Silverwolf’s Den: Action Comics #6

An entire army dedicated and killing Superman steals the kryptonite engine of the rocket that bore him to Earth and now there’s only one person who can stop them…Superman…from the future! This harrowing tale of excitement (and time travel) is the basis of Action Comics #6.  Aided by his longtime friends the Legion of Super Heroes, can the present Man of Steel prevent the destruction of his younger self? More importantly, did this story stack up as interesting or has writing become Grant Morrison’s kryptonite?

Action Comics #6 pits Superman of the present against the Anti-Superman Army, a group of rogues who have traveled through time in hopes of destroying his existence once and for all. With the kryptonite core of Superman’s rocket in hand, the evil army plans to synthesize enough kryptonite to, well, stock a military. The Legion of Superheroes, consisting of Saturn Girl, Cosmic Kid, and Lightning Lad, join the fight to ensure their best pal can stick around to fight the good fight. How do they fare against an army of foes with a hiding place so clever even Superman can’t notice it?

As usual, Grant Morrison’s writing shines brighter than a room full of Gold-K.  This issue treated us to a lot of hints about Superman’s past and future, and I’m sure Morrison hid some secrets in here that will become key plot points in future issues, though what they are is anyone’s guess. The dialogue and plot are awesome, and I’m intrigued to see how all of this will tie back into the core Action Comics plotline we’re returning to in the next issue.

The art team of Kubert and Delperdang make the Man of Steel’s exploits eccentric and exciting! The designs of Superman’s foes are amazing, and the Legion of Superheroes also look really crisp. The fight scenes also look amazing: I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Superman in a more epic fight than his conflict versus a giant shapeshifter in this issue. There’s really nothing I can complain about when it comes to the drawing, coloring, and even lettering.

This issue, like the last one, featured a back-up story expanding Superman’s past written by Sholly Fisch and drawn by ChrisCross. Sadly, I was underwhelmed by this extra story; personally, it seemed bland and unnecessary, though it was nice to see Supes past. Even so, I’d have preferred the extra pages to be a part of the main storyline.

All in all, Action Comics #6 is a great story and a great buy…provided you’ve read Issue #5, of course. Given the amazing quality of this series, however, there’s really no reason not to have collected every title thus far! If not for the somewhat dull backup story, this issue would be almost perfect. If you aren’t on the Action Comics wagon, now’s the best time to hop on! Seriously, this series can ONLY go up from here, and it’s already soaring over the clouds.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Brett Simon is a twenty-two year old comic enthusiast. He’s fairly sure somewhere, some perverse individual has written fanfiction of this issue’s cover.

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