Jul 172014

Silverwolf: Hello everyone and welcome to another exciting roundtable! I’m Silverwolf, the awesome editor!

Elessar: And I’m Elessar the awesome…I just realized I don’t know my offiical title? God Emperor?

Silverwolf: Sure, you can take that one, but stay away from my Psykers! Anyway, 40K jokes aside, we’re here to talk about comic book fans requests vs. actual purchases.

In short, Internet forums (and local shops) tend to explode with vitriol whenever either Marvel or DC publishes a “derivative” title (i.e. another Avengers or Bat-family title). They demand “something different” more often than not. Yet, at the same time, whenever those companies do try something off the beaten path (such as All-Star Western) the fan following is merely a trickle, whereas the umpteenth X-Men title sells well enough to survive despite a lack of “innovation.” Your thoughts, Elessar?

Elessar: Oh that’s not just comics fans. That’s everything. It’s a commonly known phenomena. When asked what kind of coffee they want, they’ll say they want a rich dark roast, because they think it sounds good but that’s not what they buy. That’s why American Hustle (a good, but totally generic movie) made 250 million while Cloud Atlas struggled to even match it’s budget.

No, I'm not bitter about it, what made you think that?

No, I’m not bitter about it, what made you think that?

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Jul 162014

So did you know Weird Al, singer-songwriter extraordinaire, has been around since 1976? Like no joke, he’s been around for a very long time. But it seems like yesterday that I was bopping around to a CD and screaming “The Saga Begins” from his 90’s album, Running With Scissors (much to the dismay of my parental units). And every few years or so, Weird Al keeps us spinning with each new parody poking fun at pop-culture and reveling in the catchy qualities of the latest hits bent and twisted with new, ridiculous lyrics.


He might have started in the 70s, but Weird Al remains a cultural icon for his pop parodies and personality.

So what is it exactly that makes Weird Al a surprisingly relevant musical figure—when the songs that he parodies sometimes fall off to the wayside as relics of their time? Continue reading »

Jul 132014

If you’re a literary thrill-seeker like me, you know that good, suspenseful books are hard to come by. Every so often, after lots of digging, you come across that one book that restores your faith in good horror writing, that there is, in fact, hope in a genre filled with half-assed detective stories and tales of broken secretive marriages. Penpal by Dathan Auerbach does all that and more, sating all of your creepy cravings.

Penpal Cover

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Jul 072014


Judge, Laevatein, and Kaushik are back again, this time discussing the merits of the super popular show Code Geass. Is this series truly deserving of all the praise, or is it merely an over-hyped spectacle? Almost 6 years after it finished airing and the debate continues to rage on. Click here to listen!

Jul 032014


Elessar: Happy 4th of July everyone, and welcome to yet another thrilling edition of Objection! I am, as always Elessar.

Starshine: And I’m the semi-patriotic Starshine.

Elessar: And in honor of the forthcoming holiday, Starshine and I have elected to cover a subject that’s very close to our hearts: Best 4th of July movies. Starshine, you care to start us off?

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Jun 302014


Our resident mecha experts Judge, Laevatein, and Kaushik discuss episode 7 of Gundam Unicorn. They also give their thoughts on the series as a whole. Where does this Gundam installment rank among all the series? Click here to listen!