Apr 202014

Nic Cage 1

In case that subtle author picture, or my Twitter profile photo didn’t alert you to this, I have an affection for Nicolas Cage. Roger Ebert once said that he is a ‘…good actor in good movies and an almost indispensable actor in bad ones,’ and I think that about sums him up. But despite my love of seeing him in bad or silly movies (Face/Off is a dumb movie, but it is also an entirely successful and extremely competent action movie, not so much Ghost Rider) I have to continually inform people that in the right part or with the right director, he is a damned fine actor. And so, with a lull in movie releases while I try to find The Raid 2 and avoid Heaven Is For Real and A Haunted House 2 like the plague, I thought I’d draw attention to some of his under appreciated good performances.

Note: Leaving Las Vegas and Raising Arizona have been excluded from this list, as everyone knows they’re good.
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Apr 172014


Hey it’s your friendly neighborhood Judge here! The Deadpool vs. Carnage mini-series has begun, and Arc and I give out initial thoughts on this crazy crossover! Click here to listen!

Apr 162014

As the summer movie season rolls in on us I cannot help but notice a trend. Brace yourselves: the YA dystopian novel book adaptations are coming. With the success of The Hunger Games it’s no wonder people want to bank on stories of scrappy young teens struggling to survive in crumbling “utopian” societies.  But alas, I cannot help but cringe at this summer’s hot, new book-to-film adaptation:  The Giver.

This summer's newest YA dystopia may not be the book movie we want at all

This summer’s newest YA dystopia may not do its original novel justice

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Apr 122014

Arc and company get together to discuss Captain America: The Winter Soldier. (While you’re at it, check out our Silverwolf and Elessar’s reviews of the film!)

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Apr 032014
A lot of these people aren't actually involved.

A lot of these people aren’t actually involved.

Silverwolf:  Hello everyone and welcome to another awesome comic discussion! I’m Silverwolf!

Elessar: I’m Elessar and I think you and I have met before…

Silverwolf: Yes…probably somewhere? Anyway down to business! Today we’re here to talk about what is, arguably, the best run X-Men has ever had: Astonishing X-Men by a sort-of kind-of famous guy Joss Whedon. I think he directed some successful movie at some point?

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Mar 272014

Starshine5050Welcome once again to another rousing rendition of Objection! I’m Starshine.

ElessarAnd I’m…someone. Elessar I think? That sounds right.

Starshine5050And today we’re hear to discuss the Oscars results. Now Elessar, wouldn’t you agree this year’s event was definitely an interesting one?

ElessarIt was indeed. Well the actually wins were quite interesting. The ceremony was kind of meh overall, but hey the movies I wanted to win won, so I ain’t complaining.

Starshine5050True that! Speaking of wins, who was your favorite winner of the night?

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