Sep 012014

Every year, the Baltimore Convention Center has been home to several major conventions, the most notable of which is OTAKON. However, starting last year, it began hosting a new convention, exclusively designed to spread the Magic of Friendship. This marks the second official year of the LARGEST Pony Convention on the PLANET, being hosted at the Baltimore Convention Center.



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Aug 282014


Elessar: Hello all and welcome to another exciting edition of Objection. I’m Elessar and with me as always is Star…wait a second, you’re not Starshine.

guyinthe3rdrow: And you’re not the free whiskey I was promised!

Elessar: Well then this is awkward all around. With me this time is not Starshine, but my good friend, guyinthe3rdrow, here for his first objection.

guyinthe3rdrow: Hey, at least it’s mutual. And greetings, folks! First time contributor, somewhat long time reader on this feature.

Elessar: Our topic for this week has been covered in a lot of corners of the internet, but not this particular corner. In memory of the dearly departed Robin Williams, we have come up with several of his movies that we feel have been unfairly overlooked, and we’d like to discuss for you.

guyinthe3rdrow: Cause let’s face it – in life, Williams was an insanely prolific performer, working quite regularly even to the end.

Which is why we felt it was somewhat wanting that many of the In Memory pieces kept looping the same four or five movies only.

To the point that, in starting this project, we actually started with a list of titles not to discuss.

Elessar: Indeed we did. Obviously we won’t be including Aladdin, Hook, Mrs. Doubtfire, Good Morning Vietnam…basically if it’s one of the first movies to come to your mind when we say “Robin Williams” it’s probably not on the list. So, with that in mind, care to start us off with our first title?

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Aug 242014

Returning once again for another week (and hopefully for Forever) is another round of Weekend Webcomics! I’m teaming up with the fabulous Vidasoy to share our love of all things webcomics, from decades-long series to ambitious short projects, we’re here to recommend and analyze what webartists and writers have to offer for the curious reader. To kick off this week, we’re going to take a look Dreamless, a webcomic that is pretty darn romantic. With elements of the supernatural and the sublime, of passion flared from circumstance and high-stakes and high-adventure, all rolled up into a beautifully illustrated package–and best of all, it’s a completed work and completely free to read.


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Aug 212014


Ah, ConnectiCon. Of all of the cons I’ve attended, it’s probably my favorite (Editor’s Note: he’s only attended like, 4 cons). It’s a bit on the smaller side, true, but that affords it a more personal touch and gives you a chance to actually interact with the guests, as opposed to most of the other Cons I’ve attended where you wait in line for 4 hours to get to shake hands and run off…not that I’m bitter or anything. Also it’s the only convention that’s allowed me to host a panel thus far…which come to think of it doesn’t speak too well of their sanity, but never mind.

But despite that, I found myself unable to enjoy the Con as much as I usually do this year. I has spent the entire week before the convention battling an illness and was, as a result, rather out of it during the actual Con. But I have a duty to report to you my ConnectiCon experiences, regardless of how limited they were.

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Aug 172014

I’m not one for mystery novels, personally. In fact, I would have never even picked up the book had my father not been totally enamored with the series, already very popular in our homeland of Spain. Most often what I hate about detective novels, but not detective TV series, is the demeanor of the detective. Usually, writers like to go for the stoic and gruff archetype, sometimes an alcoholic, sometimes a divorced, often both. It’s honestly quite boring because it feels like they are all carbon copies of each other. Not so with Costas Haritos.

deadline in athens

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Aug 172014

Surrounded by a bunch of neckbeards

FSN Shirou meets Saber

The ideas of subculture and pop culture are wide and multilayered. What is “anime”?  What counts as “anime”? And numerous other questions rise as the years go by. Tonight, the Inverseman shall investigate.

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