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Hello all and welcome to another edition of Silverwolf’s Den! Today I’m reviewing Superman #3, the continuing saga of one of the most famous, prolific, and best loved superheroes of all time! I’ve been following the series since its relaunch in September, and reviewed issue #1 right here on the site (I was unable to type up a review of issue #2, but I liked it a lot). There has been a lot of build up in the first two chapters, hinting at a huge new force that will shake the foundations of the DC Universe; was more of the mystery revealed in this issue? How did this entry into the Superman saga shape up compared to the earlier editions?

The story of Superman #3 centers around the aftermath of the alien attacks of the first two issues. A reporter calls into question whether Superman is a defender of Metropolis or whether these creatures would never attack had the Man of Steel not made Earth his home. The history ties in quite nicely to Action Comics, referencing the stories of the first few issues and tying the New 52 together quite well. Meanwhile, Superman himself debates the same question, wondering if indeed he is the cause of these assaults on his beloved city. It is not long, however, before Superman encounters another extraterrestrial threat, this one a creature of ice, that seeks to freeze the entirety of Metropolis! Can our hero save the city and defeat this beast without causing unnecessary harm to civilians?

George Perez continues his run as the creative crafter of Superman’s stories. The plot in this issue follows the general formula of the first two: Clark Kent’s life is far from perfect, a new alien creature takes over the body of a Metropolis resident, and Superman defeats said creature. For the first two issues this was fine, but now it seems a bit overdone; they say “third time’s the charm” but I don’t always agree. I did, however, think it was great how this issue’s plot referenced the current plot of arc of Action Comics; this choice makes the Superman mythos of the New 52 feel more cohesive. Additionally, I like how this issue questioned Superman’s place on Earth, again similar to the current plot of Action Comics. In summation, the story this time around was decent, but I’m hoping things diverge from this formula in the next issue and beyond, or at least give it more of a different spin.

Nicola and Trevor Scott handle Superman #3’s artwork. The art style appears similar to the previous issues, but some of the scenes seemed sketchier and, as is often my pet peeve, hastily drawn. The scenes of frozen Metropolis looked great, but they are the exception rather than the rule. The ice monster, while a cool idea (no pun intended), came off as overly simplistic in my eyes. All in all, there isn’t much I have to say about the art except that it felt mediocre.

Superman #3, though probably key in advancing this plot line, failed to excite me. The action sequences were less exciting, the dialogue less witty, and the artwork less appealing. It’s a shame not only because I love Superman but also because the first two issues are some of the best of the New 52 I’ve read thus far. I would have to say that this issue is enjoyable, but don’t read it expecting something amazing or groundbreaking.

Rating: ★★½☆☆

Brett Simon is a twenty-two year old comic enthusiast. He gets the feeling that 3 is the “cursed number” of the comic industry, as all the #3s he’s reviewed have been less than stellar. He does, however, have lots of hope for the #4s he’ll read in December! 

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