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Aug 282014


Back in December, I picked up and reviewed the first trade of Ghosted, a series involving a team of professional con artists attempting to steal a ghost from a haunted mansion. I loved that concept, and the story and art blew me away. Of course, I was excited to find out the series would continue. With high hopes, I grabbed the second trade of the series, titled “Books of the Dead.” Continue reading »

Aug 212014

Delinquents #1

I remember first learning about Hobo Signs from a Childcraft book when I was around the age of four. Though I hadn’t encountered these signs in daily life, the concept of leaving coded messages to let others know about the local character intrigued me. Little did I know that these sigils would eventually feature prominently in one of the most hilarious comics I’d ever read.

Archer & Armstrong and Quantum & Woody are not only two of my favorite comic series, but also are the funniest comics on the stands. So what happens when you cross these two titles together? You get The Delinquents, a four-issue mini-series from Valiant Entertainment that brings together these two wacky duos on a mission to recover the Lost Treasure of the Hobos. It’s time to ride the rails on the wacky cross-country adventure that is The Delinquents #1!

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Aug 142014

armor hunters #3 cover

As with last year’s “Harbinger Wars,” Valiant Entertainment has found great success with their summer crossover, “Armor Hunters.” This week, the series’ third installment hit stands, and I eagerly snatched it up. With high hopes for this event, which has now passed the halfway point, I dived in Armor Hunters #3.

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Aug 072014

It’s rare that I read a comic that leaves me without an immediate judgement upon completion. Usually, I can at the very least assign a numerical rating after finishing about 3/4 of the comic, evidenced by the values given in my previous reviews. It is rare, however, that I sit there, staring blankly at the ceiling, trying to take in everything about the story I’ve just experienced. Yes, in this case “experienced” is probably a better word than “read.”

That’s right, today I’m tackling Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s Flex Mentallo: Man of Muscle Mystery.

flex mentallo cover

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Jul 312014

Hawkeye #19

Delays are a fact of life: sometimes, events intervene to prevent your most hotly anticipated property from releasing on time. It’s annoying, of course, but if the final product is great, the wait time shouldn’t factor into your judgment. Why preface my review like this? Well, Hawkeye #19 was supposed to come out six months ago.

Hawkeye has been a series that’s garnered lots of fan acclaim and even recently won an Eisner Award for last year’s issue #11. Though this comic has experienced numerous delays since its inception, I want to be clear: such issues shouldn’t affect my view of an issue’s quality. Furthermore, this issue excited me with the prospect of telling a story almost entirely through American Sign Language. With that in mind, let’s take a look at Hawkeye #19!

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Jul 242014

Armor Hunters Bloodshot #1

When Valiant relaunched their universe, I tried to get into Bloodshot by reading the first trade. Sadly, even after a second read-through, I just couldn’t get into the series. Thus, when Armor Hunters: Bloodshot was initially announced, I stated I had no interest in reading the title. But tastes change, my friends, and I decided to give this mini-series, featuring new writer Joe Harris and artist Trevor Harris, a chance. Was my initial skepticism justified or did this comic surprise me? Let’s load up for Armor Hunters: Bloodshot #1! Continue reading »