Nov 272014

Back in 2011, DC Comics shook up the comics publishing world with The New 52, in which they rebooted continuity in hopes of gaining increased readership. The plan worked, at least initially, leading to massive spikes in sales for all of their titles. Marvel Comics, as DC’s main rival, was not to be outdone, and launched their own initiative, Marvel NOW!, roughly a year later. Though Marvel NOW! was not a reboot, it did restart most series at #1, offering readers new and old a fresh start for stories about the Avengers, X-Men, Spider-Man, and more. Like DC, Marvel saw a massive sales spike in the wake of Marvel NOW!, and launched a similar initiative a year later known as All-New Marvel NOW! which introduced even more new series, characters, and concepts.

While from an overall sales perspective Marvel’s latest initiatives have been an unqualified success, rats are gnawing at the foot of the House of Ideas. Series after series is cancelled, only for some to be relaunched shortly thereafter with a new #1 (and sometimes almost no changes, as seen with Daredevil and Hulk). While I do enjoy Marvel’s comics, I’m here to discuss why I think their latest strategy hurts the publisher, the comic book industry and, perhaps most of all, the fans.

all-new marvel now banner

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Nov 232014


Carmilla is one of those odd novellas that I feel like a lot of people have heard of but I don’t know how many people have actually read. I mean, I’ve read it, but I’m one of those incredibly annoying people who likes knowing that this was actually the earliest modern vampire tale. Still, it’s an interesting story (quickly put: A lonely noblewoman named Laura’s family begins taking care of another woman named Carmilla, who might be A, obsessed with her in a way that is as explicitly romantic as could be in 1871 and B, is a vampire). It’s always been popular novella for adaptation (though not as popular, or successful, as it’s younger sibling Dracula) although I wouldn’t have really pegged it for an adaption into a webseries.

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Nov 162014


Ah New York Comic Con. NYCC. The Big Apple Comics Collective. It’s been just under a month since I attended and it’s about time I reported on it. And the way I feel about NYCC is… it was okay.

Well I guess that’s about it for this week, see you next week.

[Editor’s Note: Hold on a minute]

Okay so I’m back from a talk with my superiors, where they explained that they’ve been very patient with me, both in regards to NYCC and in general. So I suppose I do have to talk about NYCC in more depth. That said, I stand by my initial reaction, so let’s see if we can’t back engineer this feeling.

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Nov 132014


Starshine: Hello Internet, welcome to another round of Objection where two writers debate about pop culture instead of using that time to do useful things, like end world hunger. As always, I’m Starshine.

Elessar: And I have decided to be Elessar, if only for this week.

Starshine: And today we’ll be taking about Interstellar, particularly whether or not the film was good. Since I’ll be posting a review about this movie soon, I’ll let Elessar take the first crack at it.

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Nov 092014

It’s so rare to find a good horror writer outside of the Stephen King school of writing. It’s even rarer to find one who pulls in the perspective not of American White Anglo-Saxon culture, pulling in creatures and creepers we were never even aware waited out in the infinite stretch of darkness. Stephen Graham Jones is one such author – mixing together a keen sense of pop culture witticism with the old villains from his Native American heritage. It has never so smartly wrapped into one perfect package as with his latest collection of short stories, After the People Lights Have Gone Off.

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Nov 092014

So, what happens when not only are you being hunted down like a game animal, but the same is happening to every version of you from every parallel dimension? You gather what remaining versions of yourself that you can, and you TEAM UP! Over the past 2 months, we have been leading up to the SPIDER-VERSE storyline, and it has FINALLY begun! With every version of Spider-man ready to be hunted down, the ones who managed to escape being killed have begun to gather, forming a SPIDER-ARMY ready to take on the family of Inheritors!


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