Anime Boston 2012: Judge’s Recap (Late of Course)

Much like how I posted my Anime Boston 2011 recap really late, 2012’s recap is also coming pretty late, considering most bloggers have already shared their experiences (check out fellow writer Laevatein’s recap and check out Organization Anti-Social Geniuses’ Reference Resource Monday post for moar AB 2012 coverage).

I’ll get straight to the point and won’t bore you with details: I enjoyed AB 2012. There. Mainly because it was my first time going as press. I didn’t spend much time in the dealer’s room since I was running around so much trying to cover a lot. This probably helped curb my spending, although I dropped some cash in the Artist Alley. Nothing really changed from the past two years: it’s fairly organized, clean, and spacious. They did move the autograph signing to a different area, which was a big plus.

The most enjoyable part was meeting Kirk Thornton. I also got to get in touch again with David White, the awesome mecha illustrator I interviewed at last year’s NYCC. And I met a few bloggers in person: Justin from OASG and The Paper from Anime Diet. How were the panels? Let’s grade ’em.

Anime and Hollywood

I wasn’t too surprised by the things that were discussed in this panel. Anime movies Hollywood style suck. The fan base is just too small here, and movie studios attempt to white-wash and Westernize them. The scrapped Akira movie (thank god) was discussed, and the moderator believed if a big time director like Christopher Nolan directed it (and stayed true to the source material), it would succeed. The planned Cowboy Bebop movie was also discussed, and the mod stated that people would see the film (like the Airbender film) just to see how bad it was. But to be honest, I think it would work. Keanu Reeves as Spike Spiegel doesn’t offend me as much as others. The mod did mention that she thought Gunsmith Cats would actually work as a film here. The series is set in Chicago, and it focuses on hot girls with guns. I think Baccano! would also work well, but this discussion on Anime and Hollywood will be reserved for a later time.

Grade: B+

Chocobos Ate My Baby: The Evolution of Final Fantasy

A Charles Dunbar panel, so you know it’s going to be good. What may surprise many anibloggers is that this was the first time I had heard of him. Now a fan. I learned a lot of new things about the Final Fantasy series that I didn’t know before. Even the greatest fans can learn a thing or two. Charles definitely knows his stuff, and he was very engaging. I can’t remember all the things that were discussed, but I did find out that IX was originally going to be a side story. When it was changed to a full game, there was a lack of marketing, which resulted in it being less known by the masses. This is also Charles’ favorite Final Fantasy. Can’t say I disagree.

Grade: A

The Honor of a Greater Power: Activism and Politics

Another Charles Dunbar panel. I’ve already gone over my personal feelings about each Gundam timeline. The panel was informative when the panelists (Charles, Doug Wilder of and Tomoaki Ishigaki) were speaking. However, it was an open panel, meaning that the audience could jump in. You know what that means: stupid comments.

Grade: B-

All the Mecha You’ll Ever Need

It’s just as the panel says: mecha. The panel didn’t really introduce anything new to me since I’m a mech otaku. But there is one show I’ll pick up eventually. It’s called Reideen. It’s epic, trust me.

Grade: A-

Americans in Anime: F-YEAH!

One word: hilarious. The panel is exactly what the title says. The moderators had put together a video of all the American depictions in anime. Some scenes I recognized, like the scene from Azumanga Daioh where Yukari-sensei and Kurosawa-sensei run into the American guy in the streets. A manga/anime called Ring ni Kakero has a black American named Black Shaft; that was pretty funny to find out.

Grade: A

Philosophy in Gurren Lagann

This panel was so much win. It was an 18+ panel, which already caused me to have suspicions. And I was right. It had nothing to do with Gurren Lagann. Instead, the two moderators, acting like scholars, broke down and analyzed a scene from a hentai called “Tentacle Blowjob” (not sure if this is the actual name of the hentai, just what it was called on PornHub). They were acting completely serious, and they actually made some legitimate points (I never thought hentai could have any academic worth, but I was wrong).  So many nerds were raging; it was priceless.

Grade: A+++


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  1. The girl 5th from the end is Seras Victoria from Hellsing.

  2. On the topic of academically talking about hentai: I can believe it. And I'm actually fairly interested; you'd be surprised the kind of nonsense we get up to in anthropology, talking about hentai and otaku-ism isn't out of the question for my field haha. Also was it a troll attempt too? Get people to come in for GL and then be all HEY WE'RE GOING TO TALK ABOUT THIS HENTAI haha

    =) Also great pictures, love all the REAL Digimon!

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