Sep 152014

earthsong ch coverDo you love fantasy worlds, but find that every story has the same kind of elves, dwarves, and orcs that are all, well, male?  Earthsong is a fantasy webcomic/graphic novel series written and illustrated by Crystal Yates with a keen emphasis on diverse and largely female-driven plot involving magic and universe-saving. Those that are fans of the newcomer’s self-discovery plot with the addition of lore and humor will enjoy Earthsong. Crystal Yates has diligently updated it as many Mondays as she could since 2004, and it now boasts 13 Chapters to read-through and a reliable schedule to follow. Earthsong also regularly ranks pretty high – #22 this week in fact –  on TopWebcomics, and has an established readership.

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Sep 142014

Welcome back to Give It a Shot! This week, we’re going to be talking about one of the few artists that embodies both old school class and new school values and philosophy. Just unknown enough to give you some hipster creed but well known enough that you can find her fans scattered around the world. If 1920s retro blended with a monochrome-future is wrong, then there are plenty of people who don’t want to be right. That artist is none other than Kanas City native Janelle Monáe.

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Sep 112014

Guyinthe3rdrow: Wait a minute…I recognize this room. We’re back for another round of Objection! aren’t we?

Elessar: Damn that chloroform wore off quick huh? I mean…there’s no recovering from that is there?

Guyinthe3rdrow: Not really. On the plus side, it’s not like that’s the most incriminating thing either of us has been caught on tape for. Anyway, before we dig our graves even further, welcome to another week of Objection! I’m Guyinthe3rdRow, and with me is Elessar

Elessar: Yes I am and I promise to at least try and say something more horrifying than that in this article. Well, we’ve certainly got an interesting topic for that as discussion/debate goes.

Guyinthe3rdrow: With his upcoming, and somewhat headscratching new movie up for release soon…We Need to Talk About Kevin (…Smith, naturally).

"Yes, Kevin. You."

Yes, Kevin. You.

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Sep 072014

Hi everybody! (Hi Dr. Nick!) Okay, I’m not actually Dr. Nick Rivera, just Guyinthe3rdRow here with this week’s installment of Give it a Shot! This is my first time writing for this feature, so bear with me-especially since this is a doozy to recommend here.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes is a series that is incredibly tricky to try and briefly sum up, but I’ll do my best for you.

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Sep 012014

Every year, the Baltimore Convention Center has been home to several major conventions, the most notable of which is OTAKON. However, starting last year, it began hosting a new convention, exclusively designed to spread the Magic of Friendship. This marks the second official year of the LARGEST Pony Convention on the PLANET, being hosted at the Baltimore Convention Center.



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Aug 282014


Elessar: Hello all and welcome to another exciting edition of Objection. I’m Elessar and with me as always is Star…wait a second, you’re not Starshine.

guyinthe3rdrow: And you’re not the free whiskey I was promised!

Elessar: Well then this is awkward all around. With me this time is not Starshine, but my good friend, guyinthe3rdrow, here for his first objection.

guyinthe3rdrow: Hey, at least it’s mutual. And greetings, folks! First time contributor, somewhat long time reader on this feature.

Elessar: Our topic for this week has been covered in a lot of corners of the internet, but not this particular corner. In memory of the dearly departed Robin Williams, we have come up with several of his movies that we feel have been unfairly overlooked, and we’d like to discuss for you.

guyinthe3rdrow: Cause let’s face it – in life, Williams was an insanely prolific performer, working quite regularly even to the end.

Which is why we felt it was somewhat wanting that many of the In Memory pieces kept looping the same four or five movies only.

To the point that, in starting this project, we actually started with a list of titles not to discuss.

Elessar: Indeed we did. Obviously we won’t be including Aladdin, Hook, Mrs. Doubtfire, Good Morning Vietnam…basically if it’s one of the first movies to come to your mind when we say “Robin Williams” it’s probably not on the list. So, with that in mind, care to start us off with our first title?

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