Apr 232015

Archer & Armstrong Vol 1 cover

Hello everyone and welcome to another session of Silverwolf Suggests, the column where I recommend a comic to a friend, buy it for them, and then we talk about their thoughts on the series. This time, Guyinthe3rdrow joined me to talk about Archer & Armstrong Volume 1: The Michelangelo Code by writer Fred Van Lente and artist Clayton Henry. What did he think of the series? Read on to find out!

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Apr 192015

Over the past year, Disney has set about releasing back stories in comic format for some of their most famous theme park attractions. They began with the MUSEUM OF THE WEIRD featured in the Haunted Mansion, and followed it up with a far better selling and more recognizable, FIGMENT. Figment is basically the mascot of Disney’s EPCOT park, and one of their most endearing mascots to boot. So how does one follow up easily the most recognized character in the series thus far? With one of the most exciting rides in all of Magic Kingdom!

Big thunder mountain-cover


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Mar 232015

Hello everyone and welcome to another exciting edition of Silverwolf Suggests! Each month, I select three different comics for a friend that I think she or he will like. The friend then selects one of the three, and, if they like, I’ll purchase it for him or her. Later, we discuss the comic, the results of which are shared here!

This month, I’m joined by my friend Oliveblair, who read Saga Volume 1 by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples at my recommendation. It’s a highly regarded comic, and so I was very intrigued to hear her thoughts on it.

Saga #1

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Mar 162015

Marvel has been the centerpiece of much controversy amongst comics fans in recent months. Between their supposed rebooting of the comic universe and the many “revelations” brought forth by recent event comics, some readers tend to wonder if Marvel’s writers have truly gone off the rails. This question is becoming more prevalent as Marvel has announced the upcoming DEATH of Deadpool , their fan-favorite mercenary and goofball. Deadpool has heralded one of the most thought-provoking, deep, and mature titles of recent years, and seeing Gerry Duggan’s run come to a close is definitely a great shame.

However, as we march to Deadpool’s demise, what is Deadpool up to as of late? What trouble is he finding himself in that may lead to his death? Well, the short version…bad shit…the long version? Let me clue you in.

Deadpool 43 cover


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Mar 082015

Two series down, and two to go. The Star Wars comics produced by Marvel have been a ROUSING success, in both quality and sales for Marvel these past 2 months. Between the personal tales of the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader, and the continuing tales of the crew of the Millennium Falcon, these two books have offered great stories and insight into these beloved characters.

Marvel continues this trend by delving into the mindset of Princess Leia Organa, and her perceptions and reactions to the events which unfolded in Star Wars Episode IV. In A New Hope, Leia’s home planet of Alderaan was destroyed by the Empire’s Death Star, completely wiped clean from the universe. Losing one’s home planet is OBVIOUSLY more than likely to upset one’s mindset and cause them to break down, but we never saw this in the movie, in fact she remains rather calm even after she sees her planet destroyed. This new title delves into her thoughts and give a back story to how Leia comes to grips with her loss. How does she do it? LETS FIND OUT!

Princess Leia-1-cover

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Mar 032015

The Spider-verse event has finally come to a close, our heroes have prevailed and now rest in their own respective worlds. The inheritors are vanquished, the multi-verse is safe, and the Spider’s are free to roam across the web of life and destiny. But where does that leave our heroine, Gwen Stacey? What state is her world in after being forced into recruitment by the Spider-army? Apparently, things have not been going very well.

In Gwen Stacey’s Spider themed world, some aspects of the world are quite similar, in that J. Jonah Jameson is the mayor of NYC and a Kingpin rules the criminal underground. Some things, however, allow this world to stand on its own: the Kingpin is not the obese Wilson Fisk, but instead that title is Given to the blind man MATT MURDOCK!

Another interesting twist is that after Police Chief Stacey is relieved of duty and he is replaced by a hard-nose loose cannon cop who doesn’t play by the rules named FRANK CASTLE! What’s more, Castle is a dirty cop who is in the mayor’s pocket, trying to find evidence linking Spider-woman (Gwen Stacey) to a string of crimes. Lets see what Gwen has to deal with in the premiere issue of SPIDER-GWEN!


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