Celebrity Popularity Skewing Comic Movie Plotlines Or, The Problem With Mystique

If you’re a big fan of Jennifer Lawrence, I’d suggest stopping here. Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of watching X-Men Apocalypse, the latest installment in Fox’s X-Men movie franchise. While I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, particularly any scene involving Nightcrawler, I found it to be deeply flawed. Now, I …

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Bat-ing 52: A Retrospective on Batman by Snyder and Capullo

batman #51

Wednesday April 27th, 2016 saw the release of Batman #51, the final installment in the critically acclaimed run on the series by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. Since September 2011 this team, aided by the likes of Johnathan Glapion, Danny Miki, FCO Plascencia, and Steve Wands, crafted one of the …

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Rise of the C-Listers: Superior Foes of Spider-Man

Boomerang actually does have his badass moments.

Welcome readers, to the first official installment of my Rise of the C-Listers article series. For a brief background on my inspiration for this column, please look over the original article. But either way, I’m glad to be taking this journey into some of comics’ most underappreciated characters. Superior Foes …

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Objection: 2015 Oscar Coverage

Elessar: Hello and welcome to another exciting* edition of Moar Powah’s Oscar coverage. (*Excitement not guaranteed.) I am, as always, Elessar. GuyInTheThirdRow: I’m Guyinthe3rdRow, slowly returning from pseudo-self-imposed exile, which sounds much cooler than it really is. Starshine5050: I’m Starshine, also returning from the oblivion from the dark corners of …

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