Silverwolf’s Den: Regenesis: Magneto: Not a Hero #4

The final showdown between Magneto and Joseph is here at last! With the last few issues building up to the final battle of original and clone, this conclusion promised a lot of destruction and even more soul searching. The beginning of this series was fairly decent and then slackened a bit; how did the entire story turn out?

Everything finally comes together in this issue as Joseph’s true plan is revealed: Magneto’s clone has been working with Christopher Bach, leader of Humans Now, an Anti-Mutant group whose members were massacred by Joseph himself back in the first issue. Bach intended to stir up anti-mutant sentiment by having Joseph slaughter a small group of his followers, but now Joseph claims the plan is progressing too slowly. As a result, the villainous copy decides to attack a large rally of Anti-Mutant protesters at Chicago’s Millennium Park. Magneto rushes to stop his doppleganger…but can he prevent this act which he might have once condoned?

Skottie Young’s writing shines in this awesome issue. The plot comes to an excellent conclusion, more than making up for some of the shortfalls in the previous issues. Additionally, the dialogue is epic; Magneto at one point says, “The thing that none of you will ever understand is that there are no sides. There’s no heroes or villains. There’s just what I want and how I’ll get it.” This may be the single most badass line I’ve ever seen in a comic, and it’s a shame that it will probably fly under the radar given this series’s short run. I have to say this issue was the perfect conclusion to the arc and did a great deal to explain Magneto’s current position in the Marvel Universe.

Given that this issue concludes the Not a Hero storyline, it’s no wonder that the art is great. Clay Mann, Seth Mann, and David Curiel each bring their own unique skills to the table. The shadowy chess game between Astra and Magneto, while brief, adds some great noir elements to the issue. The final fight between Joseph and Magneto is also superbly done: the scenes are powerful and the massive scope of the characters’ actions are portrayed in a commendable fashion. There’s little I can complain about in terms of the art.

Magneto: Not a Hero was, in light of this issue, a pretty good series overall. The first and last issue were definitely the strongest, with the middle two lagging a bit in the art and story department. Ultimately, issue #4 brought all these elements together to create a great finish and gave Magneto some welcome exposition. This run almost made me wish Magneto had his own weekly series…but I’ll probably have to keep dreaming and settle for seeking him out in the pages of X-Men. I have to say that the series is definitely worth the read, and if you’re a Magneto fan it’s a must-have for your comic collection.

Issue #4:

Rating: ★★★★★

Magneto Not a Hero (the series overall):

Rating: ★★★★☆

Brett Simon is a twenty-two year old comic enthusiast. He’s still getting over how hardcore Magneto was in this issue and hopes to someday utter a line half as cool.

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