Oct 282014

It’s the last week of October. In television, that means this is the week every show either does an explicitly Halloween-themed episode, or at least one with a darker/more horror-based angle.

Which brings us to this week’s episode, involving an old case from Bullock’s past – an occult-based murderer targeting Gotham’s wealthy who claims to be channeling an ancient spirit, and the possibility of murder continuing from beyond the grave.

Most of the above is really just window dressing for the holiday, but it does hit on one good thing about this episode: after being a supporting force over the past few weeks, we get Bullock in the limelight. It turns out to be one of the better decisions the show has made in a while.

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Oct 212014

Over the past few weeks, I’ve talked about how Gotham has been trying to find its tone- the mixed results. The Balloonman introduced a bit more of the comic book feel to the show and while parts of it worked, it clashed with the preceding episodes. By comparison, Arkham tried for a more serious feel that made for an interesting overall story, but characterization varied wildly as a result.

With Viper, the show seems to be trying to set a balance between those two styles. There are definitely some elements that seem more at home in the comics – most notably with regards to the titular drug – but we’re also seeing build on the long game storyline it set up last week.

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Oct 142014

It took me a few weeks, but I think I’ve finally nailed down the biggest weakness this show has to overcome, thanks to this episode.

I mean, it’s not a bad episode overall, but it highlights what is currently the show’s biggest shortcoming.
Like so many other Batman adaptations out there, it’s hard to make the city’s good people anywhere near as memorable as its villains. Arkham shows us that Gotham is having the same issue.

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Oct 072014

This week presents an interesting question regarding how this series is going to proceed. To be honest, I imagine it’s one the show’s going to be mulling over for quite some time, at least as far as this first season is concerned.

There’s always that challenge that comes with adapting comics – especially when you do it with a television show budget – of just how much you want to own up to those comic book roots. Movies don’t have that problem anywhere near as much, thanks to audiences coming around at the box office and studios offering some creative freedom, but shows still need to balance that with what they can afford on a week to week basis.

Which is part of why Gotham has some solid footing to start with, but it also places some tricky expectations on the show that this week touches on.

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Sep 302014

Inspired by the success of Garfield Minus Garfield, Fox once again brings us Batman Minus Batman.

Okay, that came across as more of an insult than I meant it to. I’m still pretty on board with this show as of this episode. It’s showing some bits of improvement over the pilot, but it also has still got a ways to go to really get there. At the same time, it has enough positives to keep me watching in the meantime, so there’s that.

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Sep 232014

Well, it’s officially Fall.

This means I look to get a good deal busier as more shows step up to the plate for the season. It stands to be an interesting spread coming up.

Especially with regards to one particular aspect of entertainment – the long running DC-Marvel turf battle has been slowly spilling over from movie theaters into living rooms. Last year saw the first rounds between Arrow and Agents of SHIELD end in a pretty close race - Agents had ratings, but Arrow had built up a solid following. Marvel remains king at the box office, but DC’s kicking pretty hard on the air. Born of the surprise success of Arrow, they’ve now got three new titles coming out this season to try and solidify their hold. Of those, right now Gotham is probably the most high profile on the table.


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