Silverwolf’s Den: Green Arrow #6

It’s the first week of the month and you know what that means: time for me to revisit the continuing tale of my favorite bowman, Green Arrow. Lately, the Emerald Archer has received a lot of media attention with not only his Justice League debut coming in Issue #8 but also a proposed television pilot, which I hope is good enough to become a full-fledged series. The pilot builds off the character’s popularity in Smallville but with decidedly different slants (take a look at some information regarding the cast of characters here).

Clearly, there’s been a lot of media buzz about Green Arrow. Ultimately, however, it’s his own comic title that holds the most weight for me and most GA fans. Things were a bit bumpy for the first few issues, but started to turn around in Issue #4. This week’s release, Issue #6, is the last one featuring Dan Jurgens and Keith Giffen as Ann Nocenti and Harvey Tolibao are taking over the writing and art, respectively, starting with Issue #7. Did Jurgens and Giffen finish their run well or will the series require another “mini reboot” in its next title?

We start in the thick of action in Green Arrow #6: Midas lies wounded, while Green Arrow himself has a gun to his noggin, courtesy of Blood Rose. In a surprising twist, Blood Rose shoots GA but ensures he survives, noting the risk of involving the superhuman community (which Ollie himself later says he doesn’t feel he’s a part of). Not wanting to leave things to chance, GA tracks down Midas and Blood Rose for a final confrontation…will he defeat these two villains? And what ties do they have to his past? You know I’m not a big one for spoilers, but I’ll tell you now that while the first question is answered rather awesomely, the second is almost totally ignored.

Green Arrow #6 really was a great read: I got my fill of action, drama, suspense, and even humor. I’m really glad how well Giffen and Jurgens finished the story, albeit I wish they’d expanded on Midas’s backstory more and their choice for Blood Rose’s “secret” seemed a little weird to me, though it was original at the very least. There’s not much more for me to say on the plot front: it was enjoyable from start to finish and I feel as if most GA fans would get a kick out of it.

The artwork really shown in this latest chapter in Oliver Queen’s story. The opening splash page of Blood Rose threatening Green Arrow looked amazing, and things only got better from there. Ignacio Calero, the penciller for this issue, did a fantastic job. I felt excitement on every page and spent a lot of time admiring the artwork. Midas looked especially cool in this issue, much closer to his appearance on the cover which not only made things fit together better but also gave us a better character design. I’m really impressed with this art and hope I can see more of Calero’s work in the near future.

Green Arrow #6 is an exciting ride from start to finish. The plot is enjoyable and the artwork is amazing. I really think the series has turned around quite a bit, and I think this issue is definitely worth the buy. With a new arc coming up, I’ve never been more excited to see what’s on the horizon for Green Arrow. Until next time, keep your quiver stocked!

Rating: ★★★★½

Brett Simon is a twenty-two year old comic enthusiast. He’s definitely going to pick up a longbow this Summer and finally get back to practicing archery. 

Also, this is a bit unorthodox, but I’d like to dedicate this article to one of my best friends, Kevin Johnson. Kevin recently passed away and today would have been his 22nd birthday. I miss him tremendously.

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