Sep 052015


Note: Elessar first played this game when it came out, but he’s been too busy to review it up until now. Also, he is aware that the PC version of this game launched in such a hilariously awful state that they eventually had to pull it off Steam but…he played it on the PS4, so that won’t really affect his review.

Batman is an odd concept when you think about it. Fans of the older comics love pointing out to me that they were much more kid friendly than most modern interpretations, but when you unpack the concept, it’s always been pretty dark. At it’s core, Batman is a concept about an 11 year old boy who sees his parents get gunned down, snaps and decides to dress up as a bat to fight crime. That’s pretty dark.

Still, the character has remained extremely popular, with the last two movies starring him both grossing over a billion dollars. And more recently, the Arkham games have been selling like gangbusters and racking up acclaim. And while I skipped Arkham Origins due to middling reviews and a lack of funds, I was pretty stoked about Arkham Knight.

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Jul 142015


Batgirl: A Matter of Family, the first piece of DLC for Batman: Arkham Knight, is now available for Season Pass holders. If you didn’t purchase the Season Pass, you can buy it for $6.99 starting July 21st. Early reviews have been average, criticizing the short length.

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May 152015

DC Comics presents us with one of the most fascinating superheroes of all time: Batman. Arguably his super power is his immense wealth and equally immense intelligence, but he does not, in fact, have any super-human powers in his own universe. In this way, Batman is thought of to be one of us, a human who stands amongst Gods. However, is Batman really one of us, aided only by a strong mind and a family fortune? Do we want him to be one of us? And do we want to be him?

Today, I’ll be looking into what makes Batman the caped crusader we know and love and asking an important question: are we, in fact, all Bat people?


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May 072015

So, we made it. First season done.

It’s been a bumpy ride getting here. When it comes down to it, the season ends on a note much like we started the show on – showing a lot of promise in some areas while still really needing to either retool or drop others.

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Mar 062015

As it’s been working out the bugs during its first season, one of the things Gotham has been wrestling with is its matter of tone. Some episodes feel completely at home in any general crime procedural while others swing to the other extreme, embracing the more comic book elements of the series’ origin.

That these two styles would eventually find overlap in an episode was all but inevitable. The result is better than I was expecting.
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Feb 252015

Well, I’m now heaving a sigh of relief.

After feeling disappointed by last week’s episode, this was a step back in the right direction. Some interesting twists in continuing stories paired with an interesting case of the week add up to a solid episode this time around.

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