Jan 272016
So shiny, so gold...

So shiny, so gold…

Elessar: Hello and welcome to another exciting* edition of Moar Powah’s Oscar coverage. (*Excitement not guaranteed.) I am, as always, Elessar.

GuyInTheThirdRow: I’m Guyinthe3rdRow, slowly returning from pseudo-self-imposed exile, which sounds much cooler than it really is.

Starshine5050: I’m Starshine, also returning from the oblivion from the dark corners of grad school, which is definitely uncool.

Elessar: Well I have been rather definitively present on the site, and that is definitely cool. But we’re not here to talk about who’s cool or not (it’s me). We’re here to talk…about the Oscars.

Starshine5050: Ah, yes, the soon to be the whitest program on TV

Elessar:  I dunno, Supernatural got renewed

Starshine5050: And worst pop culture reference in a post goes to…

GuyInTheThirdRow: Was about to say…yeah, I can’t top that one. I’ve just been calling it the Blizzard of 2016.

Elessar: Oh I’m sure I’ll make a worse pop culture reference by the end of the post, you know me.

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Jun 252015

This is the hardest post I’ve ever had to write. As you can probably guess from the first half of the title, this will be my last post on Moar Powah. I’ve been writing for this site for four years, and in that time I’ve certainly improved as a writer, but more importantly I was allowed the chance to collaborate with some amazing peers. Everything I did on this site was au gratis, but the real payment was the camaraderie of my fellow writers.

I’ve been thinking about leaving for some time now. Not for any one reason in particular, but a confluence. I love talking about and reviewing comics, but as it stands it’s just become harder for me, not easier. I find myself becoming more critical of comics as I read them, trying to find a number in my head before the issue even ends. I’ve bought and read some comics I knew I wouldn’t like, simply so I could review them.

But I can’t dwell on the negatives. I still love comics, and think retiring from reviewing them regularly may help strengthen that love. That’s why, as a final post, I want to talk about Green Arrow.

green arrow futures end

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Jun 222015

Silverwolf: Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Silverwolf Suggests! I’m joined today by Starshine to talk about the first volume of my favorite horror comic series, Locke & Key. Starshine, could you please give our readers a brief summary of Locke & Key: Welcome to Lovecraft?

Starshine: Sure! We first meet the Locke family on arguably the worst day of their lives. While Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode are out of the house, Sam Lesser kills their father and beats their mother on the search for a key. However, Sam ultimately fails and is incarcerated and what remains of the Locke family heads to the island of Lovecraft to live with their paternal uncle. However, as they begin to rebuild their lives, sinister forces are at work to unlock some truly dark magic.

Locke & Key Volume 1

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May 312015

Hello readers and welcome back to another thrilling installment of Give It a Shot! Previously in this column we have recommended a lot of quality web series. Carmilla, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Romance of the Three Kitchens. This one I want to talk about today has, in fact, got these show beat in terms of cross-media storytelling. An adaptation of the popular 20th century classic, The Secret Garden, The Misselthwaite Archives opens up the world of Mary Lennox, a teen who moves in with her uncle and cousin after her parents die in a terrible accident.

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May 302015


Silverwolf: Hello everyone and welcome to the latest installment of Silverwolf Suggests! I’m here with Elessar to talk about Harbinger Volume 1: Omega Rising from Valiant Entertainment. Elessar, could you please give a brief summary of the comic for our readers?

Elessar: …Wait, I was supposed to read it? Then what’s the point of you suggesting it to me?

Ahem. Harbinger is devoted to Peter Stanchek. Peter is a psionic, which is this week’s copyright friendly term for “Person With Superpowers.” In this case, he’s got telepathy and telekensis, amongst other things.

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May 152015

DC Comics presents us with one of the most fascinating superheroes of all time: Batman. Arguably his super power is his immense wealth and equally immense intelligence, but he does not, in fact, have any super-human powers in his own universe. In this way, Batman is thought of to be one of us, a human who stands amongst Gods. However, is Batman really one of us, aided only by a strong mind and a family fortune? Do we want him to be one of us? And do we want to be him?

Today, I’ll be looking into what makes Batman the caped crusader we know and love and asking an important question: are we, in fact, all Bat people?


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