Mecha Monday NYCC/NYAF Special: Interview with Mecha Illustrator David White feat. Kevin Lin

At this year’s NYCC/NYAF, I was very fortunate to interview mecha illustrator David White (deviantART username Mecha-Master), someone whose work I’ve admired since last year’s NYCC/NYAF.  At last year’s con, I bought his Mecha Zone 2 book, which has some incredible original works in it.  This year, I bought Mecha Zone 1.5, a re-release of Mecha Zone with some extras (hence the 0.5).  Laevatein happened to purchase both books this year!  Another individual I am grateful in meeting is Kevin Lin (dA username Plasmafire3000), the founder of the dA group MechaDesigners.  Kevin is also not too shabby of a mecha artist himself!  Anyways, it was great to get to know both David and Kevin over a nice Korean dinner before the actual interview.  Both of them are awesome people, and I encourage you to check out David’s homepage along with the dA MechaDesigners group and their individual dA’s.  Oh and if you love mechs, please support David by purchasing his books! Check out his store here.









Cya next time!

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