been a prisoner, a conqueror, and a messiah. Today, I’m here to tell you why you need to check out Magneto. 

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Oct 092014

x-o manowar #0

X-O Manowar has taken fans across the universe, but recently focused on Aric of Dacia’s adventures on Earth. Still, we know very little of Aric’s past, aside from glimpses in flashbacks. This week X-O Manowar #0 arrived to flesh out Aric’s backstory, as we see how he fared as a young Visigoth warrior in Thrace. As always, I had high hopes for this issue, which is one of my favorites monthly comics.

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Oct 022014

green arrow #35 true cover

A new creative team on an established comic series is often met with a mix of fanfare and trepidation. Sadly, in the case of Green Arrow #35, I felt more fear than optimism. Sure, new writers Andrew Kriesberg and Ben Sokolowski are both established writers for both comics and television, but that’s not the issue. No, loyal readers, there’s but one word to sum up my issue: Arrow.

“But Silverwolf, don’t you like that series?” I hear you ask, and I’d respond with, “Yes, that’s right. In fact, I love Arrow.” But see, that’s where the problem lies: I like the Arrow universe because it presents a new spin on my favorite DC hero. I’d prefer if both the comic and the TV series held parallels, but were mostly separate entities. Is this fear justified? Let’s take a look at Green Arrow #35! Continue reading »

Sep 252014

Black Science #1 cover

Continuing my Rick Remender creator owned series kick, today I’m checking out Black Science. This series could not be more different than Deadly Classbut reveals the extent of Remender’s versatility. Joined by Matteo Scalera and Dean White, this series focuses on a group of individuals travelling randomly through the Eververse thanks to a device called The Pillar. Let’s take a look at the first volume of Black Science titled: How to Fall Forever.

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Sep 182014

the delinquents #2

The awesome amalgam of Valiant’s two buddy-comedies continues this week with the release of The Delinquents #2. When we last left our heroes, each was tasked with finding the other half of a map printed on the rear-end of a deceased hobo. In this issue, the two teams meet face to face with explosive and hilarious results. Let’s hop a boxcar as we check out The Delinquents #2!

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