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Nov 282014

A review copy was provided by the Trident Media Group.

A few months ago, I had the pleasure to read through the first installment of the Romulus Buckle steampunk adventure series from author Richard Ellis Preston, Jr. I greatly enjoyed the book, and eagerly awaited the opportunity to dive into the next chronicle following these characters. Thus, with great gusto, I picked up the second book chronically the travels of the Pneumatic Zeppelin and her crew: Romulus Buckle & the Engines of War.

Romulus Buckle and the Engines of War

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Nov 272014

Back in 2011, DC Comics shook up the comics publishing world with The New 52, in which they rebooted continuity in hopes of gaining increased readership. The plan worked, at least initially, leading to massive spikes in sales for all of their titles. Marvel Comics, as DC’s main rival, was not to be outdone, and launched their own initiative, Marvel NOW!, roughly a year later. Though Marvel NOW! was not a reboot, it did restart most series at #1, offering readers new and old a fresh start for stories about the Avengers, X-Men, Spider-Man, and more. Like DC, Marvel saw a massive sales spike in the wake of Marvel NOW!, and launched a similar initiative a year later known as All-New Marvel NOW! which introduced even more new series, characters, and concepts.

While from an overall sales perspective Marvel’s latest initiatives have been an unqualified success, rats are gnawing at the foot of the House of Ideas. Series after series is cancelled, only for some to be relaunched shortly thereafter with a new #1 (and sometimes almost no changes, as seen with Daredevil and Hulk). While I do enjoy Marvel’s comics, I’m here to discuss why I think their latest strategy hurts the publisher, the comic book industry and, perhaps most of all, the fans.

all-new marvel now banner

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Nov 262014

A review copy was provided courtesy of Funimation Entertainment.

Street Fighter is the world’s most popular fighting game franchise, and with good reason. Aside from the wildly entertaining titles that have graced arcades since the late 80s, Street Fighter also features an amazing cast of characters. As a life-long fan of a franchise, I was very excited when I heard about director Joey Ansah’s film adaptation of the series, titled Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist. Sadly, film adaptations of the series in the past have been major letdowns; would Assassin’s Fist fall into the same category?

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Nov 202014

X-O Manowar #30 variant cover

Aric of Dacia survived the threat of the Armor Hunters, and now is the face of Unity, Earth’s premier super team to combat powerful threats to global peace. Nevertheless, everyone’s favorite time-displaced Visigoth can never rest easy, as machinations of a corrupt businessman eat away at the roots of Aric’s life. With this new arc serving to chart the next phase of the Valiant Universe by introducing the Armorines, I eagerly awaited X-O Manowar #30 and was rewarded for my patience.

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Nov 152014

One Piece Collection 10

A review copy was provided by Funimation Entertainment.

One Piece is a highly popular anime, and much of its appeal comes from the exceptional character work, interesting visuals, and compelling plotlines. One of the best parts of the series thus far is known as the Water 7 arc, which sees the Strawhat Pirates head to the titular city in order to find a shipwright to repair their damaged vessel, the Going Merry. Funimation’s latest release, One Piece Collection 10, includes episodes 230 through 252, which comprise the start of this exciting arc.

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Nov 132014

Unity #12

Hot off the heels of “Armor Hunters” comes the latest adventures of Valiant’s premier super team: Unity. The world lies in shambles, and most governments on the planet aren’t too keen on the foremost assembly of superhumans answering to the USA and Great Britain. Thus, this arc sees the introduction of The United, a rival team cultivated from multiple nations. With the amazing team of Matt Kindt and CAFU on board, this issue was high on my reading list. Let’s check out Unity #12!

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